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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Guelph's Jane Lewis Releases a Perfect Pop-Folk CD: Stay With Me

Guelph singer/songwriter Jane Lewis has a perfect gem on her hands with her latest album, Stay With Me.  This mainly piano-driven disc is filled with stunning musical moments.  Her gorgeous voice and elegant lyrics supply many of those.

Though primarily a folk-pop recording, Jane and her friends pepper the album with primal funky rhythms, soul and blues.  For proof, check out the stunning jazzy cover of the Beatles' Come Together and the reggae feel of Evening Come!

Her backup group includes Gathering Sparks bandmates Sam Turton (guitar) and Eve Goldberg (harmony vocals) along with Jesse Turton (bass) and Adam Bowman (drums). Special guests include Jason Fowler, Doug Wilde, Katherine Wheatley, Tannis Slimmon, Linda McLean, and the Levy Sisters.

You can pick up a physical CD from Jane's live shows or her website.  It can also be downloaded through cdbaby and iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Jane Lewis

Video above courtesy of MaySound1

Blast from the Past: Gathering Sparks Debut EP 

Links: Jane Lewis, More Jane Lewis Stories, More Releases

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Hamilton's Toadhouse Fill their Debut Album, Bufo with Funky, Rockin' Jams

Hamilton Jamband Toadhouse dropped their debut incredible full-length album Bufo a little while back and boy, does it ever reflect their explosive live shows!  They've filled it with funk, classic rock and a whack of jazzy improvisation. 

The tunes never get boring as they twist and turn to different changes - you'll never know when a wonderful musical surprise will hit you.  These boys really know how to keep the groove going while making some excellent left turns.  If you're looking for progressive music with a sense of fun and adventure, this is the album for you!

You can pickup this dazzling CD at their live performances or download a copy through their Bandcamp page. 

Videos above courtesy of Toadhouse

Links: Toadhouse, More Toadhouse StoriesMore Releases

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ian Thomas, Ron Sexsmith and Others Play on Incredible Breithaupt Songbook CD

Local music legend Ian Thomas and St. Catharines superstar Ron Sexsmith are just two of the amazing talents performing the wonderful songs of Jeff and John Breithaupt on Just Passing Through: The Breithaupt Brothers Songbook Vol II (through Alma Records)  The popular Canadian songwriters have been compared to icons such as the Gershwin, Porter and Hammerstein.  These songs are definitely of that caliber.

With an impressive roster that includes many Juno award winners, the album is jam packed with what can best be described as modern standards. Styles range from Latin, mainstream Jazz, Creole music, Soul and more.

Here's the remarkable lineup:
  1. Where Are They Now (Kellylee Evans)
  2. Songs For Swingin' Lovers (Denzal Sinclaire)
  3. Between Me And My Heart (Emilie-Claire Barlow)
  4. Any Day Now (Ron Sexsmith)
  5. Just Passing Through (Jackie Richardson)

  6. (I'd Like To Think) Maybe He Loves Me (Heather Bambrick)
  7. The Angels' Share (Marc Jordan)
  8. Bad Influence (Paul Shaffer)
  9. Ghost Writer (Sophie Milman)
  10. Wonder Boy (Laila Biali)
  11. Missing Me (Sarah Slean)

  12. Where's Mantis Evar (Monkey House)
  13. Last Call For Lovers (Patricia O'Callaghan)
  14. Not You (Ian Thomas)
  15. The Style To Which I've Become Accustomed (Tyley Ross)

Videos above courtesy of the Breithaupt Brothers

This superb disc can be picked up in music stores, online shops or downloaded through iTunes.

More CD Releases

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 View Magazine Readers' Choice Winners

The readers of View, Hamilton's favourite independent weekly magazine have spoken!  They recently voted on the best that Steeltown has to offer.  Below are the music-related results. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone.

Top is Gold and bottom is Silver.

Local Band
Local Female Artist
Local Male Artist
Local Cover Band
Local Band Most Likely to Make it Big
Local Band Name
Local Festival
Free Event
Local TV Personality
Local Radio Station
Local Radio Personality
Local Show Promoter
Local Independent Record Label
Coolest Instrument to Play
  • Drums
  • Harmonica
Local Recording Studio
Local Recording Producer
Local Rehearsal Space
Live Venue
Country Bar
Jazz and Blues Venue
Open Stage
Musical Instrument Store
Store to Buy New Music
Store to Buy Old Music

Links: View, More from the View's Readers' Poll

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

News Roundup (Laura Cole, Ensemble!, MizA, Nick Doneoff, Cartoons)

More cartoons below



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ginger St. James and the Grinders' New CD, Diesel and Peas is Raucous, Saucy and Dynamic!

