Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BluesSource Entertainment Presents Andre Bisson: A Blues Salute to the Beatles This Saturday!

It will be an unforgettable night on Saturday, December 3rd when Andre Bisson and his amazing band hit the stage at the Spice Factory in Hamilton (courtesy of our friends at BluesSource Entertainment! The evening will be filled with Blues covers of classic Beatles songs.  Andre and the gang played at a Beatles festival in Liverpool itself a while back so you know they really know how to rock the Fab Four tunes!.

Check out some of their amazing Beatles covers.

Blast from the Past: Andre Bisson's Amazing Covers CD

Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson stories, Videos above courtesy of Andre BissonBeatlesMore Beatles Covers/Stories

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Hamilton Blues Lovers Turns 8 Years Old Today!

A word from Lou, our blogger:

It's been eight years since I first posted an ad online about a new organisation called the Hamilton Blues Lovers. Originally only a social group, it later evolved into a web and social media presence (BlogTwitterFacebookYouTubeweekly e-mail newsletter and more).

This year has been wonderful.  There was the usual incredible local music. Not only did we add a new Instagram page but our mascot Trebleclef got his own Facebook page too!

I'm looking forward to many more years of covering our amazing local music scene!

Before I go, I'd like to say a special thank you to my wife Linda for all of her support.  I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!

Links: BeatlesMore Beatles Stories, Video above courtesy of LeMusicFox

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hamilton's Smoke Wagon Blues Band Show Talent and Versatility on New CD!

Hamilton group, The Smoke Wagon Blues Band is offerin' up another slice of boogie heaven with Cigar Store, their freshest album.  These kings of good time Blues are back and ready to party!

This CD also marks the incredible band's 20th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than unleashing some amazing new music! Their talent and versatility are evident as they pepper jazz, soul, funk, county and even some classic rock style organ throughout the recording. No wonder they've lasted over two decades!

So go ahead and celebrate with them by picking up a CD at their live shows or downloading it via iTunes or eMusic!

Blast from the Past: SWBB's Previous Live Album

Links: Smoke Wagon Blues BandMore Smoke Wagon Blues Band StoriesMore ReleasesVideo above courtesy of Corey Lueck

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Beautiful, Raw Masterpiece from Hamilton's Famous Framus!

Learn to Live, the newest release from Hamilton's Famous Framus, shows a wonderous musical evolution.  Framus takes his trademark, punk-like speed and growl and dials it down to create a beautiful, raw masterpiece.

The sound still has an edge to it, as always. By letting the songs breathe though, he lets the emotion of his vocals shine and allows the banjos/guitars to resonate and stick with you. Framus has also kept his knack for amazing lyrics.

If you want a copy, you can pick one up at his live shows or by contacting him directly.  The album should be up on iTunes soon as well.  You'll be glad you did.

Blast from the Past: Framus' Previous Album

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

News Roundup (Bill Majoros, CHCH Excellence Awards, Bob Walsh, Sharon Jones)


                            The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                            Trebleclef had an amazing time at the Trickbag CD Release at This Ain't Hollywood! There were tons of amazing guests!

                              Wednesday, November 23, 2016

                              Hamilton's Trickbag Show Off Their Impressive Chops on New Live Album!

                              There's nothing quite like a Trickbag show: amazing music, a fun atmosphere and tons of fabulous songs. The veteran Hamilton band have unleashed North End Ramble, a new live album that shows off their impressive musical chops. It's the next best thing to seeing them in person!

                              Recorded at This Ain't Hollywood, this is also their first recording to feature two new additions: Steve Beach on vocals and keys plus Rick Miles on bass (actualy, he's the band's original bassist returning after a long hiatus). Both mesh extremely well with the other members.

                              The reinvigorated group charge through explosive covers of the Band, Irma Thomas, Keb Mo', The Staple Singers, the legendary Hamiltonion King Biscuit Boy and more. Another interesting feature is an amazing, original instrumental number, Walk the Talk.

                              So if you need some musical oomph in your life, pick up the CD at their incredible live show or get it at Urban Hamilton  Artists and other locations across Hamilton.

                              Blast from the Past: More Trickbag Videos

                              Links: TrickbagMore Trickbag StoriesMore ReleasesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B Lous

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                              Tuesday, November 22, 2016

                              Videos: Josh Miller, Matt Weidinger, Joel Johnson, Rob Cutting

                              The Coachmen (ft Chris Wheeler, Colin Lapsley and Dave King) are back in action at the Coach and Lantern Pub in Ancaster! They host a wonderful Saturday Blues matinee (2:30pm) with amazing guests!

                              Here are a few upcoming guests.

