Sunday, July 30, 2023

Happy Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day! (Vaudevillian, Steelpan and Vibes Jazz Ensemble, Mark Daum)

Update of 2017 post

Every July 31, we celebrate Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day.

Here are a few local artists performing with uncommon instruments.

Links: The VaudevillianMore Vaudevillian StoriesVideo above courtesy of The Vaudevillian

Links: Video above courtesy of Berklee College of Music

Links: Video above courtesy of Mark Daum

Click here for more Uncommon Instrument Videos

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May, June & July 2023 episodes of Sold on Hamilton with Judy Marsales

Here's a breakdown of the last three months of 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' radio show on CHML 900AM in Hamilton

May 6, 2023

Guests: Musicians: Astrid Hepner & Darcy Hepner, Rebecca Bamford (Citizen Kid toy store) and Jennifer Daniel of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories


June 3, 2023

Guests: Dan Wowk (ZoomMortgage), Nafia Al-Mutawaly (Ressam Gardens Memory Care Community) and Shane Barneveld (Team Shane, removations) from Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories


July 8, 2023

Guests: Big Johnny Blue, Sean Dawson (Sales Rep Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd), Blake Regan (Regan Law)

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories

Links: Big Johnny BlueMore Big Johnny Blue StoriesVideo above courtesy of Big Johnny Blue - Topic

This wonderful program is generally broadcast on the first Saturday on the month between 11am and 12pm. It is hosted by Judy Marsales, owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd (a proud HBL sponsor) and an amazing local music supporter. The program showcases the best and brightest citizens of the Hammer, including many musicians. Judy also discusses the Hamilton housing market.

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Friday, July 28, 2023

Blues Booster and Radio Host Patrick Monaghan Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of one of the region's biggest Blues champions, Patrick Monaghan. He passed away in his sleep on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Patrick hosted the award-winning program, Buckslide Blues Cruise on 100.9 Canoe FM. His tireless efforts helped promote many new artists. In 2022, Patrick was named Blues Booster of the year at the Maple Blues Awards.

Click here for the Broadcast Dialogue story on his passing

Social Media Reaction

Grand River Blues Society

If you knew Patrick, you experienced his huge smile and saw his thumbs up photos and if fortunate you were in the photo with him, both of you giving the big thumbs up. You had to admire his dedication, opinions about, knowledge of and rarely duplicated commitment to The Blues. Patrick loved experiencing and supporting the live music scene. If he couldn't find anyone to travel with to share in his numerous trips he just headed out himself like a gypsy. 

He joined the Grand River Blues Society at the beginning 20 years ago and kept his membership active each year. He volunteered so many times to Judge the GRBS Road to Memphis Competitions and then travelled to Memphis to support the representing acts. He was one of a kind. Patrick was one of the kindest, nicest person you'd ever have the privilege to know. This truly is a sad moment for our tight knit Blues community. Rest in Peace our Blues Brother.

Gary Kendall (Downchild

Sad news today to hear of the passing of our good friend and tireless supporter, Patrick Monaghan.  In February 2020 he told me that he was terminal, only had a few months left and he was going to continue living life.  Cancer was not going to stop him.  Well he did just that.  His Buckslide Blues radio show continued to showcase artists new and well established.  Pat did his best to make every blues show and special event that fell into his radar.  There must be thousands of his signature thumbs up photos circulating the world.  He and I made a pact that we would have our picture taken together at The Southside Shuffle every year.  We pulled it off in 2021 and 2022 falling just a little short in 2023 as he moves on to the other side.   My heart goes out to his family and friends with a special thank you to Christine who helped him get to the shows he just couldn't miss.  Goodbye my friend, thumbs up.

