Monday, May 25, 2009

Performer of the Week: Fred D. Smith and the Heartbroken Souls

According to his MySpace page, Fred started playing guitar and writing songs at 15.

Fred's in the process of putting all that experience and talent to good use by recording his debut CD, "Sky Blue Eyes", produced by Christopher Clause.
His incredible music mixes the best of folk, country and a bit of the blues as well.

Click here for his MySpace page.

Click here for his ReverbNation page.

Click here for some YouTube videos.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News Roundup (Pepper Jack, Six String Nation, Jacob Moon)

After eight years, the Pepper Jack Cafe will be closing it's doors for good. It has played host to many great gigs with local and international talent. The PJC will be missed.

Ken Inouye sent the following e-mail message to members of the Pepper Jack Facebook Group:

"It's been 8 wonderful years of music, food and friends but also 8 years of very hard work. A bit too much hard work to continue on past June when our lease is up. "

"I'd like to thank you ever so much for all your support of our club and your support of live music in general over all these years. No doubt there are some truly great people who make it fun to throw shows for and with in Hamilton.. Who knew? We've had "maybe" one "fight" in the entire 8 years we've been in downtown Hamilton. I really can't stress enough how great the crowds have been. I've especially admired anyone who's done the research, spotted something interesting and been brave enough to attend a show even if they could not find a buddy or crew to go with.

While I'm at it I'd also like to comment on the abundance of good music coming thru Hamilton. Even when we are gone, many great bands will of course still be coming by the other live music clubs in this city. Not to mention the abundance of talent that this city has in it's own citizens. Please remember that when you go to a show, on top of the potential to have a fun and rich experience, you are also casting your vote and approval to the promoter and/or band to continue coming back and playing Hamilton.

The more support the clubs get, the more chances for unique and interesting entertainment to continue flowing and staying in the city.

Also, rest assured that there are clubs in Hamilton that do consistently book the up and coming buzz bands that go on to play much bigger, less intimate venues for way more money. "

"There are still almost 2 months of quality shows coming your way from PJC as well as some gems yet to be announced!

Thanks for your support and for being so cool!



Journalist Mark McNeil wrote an interesting true tale in the Thursday, May 7 edition of the Spectator (article no longer available).

It was all about a guitar (dubbed "Six String Nation") built of 63 pieces of Canadian history.

Here are some highlights:

The peg came from from the hockey stick used to win the legendary 1972 Russia series

The inlays contains a piece of golf from Rocket Richard's 1955/56 Stanley Cup Ring and a wooden nickel from Maid of the Mist II.

The edging was made from the Cabin of author Jack London (Call of the Wild)

The bracing used wood from Green Gables writer, Lucy Maud Montgomery's home in PEI and from the deck of the Bluenose II.

CBC Radio Broadcaster Jowi Taylor helped create the guitar and is travelling Canada with it. On Wednesday, May 6, it was brought to Westdale Secondary School where students and the teacher played the fabulous instrument.

Plans are underway for a book about the guitar and the Canadian Mint recently issued a coin celebrating it.

Click here for the guitar's blog/web-site.

Click here for the coin.


Jacob Moon has recently released a YouTube video on the making of his new six-song EP. The disc should be released in the fall.

From Jacob's site:

"I have been writing some new songs, and trying them out on unsuspecting audiences, slipping them into sets like some kind of mad scientist, to see how they react.

What I'm hoping to achieve this summer is something I've rarely tried: compose parts of songs, then record them and finish the lyric and melody as I go, reacting to studio musicians' interpretation.

All of this in an attempt to uncover something about the songs that I would be unable to do on my own. First up is something to get me into that headspace again: a band version of The Great Beyond, for an upcoming animated video I've partially commissioned from local animator Rachel Peters. I intend to make that video part of a half dozen new videos that will debut this fall."

Click below or here to view the video.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Performer of the Week: The Stingrays

This rockin' blues band's musical pedigree is incredible. Members have played with King Biscuit Boy, Crowbar, The Platters, and Trickbag.

They have a popular regular gig at the Coach & Lantern every Saturday afternoon. On their June 6 show, they'll be teaming up with Kelly Jay of Crowbar fame.

Click here for their site.

Click here for song samples.

Links: Stingrays, More Stingrays Stories

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New J.P. Riemens CD: Love is a Dog

Hamilton Roots musician J.P. Riemens has released his latest CD, Love is a Dog. This great disc is available at his web site and at the live shows.

Guests on the album include, Danny Lockwood and Carolyna Loveless,

Click here to check out the rockin' title track on MySpace.

More CD Releases


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Performer of the Week: Emerson Street Rhythm Band

The Emerson Street Rhythm Band (ESRB) is a group with a funky beat and a bluesy soul.

Their unique music mixes Blues, Funk, Soul, Pop and even some Reggae.

ESRB also have the distinction of being the first ever live band to play inside the Ontario Parliament. That should have helped those stuffy politicians get some soul.

Click here for their myspace page.

Click here for their Facebook page

Click here for their ReverbNation page.


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Maple Blues Revue Features Canadian Blues All-Stars

The Maple Blues Revue has released it's debut CD, Live at the Twisted Pines.

This amazing collection of musicians includes performers from Downchild (Chuck Jackson, Gary Kendall, Pat Carey), Fathead (Al Lerman, John Mays, Teddy Leonard), Whitely Brothers and more.

Click here for more information.

Click here to purchase through PayPal.

Click here or below to view a video performance.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

30th Blues Music Award Winners

On Thursday, May 7, the Blues Music Awards were handed out in Memphis, Tennessee.

The late Jeff Healey's CD, Mess of Blues, won for best Rock Blues Album.

Other winners include Albert Cummings, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Buddy Guy, and more.

Click here for the full list.


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Monday, May 4, 2009

Performer of the Week: Kim Lister

According to her myspace page, Kim should be coming out with a CD soon and if the songs on the site are any indication, it's gonna be a great disc.

Her music is an incredible mix of blues, boogie, pop, folk and more.

Joining her on the CD are local talents Alfie Smith, Frank Koren, and members of Trickbag.


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Friday, May 1, 2009

News Roundup (Blues Hall of Fame, Mississippi Kings )

The Blues Foundation has announced this year's performers and songs to be inducted into their hall of fame.

The ceremony will be on Wednesday May 6 at the Memphis Marriott Downtown.

Individuals include Taj Mahal, Rev. Gary Davis, and more. Songs are also celebrated and this year's choices are Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker), Caldonia (Louis Jordan), Sitting on Top of the Word (Mississippi Sheiks), and more.


In a recent Facebook update, the Mississippi Kings have revealed they are working on new material and have behind the scenes footage of the making of new single, "Hundred"From the update:

"Hey everyone, we have a special treat for all the Kings fans out there! We've recently been in the studio working on some new music and we put together a little video of us working on a tune called Hundred. Enjoy!

We have lots of shows coming up in the next little while, including a spot as part of this year's NXNE Festival at the Black Bull in Toronto on June 18. Passes and info for the event can be found at!

We also have our Thursday shows at Lazy Flamingo in Hess Village and a bunch of Chapters shows coming up, check the Facebook page for all the info! See you there!

Click here or below to view the video.


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