                              November 26, 2016: Josh Miller (from the Pappy Johns Band)

                              Links: Pappy Johns BandMore Pappy Johns Band StoriesVideo above courtesy of Six Arrows Media

                              December 3, 2016: Matt Weidinger

                              Links: Matt WeidingerMore Matt Weidinger Stories, Video above courtesy of Andrea Cassis

                              December 10, 2016: Joel Johnson

                              Links: Joel JohnsonMore Joel Johnson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Andrea Cassis

                              Here's a bonus video of the Coachmen with Rob Cutting

                              Video above courtesy of Andrea Cassis

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                              Sunday, November 20, 2016

                              CONGRATS! Hamilton's Lori Yates to Receive Cashbox Canada Legacy Award

                              Hamilton's Alt-Country Queen, Lori Yates will soon be honoured by online magazine, Cashbox Canada. On December 10, 2016, she'll be awarded their prestigious Legacy Award.  According to the webiste: "The honour is awarded to a Canadian music personality who has paved roads and through dedication and hard work earned a spot in Canadian music history".

                              When approached for comment, Lori said, "It's a great honour to be acknowledged and given the Cashbox Canada Legacy award. I knew I wanted to be a singer since I was 8 years old and I'm so lucky to have been able to follow my dreams."

                              CONGRATS LORI! It's well-deserved.

                              Links: Lori YatesMore Lori Yates Stories, Video above courtesy of Lori Yates

                              Past winners of the accolade include Bobby Curtola, Robbie Lane, Fred Ramsperger and Danny Marks.

                              Blast from the Past: Lori's Latest CD

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                              Saturday, November 19, 2016

                              Kitchener's Jesse Parent and the Pines Release Plush and Passionate Live Album!

                              Live at the Schoolhouse Theatre, the latest release from Kitchener's Jesse Parent and the Pines, documents quite a beautiful,  live show.  Listeners will be impressed with the plush acoustic sound and amazing songcraft.

                              Jesse's voice and acoustic guitar reverberate with passion and vitality.  The rest of the band backs him up with spectacular musical skill, lush harmonies and energy.  They're at home with Folk, Soul, Blues, Americana and more.

                              This top notch band includes Matt McLeod (bass), Chad Davis (drums), Nick Barkley (keys), Steve Wood (pedal steel), Lynn Jackson (vocals) and  Emily Barkley (vocals).

                              CD's are available at Jesse's impressive live shows, his online shop and cdbaby.

                              Blast from the Past: Jesse's Previous Album

                              Links: Jesse ParentMore Jesse Parent StoriesMore Releases, Video above courtesy of Jesse Parent

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                              Tuesday, November 15, 2016

                              Videos: Al Lerman, Robin Banks, Carlos Del Junco, Dawn Tyler Watson

                              With the sudden loss of the Golden Pheasant in St, Catherines, the Niagara region lost a wonderful Saturday matinee hosted by the amazing Mighty Duck Blues Band.

                              Thankfully, the matinee returned in September and the band is back in action at the Bar Upstairs.  They be rockin' the joint with a nunber of very special guests.

                              Here are a few videos from some upcoming guests.

                              November 19: Al Lerman of Fathead

                              Links: Al Lerman, More Fathead Stories, Video above courtesy of Annelie Jönsson

                              November 26: Robin Banks

                              Links: Robin BanksMore Robin Banks storiesVideo above courtesy of randallstaffordcook

                              December 3: Carlos Del Junco

                              Links: Carlos Del Junco, More Carlos Del Junco Stories, Video above courtesy of Richard Sugarman

                              December 10: Dawn Tyler Watson

                              Links: Dawn Tyler Watson, More Dawn Tyler Watson Stories, Video above courtesy of Laura Carbone

                              Links: Mighty Duck Blues BandMore MDBB Stories

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                              Sunday, November 13, 2016

                              Ensemble! Season 5, Episode 4 Features Cory Cruise and Gillian Nicola

                              The 5th episode of Cable 14 Hamilton's show, Ensemble! will be airing soon and it features two incredible artists: Cory Cruise and Gillian Nicola.

                              This episode is no longer available.

                              Here are some videos to whet your appetite!

                              Links: Cory CruiseMore Cory Cruise Stories, Videos above courtesy of Cory Cruise

                              Video above courtesy of Band on a Couch

                              Video above courtesy of Nick Reyes

                              Links: Gillian Nicola,  More Gillian Nicola Stories

                              Blast from the Past: 2 Episodes of  Ensemble! Season 1

                              Links: Ensemble!More Ensemble! Stories

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                              Saturday, November 12, 2016

                              Newest Mark Crissinger Album Filled with Hamilton's Everyman Soul!

                              Hamilton's everyman soul has seeped into Night Light, the newest offering from BC Bluesman
                              Mark Crissinger.  Partly-recorded in Hammertown by Carl Jennings (Freedom Train) at Westmoreland Studio, the non-nonsense, meat and potatoes feel of the city is all over the album,

                              Mark and the gang have thrown in all types of Blues stylings: country, boogie woogie, soulful, rockin' and more to keep things very interesting. With down-to-earth, slice-of-life lyrics and well crafted songs, the album's of the highest calibre.

