Friday, October 11, 2013

Jethro Tull Videos

This page is to celebrate when Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson offered something old and something new Hamilton Place on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

The veteran rocker performed his classic 1972, Thick as a Brick album as well as the 2012 sequel to the masterwork. It was an amazing night thats included a light show, many cool theatrical parts, a few laughs and amazing music.

From the press release:

Thick As A Brick was a world-wide success, including a No 1 spot on the American Billboard chart, and excerpts from the piece have regularly featured in Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson live shows. But Ian had steadily resisted record company suggestions that he write a follow-up. It was not until a chance encounter in 2010 with old pal Derek Shulman of Gentle Giant, who nagged him to consider a 40th anniversary sequel, that Ian gave it some serious thought – and surprised himself by not dismissing it out of hand this time. He had noticed that in recent years his audiences had been changing. “It wasn’t just old codgers, it was kind of a mix between old codgers and young codgers. It really struck me that there was this new wave of interest from youngsters who want something that is an alternative and antidote to the X-Factor and the very repetitive rock music that does tend to be the stuff of today. So I began to feel that it was not quite as undignified as I had earlier supposed to be doing something that was more in that kind of progressive vein."

Video above courtesy of Nudlaug

Above two video courtesy of TullManagement

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