Monday, October 29, 2018


This year, the Hamilton Blues Lovers are celebrating a decade of covering the local music scene. 

A big thank you to Judy Marsales Real Estate for sponsoring our show. If you are looking to buy or sell a house, we recommend you check them out. Judy has been a fabulous supporter of the music scene.

Thank you to those who donated door prizes.
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Links: TrickbagMore Trickbag Stories, Les SmithMore Les Smith StoriesCrowbarMore Crowbar StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous Les Smith

Links: Jerome GodbooMore Jerome Godboo StoriesVideo above courtesy of 'Toronto Live Music Scene'

Links: Cootes ParadiseMore Cootes Paradise StoriesVideo above courtesy of Jim Unsworth

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Waterdown Sax Man Peter McFarland Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Waterdown Sax Man Peter McFarland. He passed away on October 26, 2018. Peter played with many local artists and was also a member of Groove Corporation. We will add details as we learn about them. Our condolences to his family, friend and fans.

Here are some social media comments about Peter.

Shawn Brush
It’s hard to know what to say today. Some of you May already know that Peter McFarland has passed. For those of you who don’t, I’m sorry to be the bearer of the news. Peter was a wonderful person and a great saxophone player. He will be missed in our musical Community. Rest in peace PETER.
David Battrick
I am deeply saddened by the loss of friend and fellow musician Peter McFarland today . He was my favourite local Sax player, the guy who "Got It". Now he can play with the angels.
Peter Griffin
Very sad to hear of the loss of a member of our musical community today. Peter McFarland was a talented musician and a warm gentleman. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share the stage with him on occasion. He will be missed by many. RIP Pete.
William Schwendiman (The Casbah)
In the early 1990's while a student at McMaster University, I had a job with the City of Hamilton at the municipal golf course cutting the greens. My boss was a laid back, gentle man named Peter McFarland. Soft-spoken, but as an employer, carried a strong authoritative energy that caused you the desire to always do good work. That was one of my favourite jobs and ran the course of 4 years while in school. 
Years later my path navigated to music, and eventually owning a club and promoting concerts. It was only then that I figured out Peter was a talented musician. Not once during the 4 years that I worked for him did he mention he was one of the city's best saxophone players. Not one to self-promote, humble and again..soft-spoken.
It saddens me that my friend has passed away today. He will be missed.
Chris Chambers
He and my father worked together for 30+ years and he was the guy who introduced me to the entire circle of musicians who brought me up as a player when I was a really young kid. He was a hell of a guy and a great player. He’ll be missed.
His Groove Corporation bandmate, Lily Sazz, created this beautiful YouTube video shortly before his passing.

Links: Groove CorporationMore Groove Corporation Stories, Video above courtesy of Lily Sazz

If anyone else knows of any other videos with Peter, please email us at and we will add it.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More Incredible CHCH Videos (Mackenzie Leigh Meyer, Havens, Jenna Nation, More)

CHCH TV always does an amazing job of reporting on local music. Here are some of the latest videos.

Links: Mackenzie Leigh Meyer, Video above courtesy of CHCH

Video above courtesy of CHCH

Links: HavensVideo above courtesy of CHCH

Links: Jenna NationVideo above courtesy of CHCH

More CHCH Videos

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

GOOD LUCK! Local 2019 International Blues Challenge Reps Chosen

Three talented area musicians will be competing in the 2019 International Blues Challenge in Memphis on January 22-26, 2019.

Representing the Grand River Blues Society are Hamilton's Steve Strongman (solo category) and Elliott and the Audio Kings from Waterloo.

Links: Steve StrongmanMore Steve Strongman StoriesVideo above courtesy of Southern Souls

Links: Elliott and the Audio KingsMore Audio Kings StoriesVideo above courtesy of Elliott and the Audio Kings

The Toronto Blues Society has also chosen Hamilton's own Jack de Keyzer to represent them in the contest.

Links: Jack de KeyzerMore Jack de Keyzer Stories, More Bob Dylan Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of Jack de Keyzer


Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

Links: International Blues Challenge , More IBC Stories

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

CONGRATS! 2018 View Magazine Reader's Choice Award Winners

Hamilton's best of the best was celebrated at the 2018 View Magazine Readers' Choice Awards. The voting results were unveiled in the Oct 18, 2018 issue.

A special shout-out to one of our sponsors, Judy Marsales Real Estate for winning Gold in the Real Estate Office category.

Here are the music-related winners:

Please not that it goes from Gold (top) to Silver (middle or bottom if only two winners) and Bronze (third).

Female Artist
Coolest Instrument to Play 
  • Guitar
  • Drums
Independent Record Label

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Friday, October 19, 2018

News Roundup (Mark Lalama, Helix, Barn Katz, Shawn Brush)

Argyle Sweater
More Musical Toons


      Spectator Stories

            Adventure of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

            Trebleclef had fun at Doug Feaver's show at the Brantford Knights of Columbus!

            Click here for more videos from the event


            He also spent some time at the incredible Shawn Brush fundraiser at the Boston Manor in Burlington.