Smoke Wagon Blues Band

The past weeks have been really hard for the Blues and the music community and it's very difficult to yet again find the words today. The Blues world has lost a son today. We will miss that infectious smile! We will miss that big thumbs up! We will miss your voice! We will miss The Canadian Blues Energizer Bunny! We all love you Patrick 

He was a huge supporter of the band, so much so that before he got sick he was planning on being our official manager. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band and I can not convey how much we appreciated your support and friendship over the years Pat. Outside of the band I've lost a great friend, I visited him on buckslide road, and met up with him around the province year round just to enjoy shows and hang. I will miss my Tuesday nights with Canoe FM but I will miss our weekly conversations on the phone the most of all. Its very difficult to imagine the Canadian Blues scene without you, you were an inspiration of tenacity and energy to us all, a lesson on how to live and fight for your dreams.

It was his bucket list to put on the first ever Haliburton Blues Festival this summer and it breaks my heart to know we won't be celebrating it together. Thank you Patrick for everything. Onward through the fog 

Jim Dan Dee

Dear Patrick Monaghan,
I am so very sad to hear of your passing today, and so grateful to have known you.
I will miss your late night phone calls, stories of Blues legends in smokey clubs and boxing matches. You almost died too many times but then were right back out there at the clubs and festivals; I haven't ever seen someone fight as hard as you and your fuel was gratitude and the Blues. What a life you've lived.
Never will there be a more tremendous supporter of live music, nor a more charismatic smile and the trademark "thumbs up" in EVERY pic. You painted a picture of positivity in the toughest of situations.
I will miss your raspy voice, and your support and encouragement so much. You were the man behind so many meetings with Blues legends and festival coordinators, and believed in me from day one.
I really wish that I picked up the phone one last time... my first thought was to call you when I got the news. You've got one last concert in you, I know it.
You're a true beauty, I'm glad you aren't struggling anymore. My deepest sympathies to Christine without whom you couldn't have continued to attend every damn concert regardless of your health state. All my love and support to Pat's close friends and family.
I'm sure the concerts are even better up there where you are, as are the photo ops. Sending a big thumbs up to my man, Patrick "Madman" Monaghan. Enjoy the big gig in the sky my friend.
Below is a 2020 video by Craig Mumford honouring Patrick

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Moonshine Cafe Owner & Musician John Marlatt Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Moonshine Cafe owner and local musician, John Marlatt. He passed away in the early hours of July 24, 2023. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Social Media Reaction

His wife Jane posted this statement on the Moonshine Cafe Facebook page:
As some of you know by now, we lost our fearless leader in the wee hours this morning. My beloved husband, John Marlatt, passed away during an emergency surgery to remove a large aneurism found in his stomach. 
He suffered a variety of ailments over the past two months leaving him quite weak and extremely tired. 
John was a larger than life character with an extremely quick wit that kept our Moonshine patrons constantly entertained. 
I want to thank all of you for reaching out to me with your kind words and love.  I am overwhelmed with pride with how respected and loved my Johnny was. 
He will be missed dearly and daily by everyone who knew him.  The Moonshine will never be the same without our Johnny Boy.

Kevin Breit

John Marlatt and his Moonshine Cafe was a musician's best friend. So many artists passed through those doors on Kerr Street in Oakville. John and his beautiful Jane, made the atmosphere as close to a home feel as anyone could. Between sets, there was a mixed playlist of mostly independent, Canadian performers. We (Sisters Euclid) are filled with gratitude to John, not only for the support over the years but he kindly released a live recording from the Moonshine Cafe for his Moonshine Record Label. What a good, solid person. The best friend we ever had. We love you John!!!!

Dan Walsh

This is a tough one :( I met John Marlatt way back in either 2005 or 06. The Moonshine Cafe was newish. And that man had a passion for singer/writers. I was on the road hard in those days. I had just left a band and was touring as a sideman for a number of singer/writers. And John was one of the first to step up with a booking. I liked him in the 1st minute of our meeting. Over the years his venue was always open to whatever I was doing. He was one of the 1st to book me solo when I headed out on my own. And, he was instrumental in helping me with booking even bigger gigs (he knew festival people) but the one thing that will stick with me forever, is one time at a show he gave me a cool old Garnet amp. Like super cool. He claims "it was always in his way" but I knew the deal. He wanted me to have it. He was a fan of slide guitar and that amp had mojo. 

