Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Videos: Al Lerman, Robin Banks, Carlos Del Junco, Dawn Tyler Watson

With the sudden loss of the Golden Pheasant in St, Catherines, the Niagara region lost a wonderful Saturday matinee hosted by the amazing Mighty Duck Blues Band.

Thankfully, the matinee returned in September and the band is back in action at the Bar Upstairs.  They be rockin' the joint with a nunber of very special guests.

Here are a few videos from some upcoming guests.

November 19: Al Lerman of Fathead

Links: Al Lerman, More Fathead Stories, Video above courtesy of Annelie J├Ânsson

November 26: Robin Banks

Links: Robin BanksMore Robin Banks storiesVideo above courtesy of randallstaffordcook

December 3: Carlos Del Junco

Links: Carlos Del Junco, More Carlos Del Junco Stories, Video above courtesy of Richard Sugarman

December 10: Dawn Tyler Watson

Links: Dawn Tyler Watson, More Dawn Tyler Watson Stories, Video above courtesy of Laura Carbone

Links: Mighty Duck Blues BandMore MDBB Stories

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