Sunday, March 31, 2024

Trebleclef Training for the Olympics

Paris, France will be hosting the Summer Olympics in July and don't be surprised if you see a familiar, furry face on the podium. Our very own cute mascot, Trebleclef, will be representing Canada this year!

Canadian Olympic ambassador, Lu (who happens to be our blogger) is the man responsible for this rather interesting turn of events.

"I spoke with the Olympic committee a few years ago," he explained, "They were interested in beefing up the popularity of the games and I suggested adding music-related events." With that stroke of genius, a trio of competitions were born: Duelling Banjos, the Accordion Toss and Upright Bass Rowing. 

Duelling Banjos

The Accordion Toss

Upright Bass Rowing

"Treble, being the energetic monkey that he is," Luis added, "Asked if he could take part in all three new sports. After checking the rule book, we saw there was nothing saying that stuffed monkeys can't compete. With that, we started the little guy's training."

Thanks to sponsorship from Luigi's Used Jock Strap Emporium, Treble's team was able to get things rolling. Right away, accordion virtuoso Jordan Abraham was hired to train the mascot in the Accordion Toss. Justine Fischer will handle Upright Bass Rowing and Dan Medakovic will help him with Duelling Banjos.

April Fulcilli, Treble's sports publicist, had this to add: "Considering he doesn't have any muscles or skeletal structure to speak of, we can overcome these obstacles and bring home the gold for Canada!"


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Support Local Charities

From their website: Begun in the 1980's out of a desire to help one family with a terminally ill child, the TENDER WISHES FOUNDATION has grown to seek out and grant wishes to children in the Niagara Region who suffer from a potentially life-threatening illness.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

To enable you to make good housing decisions call us or email us:

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Sarah Vaughan's 100th Birthday (ft Covers by Chantal Chamberland)

Today (March 27, 2024) would have been American Jazz legend Sarah Vaughan's 100th birthday.

Biographic Highlights (From Wikipedia)

Below are a few local musicians covering songs that Sarah made famous.

And now a song from the lady herself

Links: Sarah Vaughan, Video above courtesy of Sarah Vaughan - Topic

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Happy Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day! (Stompin' Tom, Loretta Lynn w Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, David Frizzell)

Update of a 2018 post

Links: Stompin' Tom'sMore Stompin' Tom Stories, Video above courtesy of fivealex2010

Links: Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Video above courtesy of CC Trubiak

Links: Johnny CashMore Johnny Cash Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of Patrick W,

Links: David Frizzell, Video above courtesy of Donna Adler

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Monday, March 25, 2024

Incredible Double Shot from Hamilton Bluesman Paul Coombs

Recently, Hamilton veteran Bluesman, Paul Coombs released two wonderful albums: Paul's Blues (solo) and Steeltown Blues (with his band). Each release shows a different side of him and they're both great additions to his fabulous body of work.

Paul's Blues is a ragged, stripped down, raw affair. Throughout the album, Paul's voice boasts the power of a fire-and-brimstone preacher. His sermons are street-level stories and cautionary tales punctuated by incredible guitar work. You can feel the grittiness in every tune.

Guests: Richard Elliott/Mike Travale/Paul Panchezak of Trickbag (drums/percussion), Chantal Marulaz (backing vocals), Bill Good (bass), David Delaunay (keyboards).

Available at his live shows, iTunes and Spotify

Video above courtesy of Release - Topic

Another musical side is apparent on Steeltown Blues from the Paul Coombs Blues Band . While still down-to-earth lyrically, the group creates a full sound packed with energy. They add some flourishes of country, funk, jazz and more. It's working class music to get ya jumpin'.

Main band: Paul Coombs (vocals, guitar), Bill Good (bass), Mike Travale (drums)

Guests: David Delaunay (keyboards), Sugar Brown (harmonica), Billy Daly (saxophone), Joe Clark (fiddle), Donna Panchezak of Trickbag (backing vocals)

Available at the band's live shows, iTunesSpotifyYouTube

Links: Paul Coombs Band, More Paul Coombs StoriesAlbum above courtesy of Paul Coombs Blues Band - TopicMore Releases

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2024 Televised Juno Winners!


