Saturday, November 12, 2016

Newest Mark Crissinger Album Filled with Hamilton's Everyman Soul!

Hamilton's everyman soul has seeped into Night Light, the newest offering from BC Bluesman
Mark Crissinger.  Partly-recorded in Hammertown by Carl Jennings (Freedom Train) at Westmoreland Studio, the non-nonsense, meat and potatoes feel of the city is all over the album,

Mark and the gang have thrown in all types of Blues stylings: country, boogie woogie, soulful, rockin' and more to keep things very interesting. With down-to-earth, slice-of-life lyrics and well crafted songs, the album's of the highest calibre.

This is due to Mark's amazing vocal/guitar skills and his choice of a fabulous backing band; Bill Hicks of Powder Blues (drums), Jay Stevens (bass), Dan Dube of Renovation Blues Band (keys) and Marty Howe of The Martys (harmonica). Special guests on the project include Steve Hill (guitar), Pat Rush (slide guitar) , Jerome Godboo (harmonica) and Jeff Heisholt (organ).

You can pick up the CD at any of Mark's incredible show or purchase it through cdbabyiTunes, and eMusic.

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