Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New JP Riemens and the Fabulous Barflies CD: No Filter
No Filter is an apt name for the new album from JP Riemens and the Fabulous Barflies.  Recorded live in Barry Mac's living room, the no-nonsense, warm, organic feel is evident from the very first note.

The local singer/songwriter's phenomenal storytelling shines in this immediate state.  The heartbreak, joy, love and sadness in the songs stand out when they are laid bare.

The Fabulous Barflies (Brian Griffith on guitar, Carrie Ashworth on bass, and Danny Lockwood on drums) do a stupendous job of eaving a mix of jazz, blues, county and folk to JP's emotional tales.

This must-have collection is available for download on eMusic and iTunes. Physical copies can be picked up at JP's magnificent live shows.

Check out the video below

Blast From the Past: JP Riemens CD - Dirty Sunset

Links: JP RiemensMore JP Riemens Stories, More CD Releases

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jordan John Debut CD: New Day

For a number of years, Oakville's Jordan John has been blowing the roof off of many local venues and wowing festival audiences.  Now you can take some of that experience home with you on his recently unleashed debut album, New Day. With a whopping 15 tracks of his signature blend of R&B, soul, funk and blues, the disc will be a wonderful addition to your music collection.

This young Bluesman is a musical force to be reckoned with.  Along with his smooth voice and amazing guitar skills (both electric, slide and acoustic), he plays drums, wurlitzer, organ, clavinet, moog, piano, tambourine and more.

On New Day Jordan is joined on bass by his father, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Prakash John (Parliament-Funkadelic, Alice Cooper, Lincolns).  Other talented guests include drummers Jorn Andersen and Al Cross (Big Sugar), Dave McMorrow (keyboards) and more.

Physical CDs are available at his unforgettable live performances.  You can also download this marvelous collection from  iTunes.

Videos below courtesy of Blues in Bront.

Blast from the Past: Jordan John and the Blues Angels@Sound of Music Festival

Links: Jordan John, More Jordan John Stories, More CD Releases

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Downchild Blues Band Videos

Videos below courtesy of Gary Asseltine

Blast from the Past: Downchild and Others@Burlington Ribfest

Link: Downchild Blues Band, More Downchild Stories

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News Roundup (Trevor Howard, Tyler Wilson, Danny Lockwood, Zeppelin)

Craig Chandler/University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Communications


Funny/Weird Stuff

Blasts from the Past

Featured Videos 

Links: Tyler Wilson Band, More Tyler Wilson Stories, Video courtesy of Tyler Wilson, More covers and stories by the Band

Links: Danny Lockwood, More Danny Lockwood Stories, Video courtesy of rwhmoto, More Johnny Cash Covers/Stories

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Tia McGraff CD: Break These Chains

If you're sick of the usual "dull pop with a twang" country music that's out there, Tia McGraff's latest CD, Break These Chains is the cure for what ails you.

This local singer/songwriter really knows how to craft a song.  The storytelling and honest lyrics are just first class.  Tia's angelic voice just stands out on every track as well.

She's also not afraid to expand her sound.  Bits of folk, rock and even some east coast influences pepper the music.  Each tune has it's own spirit and feel!

Joining this talented lady are her husband (and producer, co-writer) Tommy Parham (guitar) and Johnathan Edwards (guitar, bass, mandolin).  Guests include Ian Bell  on accordion and Jim Kimball (from Reba's band) on harmonica

This amazing CD is available at her great live performances, cdbaby, and through her web site. It can be downloaded though iTunes, cdbaby, and her web site.

Video below courtesy of Tia McGraff.

Blast from the Past: Tia McGraff and Others@Festival of Friends

Link: Tia McGraffMore Tia McGraff Stories, More CD Releases

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Danielle Beaudin Debut CD: Wait For Your Love

Wait for Your Love is the first CD from local singer/singer songwriter Danielle Beaudin.  If this debut disc is any indication, we should expect a lot of great things from this talented lady.