Unfortunately, no local acts won at this year's Juno Awards. The main televised ceremony was broadcast on March 24, 2024.

Complete ceremony below.

Links: Juno AwardsMore Juno StoriesVideo above courtesy of CBC Music

Click here for the winners of the opening night gala.

Here's a complete list of winners

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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Please Help the Welland Family

Please help the family of local musician Doug Welland. His son recently passed and his family needs your support.

Click here for the GoFundMe page.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

2024 Opening Night Juno Winners

A number of Junos were handed out at a streamed gala on March 23, 2024. Unfortunately, no local artists won but there were lots of talented winners. The televised gala on Sunday, March 24, 2024 (on CBC at 8pm) will feature more incredible artists receiving Junos.

Local musicians Georgie Fab of the Rockets, Greg "Fritz" Heinz of Helix & Robbie Robertson of the Band were honoured at the "In Memoriam" section while Begonia sang Butterfly. Click their names at the beginning of this paragraph to go directly to their section.

Below is a video of the amazing event.

Links: Juno AwardsMore Juno Stories, Video above courtesy of CBC Music

Click here for the televised winners.

Below is a complete of winner from the gala:

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Friday, March 22, 2024

2024 Music PEI Award Winners

The 2024 Music PEI Awards were handed out the week of March 6-10th

Here's a complete list  winners: 

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              Wednesday, March 20, 2024

              Otis Spann's 100th Birthday

              Today (March 21, 2024) would have been American Blues legend Otis Spann's 100th birthday (depending on which source you believe).

              Biography highlights (from Wikipedia)

              Below is a Otis Spann cover from Hamilton's Steve Strongman & Friends

              Then we have two videos from the man himself.

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              Sunday, March 17, 2024

              Support Local Charities

              From their website: Food4Kids provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 5-14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend.

              The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

              Friday, March 15, 2024

              Junkhouse's Russel "Rusty" Wilson Was a Live Wire, Powerful! RIP

              It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Junkhouse bassist and solo artist Russel "Rusty" Wilson. The Hamilton musician dies on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

              Russ shot to international stardom in the mid-90's after Junkhouse signed a record deal with Sony Music Canada. The band broke up after a number of incredible albums but reunited years ago and was still performing. Russ also had a successful solo career. He also performed with Paul O'Toole, Barry Mac, Ray Lyell and many others.

              Media Links:

              Social Media Reaction

              Rave On Russel Wilson
              We look into the faces of wild things to try and see ourselves. We want to know what part of us might live in there behind the eyes. 
              Russel was a live wire, powerful, off his rocker, loving, conducting the spirits and hanging on by a thread. It’s impossible for me to even imagine knowing anyone like him again in this lifetime. 
              He was funny as Hell, unpredictable, incredibly talented, loud, sensitive and he could scare the shit out of ya if you weren’t paying attention.
              I was lucky enough to the go deep into the trenches with him. We ran around globe together in our band taking on stages from Belgium to Brantford. We played in castles and in barrooms and hockey arenas living on a very long road and we had the best time of our lives.
              Russel was guided by instincts not by sight and he ignited pure fire at high volume, came out swinging’ with a bass around his neck that he made look like a ukulele. 
              The lord never patted him on the head but he may have booted him in the ass a couple of times. 
              He was out of this world as long as we knew him and now he’s closer to us than he’s ever been.

              Rick Prinsthal (Paperboys, Deacons. Rick & the Krickets, Rocket & the Renegades

              I'm so glad that Russ Wilson and I had a chance to hang out at the Junkhouse show in Hamilton last December. Russ and I first met nearly 40 years ago at a Florida Razors gig in a pub called 'Rebel's Roadhouse' on the mountain. Over the years, when I saw Russ perform live, either with Junkhouse or as solo performer, I was always amazed by his musical ability.  

              Every once in a while, Russ and I would see each other in the community. He always took an active interest in what I was doing and made me feel like he was in my corner. Russ had an affinity for the underdog and a genuinely caring heart. He was a good person.

