Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Dave Rave CD: Live With What You Know

Local music legend Dave Rave recently released his latest CD, Live With What You Know. It's a return to form for the ex-member of the Shakers and Teenage Head. After experimenting with jazz/lounge music for a while, he has come back to the catchy pop rock melodies from his earlier career.

There's a definite Beatles influence on a number of tracks, including the album opener, Anne-Marie and The Gardner Knows. Dave also mixes up hard rocking tunes like Rain Song, and All of the Love You Can Handle with slower songs such as Strong and Station Road. Overall, this collection is an amazing mixture of different rockin' pop sensibilities.

Dave brings a couple of his local musical buddies to join him on the disc. Mark Foley, Dave King, Jack Pedler (Teenage Head), and even his former Shakers bandmates Tim Gibbons and Rick Andrew lend their talents to this cool CD.

The disc is available online, at his shows and as an iTunes download.

Below are a few performances from CD release Party at Fenian Films on June 26, 2010. More from this show will be posted soon. Click here if you can't see the videos.

Left to right: Mark Foley, Dave Rave, Jack Pedler, Lauren Agnelli, Michael Hickey (Trickbag), Rick Andrew, Ed Roth.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Performer of the Week: Shawn Brush

Despite his nickname (the Krooked Cowboy), local singer/songwriter Shawn Brush, is more than just country. This talented musician fuses country, folk, bluegrass and more. Combine this with passionate songwriting and skillful, expressive vocals and you have a unique performer.

You can hear his incredible songs on his many, many CD's or experience them at his occasional live shows.

At 14, he started playing the guitar at local jams. Since then, Shawn has won two Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards and teamed up with Fred J. Eaglesmith, Natalie MacMaster, Ray Materick and many others.

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Buskercrawl II on James Street (June 25, 2010)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Performer of the Week: JP Riemens

Local singer/songwriter JP Riemens is currently on break from live performing right now because he's preparing to unleash another great CD to the public (working title is Dirty Sunsets). It should be another in a long line of amazing albums.

Currently, the talented musician has 7 discs on sale at his web site, including a recent re-release of Songs From Mom's Kitchen, which was previously only available as a cassette (this should tell you how long it's been since the original pressing).

The sound on these albums and at his live shows consist mainly of folk/roots country with a lot of catchy rock and roll rhythms as well (He calls it "Acid Country"). Whatever you name it, JP's music can be soulful, tender, rocking, and much more. JP is a wonderful lyricist and storyteller as well.

He used those skills to good use with Tobacco Troubador, a unique production that combines his live performance with a theatre show.

On top of everything else, he's also a highly sought after producer and owner of Grant Avenue Studio.

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Steve Sinnicks @ Rebel's Rock (June 19, 2010)

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Performer of the Week: Tiny Bill Cody

Hamilton's Tiny Bill Cody (real name Tor Lukasik-Foss) is a musician whose music defies description. Jazz, Cabaret, Roots, Folk, Country and more have all found a home in his songs. Tor's wonderful, peculiar, humourous lyrics are also very unique and engaging.

He's been playing since the early 90's and has released 4 incredible CDs.

Music isn't his only talent as Tor is also a writer and visual artist.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Wilson Family Forgery CD

The packaging of the new self-titled CD from Hamilton-formed Wilson Family Forgery reflects the music inside: it's something just a little different (The disc comes in a nice-looking, artistic, lyric mini-book).

The music itself is a wonderful, unique blend of indie-rock, gospel, folk, with flashes of funk (Someday, If Hamilton Were a Woman), jazz (Juniper Brine), blues (Sanatorium Road) and country (Emily). Sometimes, these different elements are within in the same song.

Local singer/guitarist Thomas Wilson's poetic lyrics and raw vocals add an otherworldy charm to the recordings. There's also a bit of whimsy in some of the great tunes, especially If Hamilton Were a Woman.

Thomas and his wife violinist/singer Sarah Stewart-Krocker are the core of the band. On the CD, the duo is joined by Peter Stewart–Kroeker (guitar), Miriam Stewart–Kroeker (cello), Archibald (from the Petit Fours) (piano), Andrew Eckart (from the Acoustics) (bass), Adrian Macfarlane (drums) and Randell Neudorf (aka 2x the Mono) (organ, producer)

The Wilson Family Forgery is now based in New Jersey so their visits to Hamilton are rare. You may want to purchase the disc at their web site or download the music on iTunes.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Performer of the Week: Ronnie and the Rockets

For over 17 years, Ronnie and the Rockets have supplied Southern Ontario with good old fashioned rock from the 50s and 60s. Their repertoire includes such classics as Only the Lonely, The Twist, One Fine Day, Great Balls of Fire and many more.

This amazing five-piece band, which includes Hamilton music legend Sonny Del Rio, are all talented music veterans. You can check them out soon as they'll be playing the Wellington Tavern on Jun 18-19.

If you go to any of their shows be sure to pick up their CD for only $10. They sold out of their first 45 rpm record in 1989 and their cassette in 1992. Get it before it's too late!

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Big Rude Jake @ Artword Artbar (June 6, 2010) Part 2

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Click here for Part 1

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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Kori Pop CD: From the Outskirts

If you like your folk music more on the alternative/pop side, you'll definitely love local singer/songwriter, Kori Pop's new CD, From the Outskirts.

Her unique voice and amazing guitar are evident in each song as she explores infectious tunes (Nowhere Near My Heart, Billie, Crack My Eyes) and soft, emotional sounds (Northern Belle, Gray, Beach Ballad). Every track is an original statement.

The CD is available at her shows and can also be downloaded at

Below are a few live performances of songs from the CD.

Links: Kori Pop's Site - Download Her CD - More Kori Pop Stories

Thursday, June 3, 2010