Thursday, March 30, 2017

News Roundup (Tim Gibbons, Sunrise Records Expansion, Passings, Trebleclef)

Picture courtesy of Decca

Links: Surfaris, Video above courtesy of Rollingstones50yrs3



    The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music Loving Monkey

    L to R: Ron Hiegelsberger, Darran Poole (Rootbone) and Omar Tunnoch (Fathead)
    Trebleclef popped by the Black Swan in Burlington to check out the incredible Darran and the Poole Boys

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    L to R: Charlie Cooley, James Anthony, John Dickie, James Rasmussen
    Our little monkey also visited the Purple Heather in Burlington for the first time.  As always, the James Anthony Band rocked the place. They were joined by the amazing John Dickie.

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    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    New Hot, Dirty and Nasty CD from Hamilton's TG Swampbusters (ft Tim Gibbons)

    Hamilton's TG Swampbusters (the newest project of the legendary Tim Gibbons) is back with another hot, dirty, nasty slab of musical gumbo! The latest album, Swamp Rock Country Blues continues the rough and tumble spirit of its predecessor.

    This is music you can just feel in your bones. It ain't always pretty but it'll stir you up just right.

    You can pick up one of these incredible CDs at their blazing live show. It also can be purchased at Dr. Disc, Picks N Sticks, Urban Hamilton Artists, Crash Landing, or Cheapies. If you need to get it online, the album's available through cdbaby.

    Blast from the Past: Previous Swampbusters CD - Swamp Tooth Comb

    Links: Tim GibbonsMore Tim Gibbons StoriesMore Releases, Video above courtesy of BOYDWILSONFILMS

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    Sunday, March 26, 2017

    Hamilton's Kirby Creates Folk-Pop-Rock Explosion on Latest Album

    Hamilton singer/songwriter, Kirby has created a folk-pop-rock explosion with his latest self titled album.  Uniting beautiful, acoustic guitar with synth sounds and a rocking rhythm section, he and his band have generated quite an impressive sound.

    With his wonderful, spirited voice and excellent lyrics, Kirby has made a modern recording that tips its hat to the roots of the past. Truly, the best of both worlds.

    Kirby's accompanied by a marvelous group of artists: Max Wray (guitar), Eric Thachuck (bass), Matt Burns (drums), Matthew Montour (guitars, organ, more) and Mike Yates (Strings) with Robyn Dell’untoTiffany Hunter and Trevor Howard helping on vocals.

    This incredible album can be downloaded via his Bandcamp page.

    Blast from the Past: Kirby EP - Into the Dark

    Links: KirbyMore Kirby StoriesVideo above courtesy KirbySingsMore Releases

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    Thursday, March 23, 2017

    News Roundup (Chuck Berry, James Cotton, Robin Benedict, Brennagh Burns, CBC Radio Chart)


    Local artists in larger size
    1. Walk Off the Earth: Fire in my Soul
    2. The xx: On Hold
    3. The New Pornographers: High Ticket Attractions
    4. Fast Romantics: Why We Fight
    5. Overcoats: Hold Me Close
    6. Portugal. The Man: Feel it Still
    7. Whitehorse: Boys Like You
    8. Ruth B: Superficial Love
    9. Scott Helman: 21 Days
    10. Bill and Joel Plaskett: The Next Blue Sky
    11. Common Deer: Confession (I Should Have Known)
    12. Ron Sexsmith: Radio
    13. Sarah Slean: Sarah
    14. David Usher: They Will Believe (In This Love)
    15. Arcade Fire ft Mavis Staples: I Give You Power
    16. Bobby Bazini: Never Let Go
    17. Robyn Dell'Unto: Face to Face
    18. Sheryl Crow: Halfway There
    19. Declan McKenna: The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
    20. Joseph: Canyon

      Saturday, March 18, 2017

      GOOD LUCK! Local Artists on Searchlight Top 25

      Picture courtesy of CBC Music
      We are one step close to knowing who this year's winner of the CBC Searchlight competition. The panel chose an act from each of the 23 regions. Also, the two acts with the most popular votes are added to round out the top 25 list.

      Hamilton singer/songwriter Emma VanDyk won her city's category and LoFi Mind was chosen as the representative for Kitchener-Waterloo. The winner will be revealed soon.

      Links: Emma Van Dyk, Video above courtesy of  Emma VanDyk

      Links: LoFi Mind, More LoFi Mind Stories, Video above courtesy of LoFi Mind

      Here's the complete list:
      Blast from the Past: Last Year's Finalists

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      Wednesday, March 15, 2017

      CONGRATS! Hamilton's David Braid Wins 2 Canadian Screen Awards!

      Jazzman David Braid made his hometown of Hamilton proud by bringing home both of the awards he was nominated for at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. They were for his work on the incredible bio-pic Born to be Blue (based on the legendary Chet Baker).

      Video above courtesy of Movieclips Trailers

      Other notable winners include the Blues documentary I Am the Blues that won two awards and the Tragically Hip TV special A National Celebration, which earned 5.

      Links: Tragically HipMore Tragically Hip StoriesVideo above courtesy of Scott Kearley


      Click here for the Hamilton Spectator story.

      Here are the music-related winners

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      Tuesday, March 14, 2017

      CONGRATS! Diana Panton Wins Hamilton Woman of Distinction Award!

      Picture courtesy of Diana Panton
      Hamilton Jazz singer Diana Panton proudly won a 2017 Women of Distinction Award for the Arts, Culture, Design category on March 9, 2017. She was one of many women celebrated for their impressive achievements in the Hammer.