Boasting  a few high energy tunes (Sun Will Shine, Everything and Nothing), great bluesy numbers (Take a Little More) and beautiful softer moments (Don't Walk Away, Little Bird), the disc is an incredible, multi-faceted musical ride.

Danielle's voice handles it all with style and the instrumentation is amazing.  She's joined here by members of Freedom Train (Carl Jennings even co-wrote the songs and produced the CD), Tim Allard, and Aaron Goldstein (Lee Harvey Osmond, Huron).

The CD is available at her wonderful live shows and as a download through her website.

Videos below courtesy of Danielle's YouTube Page

Links: Danielle Beaudin, More Danielle Beaudin StoriesMore CD Releases

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

View Magazine Reader's Choice Award Winners 2013

Readers of Hamilton's View Magazine have had their say!  The mag's Reader's Choice Awards for 2013 have been unveiled.

All the votes are tallied and the Hammer has chosen their local favourites: From the best music, to the best place to break up (Gore Park, by the way) to the finest shops in the land.

Musically, the big winners are rock group Monster Truck with 3 wins and This Ain't Hollywood with 4 (co-owner Lou Molinaro landed an additional two)

You can click here for the full list

Below are all the music-related categories.

Congrats to everybody!

Local Female Artist

Links: Terra Lightfoot, More Terra Lightfoot Stories, Video courtesy of Mel Olds

Local Male Artist

Links: Steve Strongman, More Steve Strongman stories, Video courtesy of M2B67

Local Band
Local Cover Band
Local Band Most Likely to Make it Big
  • Gold: Monster Truck
Local Band Name
Local Album Artwork
  • Gold: Blind Mule EP
  • Silver: Jonny Debt: Prince of The Golden Horseshoe
Open Jam
  • Gold: Carrigan Arms
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
Open Stage
  • Gold: The Baltimore House  
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
Local Festival
  • Gold: Festival Of Friends
  • Silver: Super Crawl
  • It’s Your Festival
Local Radio Station
  • Gold: Y108
  • Silver: Funny 820
  • CFMU
Local Radio Personality
  • Gold: Ric Taylor (CFMU)
  • Silver: Lou Molinaro (CFMU)
Local Show Promoter
  • Gold: Lou Molinaro
  • Silver: Ken Inouye
Local Independent Record Label
  • Gold: Sonic Unyon
  • Silver: Hidden Pony Records
Coolest Instrument to Play
  • Gold: Guitar
  • Silver: Drums
Local Recording Studio
  • Gold: Grant Avenue Studio
  • Silver: Catherine North Studios
  • Jukasa Studios
Local Rehersal Space
  • Gold: Rock Parlour
  • Silver: The Jam Zone
  • SoundCheck
  • Gold: The Casbah Lounge
  • Silver: The Baltimore
Live Venue
  • Gold: Stonewalls
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
  • The Casbah
Country Bar
  • Gold: Dirty Dog Saloon
  • Silver: Galley Pump
Jazz & Blues Venue
  • Gold: The Masque
  • Silver: Cat ‘N’ Fiddle
  • Gold: Slainte
  • Silver: Rebel’s Rock
  • Snooty Fox
  • Gold: Gallagher’s
  • Silver: Sarcoa
  • Lazy Flamingo
  • Gold: This Ain’t Hollywood
  • Silver: Prince Edward Tavern
  • Galley Pump
Musical Instrument Store
  • Gold: Long & McQuade
  • Silver: Mountain Music
  • Musical Equipment Sales
Store to Buy New Music
  • Gold: HMV
  • Silver: Cheapies
  • Dr. Disc
Store to Buy Old Music
  • Gold: Cheapies
  • Silver: Dr. Disc
  • Where Heads Meet
Blast from the Past: The 2012 Winners

Links: View MagazineMore from the View's Readers' Poll

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Jethro Tull Videos

This page is to celebrate when Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson offered something old and something new Hamilton Place on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

The veteran rocker performed his classic 1972, Thick as a Brick album as well as the 2012 sequel to the masterwork. It was an amazing night thats included a light show, many cool theatrical parts, a few laughs and amazing music.

