Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hamilton's Toadhouse Fill their Debut Album, Bufo with Funky, Rockin' Jams

Hamilton Jamband Toadhouse dropped their debut incredible full-length album Bufo a little while back and boy, does it ever reflect their explosive live shows!  They've filled it with funk, classic rock and a whack of jazzy improvisation. 

The tunes never get boring as they twist and turn to different changes - you'll never know when a wonderful musical surprise will hit you.  These boys really know how to keep the groove going while making some excellent left turns.  If you're looking for progressive music with a sense of fun and adventure, this is the album for you!

You can pickup this dazzling CD at their live performances or download a copy through their Bandcamp page. 

Videos above courtesy of Toadhouse

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