      She posted the following on her Facebook page:
      Honoured to bring home this award tonight for Arts/Culture/Design at the Women of Distinction Awards. Very proud to be Hamiltonian and see all the wonderful things women are doing to enrich this community. Congrats to all the nominees!
      My special thanks to those people who took the time to contribute letters of recommendation and submit my nomination, as well as those who voted.

      Links: Diana PantonMore Diana Panton Stories, Videos above couresy of sasa top

      Here's a compete list of winners!

      Blast from the Past: Diana Panton CD - Red

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      Sunday, March 12, 2017

      Rootbone Duo Starring in New Ensemble! TV Episode

      Darren Poole and Bobbi Richards, the two core members of Blues band Rootbone recently recorded an episode of Ensemble! on Cable 14 Hamilton. Their show will be airing soon.

      Hamilton residents with cable can view episodes on Cable 14. Other Rogers or Cogeco customers (including cell plan subscribers) can see it online at Cable14now

      Here are a few videos that show what they can do!

      This episode is no longer available.

      Blast from the Past: Rootbone's Debut Album

      Links: Rootbone, More Rootbone Stories, Videos above courtesy of Rootbone

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      Saturday, March 11, 2017

      GOOD LUCK! Local CBC Searchlight Top 10!

      With more than 2,000 acts entered, the regional top 10s have been chosen for 2017 CBC Searchlight competition. Phil McCarty won the popular vote for the Hamilton region and LoFi Mind earned it for Kitchener-Waterloo.

      Video above courtesy of Phil McCarty

      Links: LoFi Mind, More LoFi Mind Stories, Video above courtesy of LoFi Mind

      Winners from each of the 23 regions (chosen by a panel) will be unveiled on Tuesday, March 14 and will move to the next round. The two acts with the most number of votes will automatically advance as well.


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      Thursday, March 9, 2017

      News Roundup (James Favron, Jay Pollmann, Awards, Passings)

      Click pic for video




          Tuesday, March 7, 2017

          Remembering Musician and Caledonia Folk Club Founder Bill Crawford

          On February 21, 2017, the Ontario folk community lost an important member. Bill Crawford was a talented musician and also the co-founder of the now-defunct Caledonia Folk Club. He was part of the folk duo Cravan Spirit (with Ed Vandendool)Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

          Click here for his obituary

          Reaction to his passing was all over the Internet. Here are some samples. We may add more later on:

          Jim Marino (Freewheelin' Folk Show): I remember great artists like Stephen Fearing appearing in Caledonia thanks to Bill. I first met Bill and Ed Vandendool when they first appeared at the Festival of Friends in 1995 as Cravan Spirit. He also was a prominent member of the "Tears of a Thousand Years" Committee that raised over $20000 for the 9/11 relief fund. Sincere condolences to his family and friends from The Freewheeling Folk Show and 93.3 CFMU.

          Jeremiah Budnark (Brantford Open Stage): Bill (along with Ed Vandendool) founded the Caledonia Folk Club shortly after the Hamilton Folk Club and for (I think it was) 18 years provided a haven for folkies and a fine opportunity for performers. It was the first place I ever managed the nerve to go on stage and have always regarded it as my 'home' club. Bill and family also became friends. They and the folk clubs have changed the path of my life and for that I will always be grateful. Bill will be missed.

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          Sunday, March 5, 2017

          New Episode of Ensemble! features Dwayne LaForme and Joshua Arden Miller

          New episodes of Ensemble! on Cable 14 Hamilton just keep on coming! Two incredible Bluesmen, Dwayne LaForme and Joshua Arden Miller (Pappy Johns Band) will be starring in the next show.

          Hamilton residents with cable can view the episode on Cable 14. Other Rogers or Cogeco customers (including cell plan subscribers) can see it online at Cable14now

          This episode is no longer available.
          Here are a few videos that showcase their talents.

          More Taj Mahal Covers/Stories

          Links: Dwayne LaFormeMore Dwayne LaForme Stories, Videos above courtesy of DSmith Productions

          Saturday, March 4, 2017

          CONGRATS! Jovaune "Big Joe" Rhodes and Michael St. George Earn Rev. John C. Holland Awards

          This year's Rev. John C Holland Awards Ceremony included wins by two Hamilton musicians.  Blues singer Jovaune "Big Joe" Rhodes received an Award of Merit for his advocacy work in the community. Multi-genre performer, Michael St. George earned the Jackie Washington Award for Arts.

          Links: Big Joe Rhodes, More Big Joe Rhodes Stories, More Muddy Waters Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of BOYDWILSONFILMS

          Links: Michael St. George, Videos above courtesy of Michael St. George Dub Artist

          The event was held on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at Liuna Station and is a wonderful part of the city's Black History Month celebrations.

          CONGRATS GUYS!

          Here's a full list of winners:
          Click here for the Hamilton Spectator story

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          Wednesday, March 1, 2017

          CONGRATS! 2017 Burlington Post Readers' Choice Award Winners

          The votes have been counted in the 2017 Burlington Post Readers' Choice Awards and area readers have chosen their favourites from around the city.

          Here are the music-related winners:

          Local Entertainers
          Live Entertainment
          Local Tourist Attraction
          Music Store (New)
          Musical Instruction
          Musical Instrument Store
          Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

          Links: Post's Readers' Choice AwardMore Burlington Post Reader's Choice Awards Stories

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