If the planet had 100 John Marlatts, the music biz would be not only alive and well, it would be a dreamland. 

RIP John. You'll be sorely missed by musicians far and wide.  

Vanessa Marie Carter 

John Marlatt 🕊️đŸ€. I don’t even have the words for how much you’ll be missed. You did so much for me over the years. You gave me a little stage to find my legs on, in the safest place. I was so looking forward to seeing you at Christmas and playing our holiday show. I hope you know how many lives you touched, and that you’ll never be forgotten. Rest easy sweet friend.

Video above courtesy of  Chloe Shackelton

Links: John MarlattMore John Marlatt StoriesVideo above courtesy of The Moonshine Cafe

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Legendary Musician Mark LaForme Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the recent passing of legendary local musician Mark LaForme. More details to follow. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Mark was a musical force who could handle Rock, Blues, Folk, Country and more. He performed with Stompin' Tom, Ronnie Hawkins and many, many other performers. His storied career also included nationally charting solo singles and co-writing Git Along Little Doggie with Dallas Harms, recorded by Gene Watson.

The following was places on his Facebook page:
I am filled with unbearable sadness  and emptiness  as I inform you of Mark's passing. He loved his fans and was always amazed at how many of you loved him and his music.

A word from Lou, our blogger:

It was always great to see Mark LaForme perform. His talent was evident at every show and he was always very friendly with his fans. My heart goes out to anyone whose life he touched.

Social Media Reaction

Derek Miller

Mark Laforme, I call him The Rattler, is another musical guiding light, he was on the charts in the 1980’s and was Stompin Tom’s musical director. Always so supportive and a pillar to the music community here in Six Nations and New Credit, sad to hear the news he is gone.

Colin Connors

I just heard of his passing. Some amazing memories sharing the stage with this incredible musician and all around great human being. Love and hugs to Jenn and all his family.

The Galley Pump

It is with a heavy heart we see another legend cross over the heavenly gates. 

Mark Laforme made an impact on many people's lives in and out of The Galley Pump. He brought so much spirit and energy to his performances and always drew amazing crowds. 

Our hearts are with Mark's family, we are sorry to hear of your loss and we are here for you when you need us.

Video above courtesy of  Armadillo Killer

Video above courtesy of Mark LaForme

Links: Mark LaFormeMore Mark LaForme Stories, More Hank Williams Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B Lous

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Local Bluesman Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne Wins Living Blues Award

For the 2nd year in a row, local Bluesman Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne has won the Most Outstanding Musician (Keyboard) award at the  Living Blues Awards. He's also signed to Waterdown's Stony Plain Records won.

Critics' Poll

Album Awards

Readers' Poll

Monday, July 17, 2023

Ancaster Musician Paul Vasilak Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Ancaster musician, hairstylist and photographer Paul Vasilak. He passed away on Friday, July 14, 2023 due to a motorcycle crash. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Click here for the Hamilton Spectator story.

Social Media Reaction

Laura Cole

You were one of a kind, Paully.💔 A friendship unmatched. The love, support and encouragement you’ve given me over the years will be carried out through my entire life. You’ve always reminded me of how proud you were of me, and I’d always remind you of how proud I was of you. I’m absolutely devastated that you’re gone. I am heartbroken that I can’t call you for a pep talk, launch another rocket with you, play pinball together, play music together- those are all memories I’ll cherish. We made a lot of those in our time together. Another hole punched in my heart. I miss you already. 

Til we meet again, 😔 I can’t believe I’m writing this.. 

Rest in Paradise, Paully. 

Give CBT and Bob a hug for me.

Matt Paxton

Rest in Peace, Paul Vasilak

Thank you for all the support and inspiration and songs. You were one of a kind. I hope you and Bob are jamming and laughing together.  

Links: CaretakersMore Caretakers StoriesVideo above courtesy of TheCaretakersProject

Links: Matt PaxtonMore Matt Paxton Stories, Greg PrestonVideo above courtesy of Jay Lolli

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Blues Blast Music Award Nominees! Including Local & Canadian! VOTE!

