Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CONGRATS! Hamilton/Dunville's Rob Lamothe on Powerplay Magazine's Top Singers List

Former Hamiltonian and current Dunnville resident, Rob Lamothe got some well-deserved national recognition recently. UK rock mag Powerplay included the talented singer/songwriter him in their 'Top 50 Favourite Singers List' in the August 2021 issue. He was number 23. CONGRATS!

Here's what the magazine had to say: 

"As frontman for The Riverdogs, Rob was at the helm of one of the most overlooked debut albums in rock music history. I got to see The Riverdogs (long after the debut came and went) when they ventured over to the UK in support of their wonderful ‘Bone’ record, recalls Mike Gaffney.

Lamothe was in spectacular form that night (and every night I’ve seen him since), and his voice, rather than diminish, just gets better as the years go by. He has an extensive collection of solo records too, each of which is a must-listen (everyone should own a copy of his debut solo album ‘Gravity’)."

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Take An Incredible Musical Journey with Waterloo's Craig Cardiff

Both musically and lyrically, All This Time Running, the latest incredible album from Waterloo's Craig Cardiff is a journey. With songs like Wyoming, Moon, Greyhound SK, Yellowknife and more, Craig and his friends take you on a trip and weave captivating stories with every tune.

Released by Waterdown's True North Records, the recording proclaims Craig's songwriting skills and  stunning vocals. There are little bits of folk, country, Jazz and more scattered along the musical route.

You can get this fabulous collection through, his Bandcamp page, iTunes, spotify, and many other shops.

The album can be streamed below:

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

In-Person Live Music is Back! Videos by Chris Chambers, John Ladds, Cameron & Cameron

Now that Ontario is in Stage 2 of it re-opening plan, in-person live music has returned to the province.

Here's just a sample of the musicians who are back to performing at venues (with hopefully more to come).

Click here for our live music listings.

Click here for his upcoming shows

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Check his Twitter page for gigs

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Check out their Facebook page for events

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