              R.I.P. Rusty   keep on rockin', bro

              Graham Greer

              Just gutted to learn that my cosmic soul brother, the singular Russ Rusty Wilson, thumping bass player of the beloved Canadian band Junkhouse, passed away this morning. 

              He was a funny, loyal, passionate giant of a man and we became fast and furious friends during the countless tours and festivals Barstool Prophets played with Junkhouse throughout the mid-90s.

              A short testament to the heart in this man: in 1996, when Lori had freshly given birth to our #1 son, Liam, Russ drove from Hamilton, ON to Cornwall to personally deliver a gift. He showed up at the door of our apartment with gift in hand, chatted with me quickly (Lori was still in hospital) and offered congratulations and unsolicited but sage words of parental advice - “Don’t let the baby chew on electrical cords or get access to your credit card brother. Disaster in either case, guaranteed.” 

              He then hugged me, turned around and got in his car and drove back to Hamilton, as he was flying out to LA the next morning.

              I’ve often described Russ as the sort of person who - if a friend needed a liver - would make sure you got a liver. It might not necessarily be HIS liver, but he’d make sure you got one in any case. 😆

              A giant prince among mortal men. Taken too soon and profoundly missed. 💔

              Hug your friends,


              Below is the report from CHCH TV.

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              Canadian Music Moments at the 2024 Oscars

              There were a number of great Canadian musical moments at the televised Academy Awards on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

              The only Canadian winner was The Last Repair Shop by Halifax's Ben Proudfoot, which won for Best Documentary Short Film). It follows four craftspeople who fix musical instruments for LA public school students at no cost.

              Video above courtesy of Los Angeles Times

              The late, legendary musician Robbie Robertson (from Six-Nations) was nominated for Best Music (Original Score) for his work on Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon but Ludwig Göransson took home the hardware for Oppenheimer

              Robbie was honoured at the In Memoriam section of the event while Andrea and Matteo Bocelli performed 'Con te partirò'

              Links: Andrea Boccelli, Matteo BocelliRobbie RobertsonMore Robbie Robertson Stories,  Video above courtesy of ABC News, Click here to start at Robbie Robertson's part

              The most interesting musical performance of the night went to London, Ontario's Ryan Gosling and his incredible music number I'm Just Ken backed  from the movie Barbie (in which he co-starred). He was joined by Guns N Roses guitarist Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen.

              Video above courtesy of Atlantic Records

              Links: Oscars, More Oscars Stories

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              Tuesday, March 12, 2024

              Big Dan Jeffares to Represent the Grand River Blues Society at the 2025 International Blues Challenge

              Cambridge's own Big Dan Jeffares and his incredible band will be heading to Memphis in 2025 to represent the Grand River Blues Society in the band category. WAY TO GO!

              The competition was held at the Edelweiss Tavern in Kitchener on Saturday, March 9, 2024. Big Dan faced 6 other talented groups to earn this trip. 

              Here's one of the performances that helped him win:

              Links: Big Dan JeffaresMore Big Dan StoriesVideo above courtesy of Marion G

              Here are more performances from the other amazing contestants:

              The solo contest for the Grand River Blues Society will be held soon.

              Sunday, March 10, 2024

              Support Local Charities

              N2N's mission is to alleviate and prevent poverty by supporting neighbours at risk.

              The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

              Sunday, March 3, 2024

              Please Support Local Charities

              From the The Dave Curry Memorial Music Fund GoFundMe page:  

              Dave Curry, guitarist and founder of The Mighty Duck Blues Band in St. Catharines, Ontario passed away suddenly on December 30, 2023. His wife Denise, friends, family and band mates are raising funds to create The Dave Curry Memorial Music Fund in his memory. DCMMF will be used to provide financial support for music institutions located in the Niagara region. The goal is to assist young musicians and music programs dedicated to career development and education. Please help us accomplish this goal by donating to this worthy cause and help preserve Dave Curry`s music legacy.

              The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.