Voting was recently opened for the 2023 Blues Blast Music Awards. members of the public have until August 18 to vote for their favourites. Many local/Canadian artists are in the running and they can use your support. Click here to vote.

Below is a complete list of nominees. Local/Canadian acts are bolded

* signed to Waterdown's Stony Plain Records

Rock Blues Album

Keyboard Player Of The Year

Female Blues Artist

Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year

Contemporary Blues Album

  • Taj Mahal – Savoy *
  • Silent Partners – Changing Times
  • Joe Louis Walker – The Weight Of The World
  • Jimmy Hall – Ready Now
  • Bruce Katz Band – Connections
  • Shemekia Copeland – Done Come Too Far

Male Blues Artist

  • Taj Mahal*
  • John NĂ©meth
  • John Primer
  • Alabama Mike
  • Charlie Musselwhite
  • Sugaray Rayford

Historical Or Vintage Recording

Electric Guitarist Of The Year

  • Paul DesLauriers (Montreal)
  • Laura Chavez
  • Joe Louis Walker
  • Kid Andersen
  • Christone “Kingfish” Ingram
  • Chris Cain
Blues Video Of The Year

Soul Blues Album

Traditional Blues Album

  • John Primer – Hard Times
  • Lil Jimmy Reed & Ben Levin – Back to Baton Rouge
  • Martin Lang and Rusty Zinn – Mr. Blues, Mr. Blues
  • Jimi Primetime Smith & Bob Corritore – The World in a Jug
  • Cash Box Kings – Oscar’s Motel
  • John NĂ©meth – May be the Last Time

Acoustic Blues Album

  • Doug MacLeod – Raw Blues
  • Bob Margolin & Bob Corritore – So Far
  • Catfish Keith – Still I Long to Roam
  • Charlie Musselwhite – Mississippi Son
  • Hudspeth & Taylor – Ridin’ the Blinds
  • Mick Kolassa – They Call Me Uncle Mick

Live Blues Album

  • GA-20 – Live In Loveland
  • John Primer – Teardrops for Magic Slim
  • Alastair Greene – Alive In The New World
  • Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones – Groovin’ at Groove Now!
  • Too Slim & the Taildraggers – Brace Yourself
  • John NĂ©meth & the Blue Dreamers – Live from the Fallout Shelter

New Artist Debut Album

  • Dashawn Hickman – Drums Roots & Steel
  • Lady J Huston – Groove Me Baby (Album)
  • Yates McKendree – Buchanan Lane
  • Eric Demmer – So Fine
  • Dyer Davis – Dog Bites Back
  • Dylan Triplett – Who Is He
  • The Özdemirs – Introducing The Özdemirs

Blues Band Of The Year

  • Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones
  • GA-20
  • Phantom Blues Band
  • Cash Box Kings
  • John NĂ©meth & the Blue Dreamers
  • Rick Estrin & the Nightcats

Sean Costello Rising Star Award

  • D.K. Harrell
  • Ben Levin
  • Silent Partners
  • Skylar Rogers
  • Dylan Triplett
  • Yates McKendree

Producer Of The Year

  • Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith
  • Kid Andersen
  • Tony Braunagel
  • Mike Zito
  • Bob Corritore
  • Tom Hambridge

Slide Guitarist Of The Year

  • Joanna Connor
  • John Primer
  • Lil’ Ed Williams
  • DeShawn Hickman
  • Catfish Keith
  • Sonny Landreth

Bass Guitarist Of The Year

  • Bob Stroger
  • Rodrigo Mantovani
  • Danielle Nicole
  • Andrew Gohman
  • Jerry Jemmott
  • Russell Jackson

Percussionist Of The Year

  • Derrick D’Mar Martin
  • Tom Hambridge
  • Tony Braunagel
  • Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith
  • Tony Coleman
  • Jimmi Bott
  • Rodd Bland