Binbrook gal, Ginger St. James and her band, the Grinders, have unleashed another amazing CD filled with dynamic, saucy grooves. Diesel and Peas, the lady's latest disc, is brimming with her trademark raucous spirit.

With a country girl soul and a jazz diva's sultry heart, she fuses her influences into an extremely explosive sound. Swing, Blues and lots o' Rockabilly are also on the menu. Her powerful pipes are at home in any genre. 

As for the Grinders, they do an incredible job of keeping the groove and adding much flair to the proceedings.  The band includes guitarist (and producer) Snow–Heel Slim, Greg Brisco on keyboards, Pete Sisk on bass and drummer Andre Tellier.  

Go ahead and pick up your copy at the band's superb shows or download it on iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Shotgun Jilly

Blast from the Past: Ginger St James EP - Tease

Links: Ginger St. James, More Ginger St. James StoriesMore CD Releases

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

St. Catharines' Tim Hicks Hits it Out of the Park Again with 5:01

Tim Hicks, the St. Catharines Rockin' Country Sensation has done it again.  After the amazing success of his last CD, Throw Down5:01, the singer/songwriter's newest CD packs more of a punch and shows a lot of growth.  Like its predecessor, this one's also winning awards and hittin' the charts.

He's got some wicked good ol' boy anthems such as Here Comes the Thunder, Dust and Bone, Hands Up and Calling All Trucks.  Slower tracks like She Don't Drink Whiskey Anymore, Ready to Say Goodnight and You Know You're Home will tug at your heart strings.  Also, check out the ultra Canadian Drinkalong for some great Canuck name-checkin' goodness.

With some assistance from Madeline Merlo, Blackjack Billy, Clayton Bellamy and more, Tim has crafted a magnifient country album that'll be the highlight of your collection.  Rock on!

This wonderful CD is available in many music stores and can also be downloaded through iTunes and eMusic

Videos above courtesy of Tim Hicks

Blast From the Past: Tim Hicks CD-Throw Down

Links: Tim Hicks, More Tim Hicks StoriesMore CD Releases

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazing Acoustic Energy on Will Ross's New Album: Freeloader

On Freeloader, his glorious new album, Hamilton singer/songwriter Will Ross shows just how much muscle an acoustic guitar can muster.  This is Classic Folk Rock with a lot of punch.

His edgy voice swerves through powerful rhythms, funky beats, hard rocking riffs and everything else he can throw into the mix.  Will's harmonica playing will get you hoppin' as well.

Adding to the sonic vista is Port Dover's Dan Walsh (Slide Gutiar), John David (Drums), Marco Roach (Bass), Garth Mosbaugh of the Nylons (Sax, Piano), Rick Hopkins (Organ), Corrina Keeling (Vocals), Jason McNeil (Percussion), John Kastelic (Viola), Tony Kastelic (Viola), and Nikolai Gurda (Violin). 

You can download this impressive album through his bandcamp page.

Videos above courtesy of Will Ross

Blast from the Past: Video of Will's old band, Psychedellicatessin@Augusta House

Links: Will Ross, More Will Ross StoriesMore Releases

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Danny Medakovic CD, Jolley Cut, Makes You Dance and Makes You Think

Dundas singer/songwriter Danny Medakovic has struck the perfect balance between lyricism and rhythm.  On his latest CD, Jolley Cut, the words either tell a story or set a mood.  Also, he and his band give almost everything an infectious bounce.  It's great to dance to but also a little more artistic than your average release.

There's definitely a lot of fun on this album as he takes the listener to the great outdoors, Central America, on the road, and more.  For contrast, the tunes also touch on heartbreak, longing, and nostalgia.

Danny's superb team includes his Fry Truck bandmates Matt Coleman and Carrie Ashworth as well as ex-Fry Trucker Mike Trebilcock.  Other great guests on the album are Marshall Bureau, Chris Altmann, Mary Simon, Ben Bowen, Jay Burr, Troy Dowding, Aaron Zukewich, Jeff Pearce, and Jeff Ball.

You can pick up the CD at his phenomenal live shows or online at Indiepool.  It can also be downloaded through iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Dan Medakovic

Blast from the Past: Video of Dan and Friends at the West Town

Links: Danny Medakovic, More Dan Medakovic Stories, More Releases

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Johannes Linstead Videos

Video above courtesy of inMindbodysoul

Video above courtesy of the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

Video above courtesy of Lena Dawood

Links: Johannes LinsteadMore Johannes Linstead Stories

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2014 Niagara Music Award Winners

The Niagara region celebrated their amazing musical scene on September 30, 2014 at Taps Brewery.  The 2014 Niagara Music Awards were handed out during that amazing ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS!

Here's a complete list of winners:
Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

Links: Niagara Music Awards, More NMA Stories

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