            Click here for more pics from the event 

            Here are some videos from the show:

            Links: Barn Katz, More Barn Katz StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

            Links: Shawn Brush, More Shawn Brush StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

            Tuesday, October 16, 2018

            Cory Mercer on Cultivate Music

            Local singer/songwriter Cory Mercer has made quite a few appearances on the enjoyable Simcoe YouTube series Cultivate Music in the past few weeks.

            Here are those wonderful videos:

            Links: Cory Mercer, More Cory Mercer Stories, More Cultivate Music Videos, Videos above courtesy of Cultivate Music

            Blast from the Past: Cory Mercer on Barber Shop Podcast and Other Stories

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            Sunday, October 7, 2018

            Local Multi-Instrumentalist Dave Pearson Passes

            It is with sadness that we announce the passing of local multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Dave Pearson. He was a member of the duo Elysian Dream (along with TC Petit). He was also a popular solo act as well as a regular of the Hamilton and Brantford Folk Clubs. We will pass along details as we know them.

            Social Media comments:

            Jim Marino (CFMU Host)
            This local duo was the first act to appear LIVE on the FREEWHEELING FOLK SHOW. I always have had a spot in my heart for them. He was a talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist.
            Ken Dunn
            I have fond memories of playing at shows with them in the Hamilton area back in the 90's. Dave was a great guy, very kind and super talented

            Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blue Lovers

            Video above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

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            Friday, October 5, 2018

            News Roundup (Otis Rush Passes, Ben Kunder, Chelsea Crites, Mount Farewell)

            Blues Legend Otis Rush Passes

            Social Media Comments

            I had the privilege of working with Otis Rush for a week at Albert's Hall around 1983. One night pre show time we sat head to head in the dressing room and he wanted me to play this line for the song Two Trains Running. He'd play it, I'd copy it (what to my ear sounded 100% right-or as close as you can get ) and he'd look at me and go , "uh uh" He'd show me again, and I'd play it ..."uh uh" 4 times. "uh, uh" Finally he looked at me disparagingly "Ok let's not play that one." Reminded me of the bit in Chuck Berry's Hail Hail Rock'n Roll where he keeps showing Keith Richards the intro to Carol and insisting he's got it wrong! Ha ha. I still loved Otis!
            Another legend gone.Otis’ Cold Day in Hell and Right Place, Wrong Time are two masterpieces that stand up against anything that came out of Chicago. On top of being an exceptional guitarist, it was his singing and overall presentation from the sharp clothes and pompadour that had had the biggest impact on me. He will be missed.
            It's Another Sad Day For The World of Music & Black Music Culture. The technique and sound that Otis Rush delivered in his singing, songwriting and guitar style. Not only helped shape what we know today as the definitive Chicago Blues sound, but his incredible gifts helped bridge the societal gaps of acceptance between people around the world. What a Serious Loss to the World of Music & Global Acceptance. Rest Comfortably Otis Rush 
            When we were rabid teenagers drinking at the fountain of Chess Records in late '60's Sydney Australia one of the most soulful dudes in the pack was Otis Rush. And now Otis Rush had died. RIP to him. He was a badass and I cannot believe that I actually got the honour of playing with him one time way back when. 


              Spectator Stories
              FYI Music News

                    Adventure of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

                    Trebleclef  will be back next week.

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                    Wednesday, October 3, 2018

                    GOOD LUCK! Local Polaris Heritage Prize Nominees! PLEASE VOTE!

                    Every year, the Polaris Heritage Prize celebrates amazing Canadian albums from the past. This year, there are quite a few local entries. You can help by clicking here to vote for our area artists. Deadline is October 18, 2018.

                    The late, great Hamilton folk legend Stan Rogers is in the running for the 1976-1985 category for his classic Fogarty’s Cove album. 

                    Links: Stan RogersMore Stan Rogers StoriesVideo above courtesy of Quantorful

                    Another hammertown veteran, Daniel Lanois, has his debut Acadie listed in the 1986-1995 section. Also 2112 by Rush, the world-renowned power trio featuring Hamilton-born Neil Peart on drums is up for the 1976-1985 category 

                    The Band, the legendary ground featuring members from the Norfolk area was nominated for their classic album Music From Big Pink (1960-1975 category)

                    Kitchener's John Oswald has his album Plunderphonics up for the 1986-1995 award.

                    For the 1996-2005 section we have You Were Here by Burlington's Sarah Harmer and Guelph indie rockers, Constantines for Shine A Light

                    Links: Sarah HarmerMore Sarah Harmer StoriesVideo above courtesy of ccpasley

                    Links: Constantines, More Constantines Stories, Video above courtesy of EXPLOSIONCHUNKERS

                    Here's the complete list of nominees:


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                    Tuesday, October 2, 2018

                    Dundas' the Dirty Nil on CBC's q

                    Dundas rockers, the Dirty Nil recently appeared on CBC's program

                    Here area few video clips:

                    Links: Dirty Nil, More Dirty Nil Storiesq on CBC, More q StoriesVideos above courtesy of q on CBC

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