Harmonica Player Of The Year

  • Big Harp George
  • Bob Corritore
  • Charlie Musselwhite
  • Dennis Gruenling
  • John NĂ©meth
  • Jason Ricci

Horn Player Of The Year

  • Kaz Kazanoff
  • Sax Gordon Beadle
  • Jimmy Carpenter
  • Eric Demmer
  • Vanessa Collier
  • Deanna Bogart

Vocalist Of The Year

  • Billy Price
  • Shemekia Copeland
  • John NĂ©meth
  • Oscar Wilson
  • Dylan Triplett
  • Kat Riggins

Monday, July 3, 2023

Hamilton's Tom Wilson Receives Order of Canada!

Photo courtesy of Tom Wilson

On June 30, 2023, Hamilton music legend Tom Wilson (Florida Razors, Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Lee Harvey Osmond, solo) received one of the country's highest honours: Member of the Order of Canada. A few other local residents and musical acts were also recognized.

Tom had the following to say on Facebook.

This is a very emotional and unexpected moment for me. 

I bring with me Bunny and George Wilson , the two people who gave me a fighting chance, my family and every one of my Mohawk ancestors.

I hope this appointment will help to influence the results of my work for indigenous education and support my positive intentions as I help bring a deeper awareness of the true history of this country and the power and beauty of indigenous people forward through my art my writing and my music.

The future generations depend on the hard work we do today . 

I’d like to thank my long time friend and art associate Stewart Pollock for bringing me into this circle of outstanding Canadians. I met Stewart in grade 9 at Sherwood Secondary Alumni on the East Mountain. We made mischief and got ourselves into plenty of trouble. I never would have imagined back then that Stew and I would soon be being standing toe to toe being honoured by the Governor General.

Below is the complete list of appointments.

Members of the Order of Canada

  • Thomas Cunningham Wilson, C.M. (Hamilton, Ontario)
    For his multifaceted contributions to the arts in Canada, notably as an iconic musician, as well as for his advocacy of Indigenous communities in Canada.

    Links: Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson), More Lee Harvey Osmond Stories, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, More HPO StoriesVideo above courtesy of LeE HARVeY OsMOND

  • Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, C.M. (Hamilton, Ontario)
    For her extensive scholarly contributions and steadfast commitment to the advancement of international human rights.

  • Gary Rush Purdy, C.M. (Hamilton, Ontario)
    For his innovative contributions to the field of materials science and engineering, and for his dedicated support for refugees, peace efforts and social justice.

  • Rola Dagher, C.M. (Oakville, Ontario)
    For her contributions as an inspiring and impactful leader in the technology sector, and as a champion of diversity and inclusion.

  • Santee Smith TekaronhiĂĄhkhwa, C.M. (OhswĂ©:ken, Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario)
    For her contributions as a leading Indigenous artist in performance and dance.

  • Lydia Muriel Adams, C.M. (Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Caledon East, Ontario)
    For her enduring dedication and contributions to the growth of Canadian choral music, as a leading conductor, educator, accompanist and composer.

    Links: Lydia conducts this performance, Elmer Iseler SingersVideo above courtesy of Elmer Iseler Singers

  • Barbara Assiginaak, C.M., O.Ont. (Sucker Lake, Ontario)
    For her diverse contributions to contemporary music as a classically trained musician rooted in Anishinaabe teachings.

    Links: Barbara Assiginaak, Clark BryanVideo above courtesy of Clark Bryan

  • Wendy Ruth Eisen, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For her commitment to enhancing the welfare of Jewish people and Canadian society as a whole through her philanthropy, volunteerism and activism.

  • Robert J. Foster, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his visionary leadership and acumen as a successful entrepreneur and for his transformational contributions to developing Toronto’s arts communities.

  • Joan Heather Garson, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For her leadership and governance of numerous non-profit organizations within Jewish communities across Canada and around the world.

  • Gary Daniel Goldberg, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his decades of philanthropic leadership and contributions to scientific, health, environmental and educational initiatives.

