Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Dave Gould CD: ADAD

In the review of Dave Gould's CD, Truck for Sale, a few months ago, we described it as sometimes strange, edgy and alternative. It turns out that was just the beginning.

His follow up, ADAD (it stands for Attention Deficit Artist’s Disorder) is a truly quirky, experimental record where the rules have been flung out the window.

The singer/songwriter uses electronic beeps, percussive sounds, acoustic guitar and a few other odd bits to create a genre-defying experience that will blow your mind. This CD is definitely for those who aren't afraid to try something new and different.

The disc is available at his live shows and as a download on iTunes and eMusic.

Below is a video from the CD release party, courtesy of Ghastly H.

Blast from the Past: Dave Gould and others@Open Streets 2010

Monday, May 28, 2012

New S.G. Sinnicks CD: The Last Irishman in Corktown

Steeltown singer/songwriter S.G. (Steve) Sinnicks always puts a lot of real life into his songs and his latest CD, The Last Irishman in Corktown is no exception.

Sinnicks's lyrics incorporate politics (Christians, Miss America) Hamilton culture (the title track), and much more. The result is a down to earth, honest recording.

There are many shades on this disc. From the high energy of Man from the Ministry to the jazzy tones of Face and the Celtic influences of the title track. The musical artistry is amazing.

Steve's backed by a number of local musicians, Tone Valcic, Randal Hill, Dino Verginella and Michael Boguski (of Blue Rodeo)

The CD is available at his live shows and at his website. You can also download it from his site.

Below is an interview and live performance of the title track.

Blast from the Past: Steve Sinnicks@Rebel's Rock

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steve Didemus Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of local musician Steve Didemus.

Here is a quote from his friend (and musical partner) Chris Cracknell.

"As you no doubt know, Steve had been very ill for a very long time. We were hoping for a new lung but it just wasn't to be. He went into the hospital last Thursday with uncontrolled bleeding in his lung. He was put on a ventilator and sedated. He never regained consciousness. After consulting with his physician, family, and friends the decision was made to terminate life support and let our dear friend go as there was no reasonable hope of recovery. He died shortly afterwards, very peacefully. His son Matt and I were with him to the very end. He did not suffer at all. Steve leaves behind two children, Matt and Amy who he was so very proud of and loved deeply as well as many friends."

Click here for the obituary

Our condolences to his friends and family.

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Blast from the Past: Steve Didemus and Chris Cracknell@Pheasant Plucker

Derek Miller Band@Brando's (May 20, 2012)

More Willie Dixon covers/stories

Bonus video of the opening band: The Breaking Wind

Click here for more footage of this show and a CD Review

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Derek Miller Covers CD: Blues Vol. 1 (+ Release Party)

Local blues master Derek Miller's latest CD, Blues Vol. 1 is an impressive journey through the history of the blues.

The disc offers up high-energy verisons of classics from the likes of Willie Dixon (Hidden Charms, I Can't Quit You Baby), Muddy Waters (Champagne and Reefer), Howlin' Wolf (Howlin' for My Darlin'), Little Walter (My Babe), John Lee Hooker (Boom Boom), George Thorogood (My Weakness), and more.

Derek's powerful voice and amazing guitar work are the stars of the show. He and his band offer a shot of musical adrenaline to each tune and put their own stamp on every song.

Hopefully, there will be a Vol. 2!

The CD is available at their live shows.

Below are a few videos from a recent CD release party.

Click here for more footage from this show.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing the new Hamilton Blues Lovers Logo + T-Shirt Contest

After much consideration, it was time to have a proper logo for the Hamilton Blues Lovers. Check it out below!

Feel free to use these pictures as links on your own website/blog to help support the local scene.

We looked into having T-Shirts made and the cost would be too high. Instead, we welcome you to download the larger graphic (right click, then Save Picture As) and use it to make your own cool shirt. You can easily print off a decal using special kits you can get at any office supply store. For extra savings get the blank T-Shirt at a thrift store!

If you decide to create your own Hamilton Blues Lovers T-Shirt, please send us a pic of you modelling the shirt and we'll include it on our blog along with a link to any non-political/religious website you wish. This is a great way to get the word out about your band, business or favourite charity!

We reserve the right to refuse to post any pictures or links.

Have fun!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

City of Hamilton Arts Awards 2012 Winners

Hamilton's arts community was celebrated on May 14, 2012 when the Arts Awards were handed out at Mohawk College. A number of local performers were honoured as well as many other deserving artists from different fields.

In the music category, Classical guitarist Jeffrey McFadden won the Established Artist award, while flutist Sara Traficante received the Emerging Artist prize.

Also, local musicians Emma Rush (Established) and Christian Cowsill (Emerging) were honoured for their work in Arts Administration.

Congratulations to everyone! Great Work!

Click here for the full list of winners

Blast from the Bast: Christian Cowsill and Others@Pheasant Plucker

Aengus Finnan@Private Show (May 6, 2012) Part 1

More videos from this show to come . . .

Click here for Aengus's site

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Sarah Beatty CD: Black Gramophone

Local singer/songwriter Sarah Beatty's new CD, Black Gramophone, is a spectacular mix of old fashioned folk/country blues with modern touches.

You can tell that this disc was recorded live off the floor. There's an acoustic, warm, organic feel as you hear Sarah's expressive voice and her great guitar work.

Actually, the CD is basically a solo showcase for the lady's talent with only Gary White brandishing his guitar for the final track.

This new collection will be available May 24, 2012. It can be purchased or downloaded at her web site. You may also pick it up at any of her upcoming live shows.

Below is a video from the CD.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5 - Cartoonist Day (Musical Laughs)

In honour of Cartoonist Day, here are a few music related cartoons.

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Here are a few interesting links with more music cartoons. (New Yorker Cartoons)

Off the Mark by Mark Parisi

Buddy and Hopkins


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garnet Rogers YouTube Videos

Above three videos courtesy of GoodHopeIsland

Above two videos courtesy of TheRealCBMackay

Click here for Garnet's site.