From the press release:

Thick As A Brick was a world-wide success, including a No 1 spot on the American Billboard chart, and excerpts from the piece have regularly featured in Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson live shows. But Ian had steadily resisted record company suggestions that he write a follow-up. It was not until a chance encounter in 2010 with old pal Derek Shulman of Gentle Giant, who nagged him to consider a 40th anniversary sequel, that Ian gave it some serious thought – and surprised himself by not dismissing it out of hand this time. He had noticed that in recent years his audiences had been changing. “It wasn’t just old codgers, it was kind of a mix between old codgers and young codgers. It really struck me that there was this new wave of interest from youngsters who want something that is an alternative and antidote to the X-Factor and the very repetitive rock music that does tend to be the stuff of today. So I began to feel that it was not quite as undignified as I had earlier supposed to be doing something that was more in that kind of progressive vein."

Video above courtesy of Nudlaug

Above two video courtesy of TullManagement

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Smoke Wagon Blues Band CD: Live in Hamilton

Stonewalls must've been a very hoppin' place when the Smoke Wagon Blues Band took the stage in May of 2013.  The boys recorded the stunning show for their latest CD: Live in Hamilton and the fun just shines through.

Filled with spectacular performances of their best songs (Barton Street Blues, I Can't Change, Fine Furred Mama, Wrong Side Girl plus many more) and fabulous covers (Ain't No Sunshine, Feelin' Alright, Muddy Water's Blow Wind Blow) the disc is a great example of what this top notch band can dish out live.

You can pick up a copy of this CD at their explosive live shows (so in a way, you'll get a chance to experience two great live performances!).  It's also availble through the band's website and will be available through iTunes and other digital stores soon.

Video below courtesy of Corey Lueck

Blast From the Past: Smoke Wagon CD - It Ain't Easy

Links: Smoke Wagon Blues Band, More Smoke Wagon Blues Band Stories, More CD Releases

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Matt Weidinger & Pappy Johns Band Going to 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis

Photo by Stefan Myles 
Our friends at the Grand River Blues Society have chosen their representatives for the 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  Over 16 local musicians vied for the coveted spots.

Kitchener's Matt Weidinger will compete in the solo/duo category and Oshewken's Pappy Johns Band will duke it out for best group. 

On January 21, the talented musicians will be showing the Blues world just what this area has got to offer.  Good luck guys!

Click here for more stories about the IBC

Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners and Finalists

Links: Matt Weidinger, More Matt Weidinger StoriesAbove video courtesy of Andrew Austin

Links: Pappy Johns Band, More Pappy Johns Band Stories, Above video courtesy of Pappy Johns Band 

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Morgan Davis Videos


Check out the video below, courtesy of Calm Tom.

Blast from the Past: Morgan Davis on Santa's Got Mojo

Links: Morgan Davis, More Morgan Davis Stories

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David Francey Videos

Check out the videos below, courtesy of David Francey's YouTube page.

Links: David Francey, More David Francey stories

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Pearly Jenkins CD: bone-bucket

If you're looking for Americana music with some grit, look no further than Pearly Jenkins' latest CD, bone-bucket.  This Brantford singer/songwriter has created a disc with character.

Filled with a whopping 16 songs of raw, whiskey soaked songs, the album's got guts. Pearly's amazing voice deftly handles the soft ballads, toe tappin' dittys and everything in between.

The main thread that holds everything together is great songwriting.  From dark comedy to down home stories to hurtin' songs; each tune has it's own personality.

Surprisingly, Jenkins says the CD is actually a limited edition disc (ie collectable!) of demos.   The tunes were leaked to the public in advance of a full album to be produced by the famed Glen Marshall!  That means we now have another amazing release to look forward to!   There are only a few available, so order yours soon through his web site.

Below is a song from the CD, courtesy of Pearly's YouTube page

Links: Pearly Jenkins, More Pearly Jenkins Stories, More CD Releases

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