  • Richard B. Larson, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario and New Haven, Connecticut)
    For his seminal contributions to our understanding of star formation and galaxy evolution, as a distinguished astronomer and astrophysicist.

  • John Anthony Lederer, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his leadership in business, and for his philanthropy in support of the community and health sectors.

  • Daniel Levy, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles, California)
    For his trailblazing advocacy of 2SLGBTQI+ communities, and for advancing Canadian television as a critically acclaimed actor, writer, director and producer.

  • Jean Eleanor Marmoreo, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For her long-time contributions as a family doctor and specialist in women’s midlife health care, and for her advocacy of medical assistance in dying.

  • Ann Martin Shaw, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For her decades-long commitment to the sport of figure skating as an official, educator and mentor.

  • Stephen Stohn, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his long-time contributions to the Canadian entertainment industry, notably as a television producer, lawyer, mentor and advocate for artists.

  • Susan Swan, C.M. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For her contributions to Canadian literature and culture, and for her mentorship of the next generation of writers.

  • Ronald Gold, C.M. (Scarborough, Ontario)
    For his pioneering work to eradicate meningitis globally and for his mentorship of the next generation of pediatric specialists.

  • John William Beaucage, C.M. (Parry Sound, Ontario)
    For his exemplary leadership and commitment to advancing the well-being and prosperity of Indigenous communities in Canada.

  • Charles William Gordon, C.M. (Ottawa, Ontario)
    For his exceptional body of work as a distinguished journalist and author who has educated, enlightened and entertained Canadians for decades.

  • Richard Jean L’AbbĂ©, C.M. (Ottawa, Ontario)
    For his contributions to the field of explosive ordnance disposal through his company Med-Eng, and for his support of engineering students.

  • Peter Showler, C.M. (Ottawa, Ontario)
    For his leadership in immigration and refugee law, and for his mentorship of the next generation of refugee lawyers.

  • Norman Kiyomitsu Takeuchi, C.M. (Ottawa, Ontario)
    For his enduring commitment to honouring, preserving and sharing the history and heritage of Japanese Canadians.

  • A. Leona Irons-Cummings, C.M. (Curve Lake, Ontario)
    For her lifelong commitment to the responsible and sustainable management of Indigenous lands.

  • Mathilde Françoise Gravelle-Bazinet, C.M.(North Bay, Ontario)
    For her decades of service and contributions to health care, justice and education.

  • Don McDougall, C.M. (Stratford, Ontario)
    For his visionary leadership as the founding director of the Toronto Blue Jays club, and for his entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

  • Morag Barbara Arneil, C.M. (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For her wide-ranging and impactful studies on political theory, as well as for her leadership in the political science field and her mentorship of young scholars.

  • Savage Bear, C.M. (Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan)
    For her contributions to Indigenous studies and for her committed community engagement.

  • Normand Caissie, C.M., O.N.B. (Richibucto, New Brunswick)
    For his innovative entrepreneurship and generous philanthropy, which have been major economic drivers in his community.

  • Sarah Alexandra Carter, C.M. (Edmonton, Alberta)
    For her pioneering work on Indigenous history and women’s history in Western Canada, as a distinguished scholar, professor and mentor.

  • Elder Harley Kim Crowshoe, C.M. (Piikani Nation, Alberta)
    For helping to improve the outcomes and experiences of Indigenous peoples and communities in his province and beyond.

  • Jayanne English, C.M. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
    For her innovative work at the crossroads of science and art, and for making astronomy accessible to all.

  • John Fleetham, C.M. (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For his pioneering work in sleep disorder medicine and for his mentorship of the next generation of sleep scientists.

  • Thomas Fredric Garfat, C.M. (RosemĂšre, Quebec)
    For his pioneering contributions to child and youth care, both in Canada and abroad.

  • Paul Joseph Gauthier, C.M. (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For his social entrepreneurship and for his advocacy of people living with disabilities in British Columbia.

  • Terry Hunter, C.M. (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For his visionary, community-engaged arts practise with, for and about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, notably as executive director of Vancouver Moving Theatre.