                              This is due to Mark's amazing vocal/guitar skills and his choice of a fabulous backing band; Bill Hicks of Powder Blues (drums), Jay Stevens (bass), Dan Dube of Renovation Blues Band (keys) and Marty Howe of The Martys (harmonica). Special guests on the project include Steve Hill (guitar), Pat Rush (slide guitar) , Jerome Godboo (harmonica) and Jeff Heisholt (organ).

                              You can pick up the CD at any of Mark's incredible show or purchase it through cdbabyiTunes, and eMusic.

                              Links: Mark CrissingerMore Mark Crissinger StoriesVideo above courtesy of Open Globe StudioMore Releases

                              Blast from the Past: Mark's Previous Album: Blues Expression

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                              Tuesday, November 8, 2016

                              Waterloo's Elliott and the Audio Kings Pack Their Debut With Pulse-Racing Boogie!

                              Mike Elliott of Daddy Long Legs is back and fronting his amazing, brand new group, Elliott and the Audio Kings.  Their self titled debut album (released through Busted Flat Records) sees this Waterloo  band exploring all kinds of roots sounds with the amps turned way up.

                              There's enough boogie packed in here for three albums.  It'll get your pulse racing and your body shakin'.  This is a recording to put on and just let yourself go!

                              So if you need a boost of energy, pick up the CD at their explosive live shows.  It can also be picked up at the Busted Flat online shop or via Bandcamp.

                              Stream the album below

                              Links: Elliott and the Audio Kings, Video above courtesy of Elliott and the Audio Kings

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                              Thursday, November 3, 2016

                              News Roundup (Awards, Bad Luck Woman, Famous Framus, Marc Pettigrew)



                                                    The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                                                    Trebleclef will be back soon.

                                                    Featured Video

                                                    Links: Marc Pettigrew, More Marc Pettigrew StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marc Pettigrew

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                                                      GOOD LUCK! Local 2016 Maple Blues Award Nominees!

                                                      The the 20th annual Maple Blues Awards will be held at Koerner Hall in Toronto on January 23, 2016.  Once again, there are a number of local nominees.

                                                      Hamilton Blues legend Harrison Kennedy is up for two awards (male Vocalist, Acoustic Act and Hammertown's Jesse O'Brien recieved a nod for Keyboard Player of the Year.  Another Hamilton boy, Andre Bisson also got his first nomination (New Artist of the Year). Quebec's Mark Crissinger, a frequent visitor to the city (plus he records in Hamilton too) is also in the New Artist category.  Colin Cripps was nominated for his songwriting work with Paul Reddick.

                                                      Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson stories, Video above courtesy of Andre Bisson

                                                      Links: Paul Reddick, More Paul Reddick StoriesColin Cripps, More Colin Cripps StoriesVideo above courtesy of randallstaffordcook

                                                      The Niagara region is also well-represtented with Suzie Vinnick (Female Vocalist), Spencer MacKenzie (New Artist), Gary Kendall (Bassist, Producer)

                                                      Links: Suzie VinnickMore Suzie Vinnick Stories, Video above courtesy of Macum Creek Concerts

                                                      Tom Bona (of Waterloo's Soulstack) is up for Drummer of the Year too.

                                                      GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

                                                      Leading the nominations are the The Paul DesLauriers Band (5), Angel Forrest (4) and MonkeyJunk (4).

                                                      Voting goes on until December 1. Register at

                                                      Here is a full list on nominees.

                                                      Male Vocalist of the Year
                                                      Acoustic Act of the Year
                                                      Recording/Producer of the Year
                                                      Entertainer of the Year
                                                      Electric Act of the Year
                                                      International Artist of the Year
                                                      Guitarist of the Year
                                                      Harmonica Player of the Year
                                                      Horn Player of the Year

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                                                      Wednesday, November 2, 2016

                                                      CONGRATS! 2016 Brant News Readers' Choice Award Winners

                                                      The Brant News have released the names of the winners for their 2016 Reader's Choice Awards.  The region's musical community was well-represented in the contest.

                                                      Teachers at the Avalon Music Academy swept all the the instructional categories.

                                                      Here is a list of all the music-related winners.
                                                      • Diamond
                                                      • Platinum
                                                      • Gold
                                                      • Honourable Mention
                                                      Live Entertainment
                                                      Professional Entertainers 
                                                      • Adam Rust (Avalon Music Academy)/Heather Masters (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Sabrina Reid-Smith (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Darren Dsouza (Avalon Music Academy)/Evelina Rowley (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Ariel Diamond (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Sabrina Reid-Smith (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Ariel Diamond (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Melissa Rust (Avalon Music Academy)
                                                      • Cassie Glaves (Avalon Music Academy)

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