  • G. Lynn Jones, C.M. (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
    For her leadership in the Canadian labour movement, and in advancing equity, justice and human rights in her province and abroad.

  • Beverly Janet Lemire, C.M. (Edmonton, Alberta)
    For her significant contributions to the study of material culture, notably through her seminal scholarship on the history of textiles.

  • Donald Alexander MacPherson, C.M. (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For his long-time advocacy of harm reduction and evidence-based approaches to drug policy reform.

  • Holly Susan McNally, C.M. (Victoria, British Columbia)
    For advancing Canada’s literary scene through community-based programming in support of local, regional and national independent writers and publishers.

  • Paul McNally, C.M. (Victoria, British Columbia)
    For advancing Canada’s literary scene through community-based programming in support of local, regional and national independent writers and publishers.

  • Robert Michaud, C.M. (QuĂ©bec, Quebec)
    For his ongoing contributions to our understanding of marine mammals, notably in the St. Lawrence River.

  • Robert Edward Mitchell, C.M. (Westmount, Quebec)
    For his many decades of contributions to the field of intellectual property, both nationally and internationally.

  • Peter R. O’Brien, C.M. (MontrĂ©al, Quebec)
    For his committed volunteer leadership of health, education and faith-based organizations in his community.

  • Grant Norval Pierce, C.M., O.M. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
    For his contributions as a distinguished professor in the field of pathophysiology, and for identifying the value of nutraceuticals in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  • LĂ©o-Paul Pinet, C.M., O.N.B. (Bertrand, New Brunswick)
    For his decades of community service, notably with the Centre de Bénévolat de la Péninsule Acadienne Inc.

  • Evan Price, C.M. (QuĂ©bec, Quebec)
    For his contributions to the betterment of society as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • Jeff Reading, C.M. (Victoria, British Columbia)
    For his groundbreaking contributions to Indigenous health research and for his leadership in bringing Indigenous perspectives to scientific and health institutions.

  • Mike H. Shaikh, C.M. (Calgary, Alberta)
    For his committed community volunteerism and philanthropy across numerous sectors in Calgary and Alberta.

  • Sally Elizabeth Thorne, C.M.(Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For her extensive contributions to the practice and discipline of nursing, as a researcher, academic and leader.

  • Mary A. Tidlund, C.M. (Canmore, Alberta)
    For her innovative leadership in the oil and gas industry, and for her transformational philanthropy in Canada and abroad.

  • GĂ©rard Trudeau, C.M. (Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec)
    For his groundbreaking contributions to agriculture and to the fruit and vegetable industry, as a tireless business leader and sought-after mentor.

  • Carole Vivier, C.M., O.M. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
    For her leadership in Manitoba’s film and music industry, bolstering the province’s reputation as a thriving arts scene and international cultural hub.

  • Keith R. Walley, C.M.(Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For his innovative and translational research in the field of sepsis and septic shock.

  • Savannah Tennessee Elaine Walling, C.M.(Vancouver, British Columbia)
    For her visionary, community-engaged arts practise with, for and about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, notably as artistic director of Vancouver Moving Theatre.

  • Clifford A. Wallis, C.M. (Calgary, Alberta)
    For his dedication to advancing nature conservation and restoration in Alberta, as an esteemed biologist and naturalist.

  • Daniel Marc Weinstock, C.M. (MontrĂ©al, Quebec)
    For his exemplary contributions to the advancement of political philosophy, public policy and social justice in Canada, as a renowned ethicist, philosopher and public intellectual.

  • Samuel Weiss, C.M. (Calgary, Alberta)
    For his groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience that have led to novel approaches in the treatment of brain disorders.

  • Michael Wulder, C.M. (Victoria, British Columbia)
    For his internationally recognized innovations in the field of remote sensing for mapping and monitoring land cover.

Officers of the Order of Canada

  • Andy Kim, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his contributions to Canadian music as a trailblazer and legendary artist.

    Links: Andy Kim, More Andy Kim StoriesVideo above courtesy In The Groove With DJ RayRay

  • Kent Monkman, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his achievements as one of Canada’s most dynamic contemporary artists.

  • Irwin Elman, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his consummate advocacy of children and youth, and for his transformational listening tours that give voice to society’s most vulnerable.

  • Bruce Poon Tip, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his considerable pioneering impact on community-driven, sustainable tourism, at both the local and international levels.

  • Richard Keith Reznick, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his innovative contributions to the field of medical and surgical education.

  • The Honourable Robert James Sharpe, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his distinguished contributions to the advancement of law in Canada as both a judge and academic.

  • Masai Michael Ujiri, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his contributions on and off the basketball court, as a humanitarian and an NBA president.

  • Jeffrey Ian Weitz, O.C. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his outstanding contributions to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of clotting disorders, and for his leadership in the fields of thrombosis and hemostasis.

  • Will Kymlicka, O.C. (Kingston, Ontario)
    For his prominent contributions to political philosophy, notably his application of liberal theory to multiculturalism and minority rights.

  • Joseph L. Pater, O.C. (Kingston, Ontario)
    For his outstanding contributions to the fields of cancer research and treatment, and for his leadership in cancer clinical research in Canada.

  • Johnny N. Adams, O.C., C.Q. (Kuujjuaq, Quebec)
    For advancing economic and social development within Indigenous communities, as an esteemed executive leader and business entrepreneur.

  • lax̌lax̌tkÊ· Jeannette Christine Armstrong, O.C. (Penticton, British Columbia)
    For her contributions to Canadian literature through her novels and poetry, and for her leadership in revitalizing the Silyx Okanagan Indigenous language.   

  • Kerry S. Courneya, O.C. (Edmonton, Alberta)
    For his groundbreaking research in exercise oncology which has transformed health guidelines in the treatment of a range of cancers.

  • Keith Stephen Dobson, O.C. (Calgary, Alberta)
    For his contributions as a world-leading expert in depression and anxiety, and as an advocate of mental health and wellness in Canada and abroad.

  • Sheree Lynn Fitch, O.C. (River John, Nova Scotia)
    For her outstanding contributions to children's literature and to the Canadian literary community, as a writer, poet and literacy advocate.

  • Haissam Haddad, O.C. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
    For his contributions to medicine, notably with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Chief 7IDANsuu James Hart, O.C., O.B.C. (Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia)
    For his long-time contributions to Haida art and to the cultural mentoring of youth, and for raising awareness of social issues.

  • James Igloliorte, O.C. (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador)
    For his contributions as a provincial court judge, and for his transformational leadership at the helm of prominent public inquiries. 

  • Michael Norman George James, O.C.: (Edmonton, Alberta)
    For his groundbreaking contributions to the field of protein crystallography.

  • Marc Messier, O.C., M.S.C. (MontrĂ©al, Quebec)
    For his long-standing contributions to Quebec’s artistic and cultural landscape on stage and screen.

  • Kathryn Moran, O.C. (Victoria, British Columbia)
    For her innovative leadership as a researcher, policy advisor and administrator in ocean engineering and climate action.

  • Nigel Graham Shrive, O.C. (Calgary, Alberta)
    For his groundbreaking contributions to structural mechanics, notably his translational and multidisciplinary research in both biomedical and civil engineering.

Companions to the Order of Canada

  • Alan Bernstein, C.C., O.Ont. (Toronto, Ontario)
    For his enduring impact on Canadian health research and science policy as a visionary leader and steadfast supporter of future generations of researchers. This is a promotion within the Order.

  • Leo Gerard, C.C. (Sudbury, Ontario)
    For his vast and influential work in labour advocacy, notably as the seventh international president of the United Steelworkers union.

  • ClĂ©ment Gascon, C.C., K.C. (MontrĂ©al, Quebec)
    For his exceptional contributions to Canadian law and for his deep commitment to destigmatizing mental illness, particularly within the legal community.

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