Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Celebrating Black History Month - Videos by Sonny Greenwich, R Nathaniel Dett, Liberty Silver

Historical Bits

Links: Sonny Greenwich, More Sonny Greenwich StoriesVideo above courtesy of Aaron Oppenheim

Historical Bits (from Wikipedia)

  • Born in Drummondville, Ontario (now Niagara Falls) on October 11, 1882.
  • During his lifetime he was a leading Black composer, known for his use of African-American folk songs and spirituals as the basis for choral and piano compositions.
  • Moved to Niagara Falls, NY in 1893
  • From 1924 to 1926, Dett served as president of The National Association of Negro Musicians
  • Died of a heart attack on October 2, 1943 during a USO tour.
  • Canada's Nathaniel Dett Chorale, founded in 1998, was named for him and performs his music as well as that of other composers of African descent

Links: R Nathaniel DeetVideo above courtesy of robt007

Historical Bits (from Wikipedia)

  • Born in Detroit in 1961/62
  • Was adopted in Canada as a child.
  • At 12 years old, her Reggae band, The Wild Bunch opened for Bob Marley in New York City 
  • Became the first Black woman in history to win a JUNO Award in 1995
  • Also in 1995, she was the first-ever Juno recipient of the ‘Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year’ for her single “Lost Somewhere Inside Your Love.” 
  • Competed in Star Search and won multiple times.

Links: Liberty SilverVideo above courtesy of Rammit Records

More Black History Month Videos

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2023 Maple Blues Award Winners (including local acts)

Awards were handed out January 30, 2023 at  Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto. 

Below is a complete list of winners. Local artists are in bold.

* artists is signed with Waterdown's Stony Plain Records

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Canada's Adam Karch Wins at the 2023 International Blues Challenge + Footage from Frank Cosentino & Garnetta

Unfortunately, no local artists won at the 2023 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Canada was represented though with Montreal's Adam Karch bringing home the Memphis Cigar Box Guitar Award (Best Solo/Duo Guitarist) 

Here's a complete list of winners. 

Frank Cosentino, who represented the Grand River Blues Society, took some wonderful video of his travels as he competed in the contest.

Hamilton's Garnetta of Garnetta and the Groovmasters, who represented the Toronto Blues Society at the competition had this to say online:
My road to Memphis
Was quite intense
Performed on Beale Street
And made new friends

Visit the Lorraine
Which caused too much pain
I too have a dream
Like Martin Luther King

Went to Aretha's place
And felt her soul
To me this journey
Was worth more than gold.

Heading home you all, see you in Canada!
See you sooner rather than later, Memphis TN.
She also had some videos and photos to share: Photos, Videos

If we find more videos/photos from the event, we will post it here.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

GOOD LUCK! Hamilton's the Trews Nominated for East Coast Music Awards

Nominations for the 2023 East Coast Music Awards were recently unveiled and Hamilton rockers The Trews (they're originally from Novia Scotia) were up for two awards: Group Recording of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year. Hopefully, they'll take home the honours at the ceremony in May.



Group Recording 

Rock Recording

  • The Trews (Hamilton) - Wanderer WINNER
  • Dali Van Gogh - New Blood, Old Wound
  • Julie & Dany - Julie & Dany
  • Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - Pas l'temps d'niaiser
  • Motherhood - Winded
  • Nick Earle - No More Hiding
African Canadian Artist 

  • Aquakultre
  • Jah'Mila
  • Maggie Andrew
  • Owen O'Sound Lee
  • Zamani Folade - WINNER


  • Andrew Waite - Andrew Waite 
  • Classified - Retrospected
  • David Myles - It's Only A Little Loneliness - WINNER
  • Fortunate Ones - That Was You and Me
  • Jason Benoit - TIME TRAVELLER - SIDE A
  • Kristen Martell - Every Season

Artist Innovator 

  • Carolina East
  • Classified WINNER
  • Dr. Zoo
  • Hillary Ladd
  • Jason Benoit

Artist Management 

  • Derrick Sturge, Pharos Music Inc.
  • Faye WilliamsWood
  • Mary Beth Waldram
  • Todd Mercer

Blues Recording 

  • Allen Snow - The Quorum - WINNER
  • Charlie A'Court & Witchitaw - When Country Gets The Blues
  • Mark Riley - PM BLUE
  • Mike Trask - TV Dinner
  • Rev. Dave and The Sin Eaters - Beams of Love

Children’s Entertainer 

  • Bingly and the Rogues (with The Villains Theatre)
  • Heather Feather
  • Matt the Music Man - WINNER
  • Pete

Choral Recording 

  • Dr. Zoo Featuring South African Singers Choir - We May Win
  • Halifax Camerata Singers - The Last Evening
  • Luminos Ensemble - I Am an Island That Dreams
  • Men of the Deeps - Remember the Miner
  • Sirens - In Her Image - WINNER

Classical Composer 

  • Andrew Staniland
  • Derek Charke
  • Edward Enman
  • Grej - WINNER
  • Natalie Williams Calhoun

Classical Recording 

  • Andrew Staniland - Reddened by Hammer: Earthquakes & Islands Remixed
  • Atlantic String Machine - A Single Juniper Post
  • Duo Concertante - Ecology of Being
  • Jennifer King - O Mistress Moon (Canadian Edition) WINNER
  • SHHH!! Ensemble - Meanwhile


  • Atlantic Music
  • East Track Mind
  • Jones & Co
  • Lawnya Vawnya
  • Sound of Pop WINNER

Contemporary Roots Recording 

  • Carleton Stone - Papercut
  • David Myles - It's Only A Little Loneliness
  • Madison Violet - eleven
  • Rawlins Cross - Sunrise
  • The East Pointers - House Of Dreams WINNER

Country Recording 

  • La Patente - L’Illusion d’la perfection
  • Mallory Johnson - Surprise Party WINNER
  • Pretty Archie - Pretty Archie 
  • Rev. Dave and The Sin Eaters - Beams of Love
  • Willie Stratton - Drugstore Dreamin'

Dance Recording 

  • Alex Byrne - Nothing but a Liar
  • Bishu - WYGD
  • Cloverdale & DJ Susan - Talkin
  • Corey LeRue - IDTYK WINNER
  • PINEO & LOEB x Joel Freck - Hope feat. Karl Wolf

Electronic Recording

  • It Could Be Franky - Edena
  • Maura Whitman - Introspection
  • Mear - Soft Chains
  • Rich Aucoin - Synthetic Season 1 WINNER
  • Sparkee - Snack Pack


  • Cloggeroo - The Island Folk Festival
  • Lawnya Vawnya 12
  • TD Halifax Jazz Festival WINNER
  • The Jibfest Weekender
  • The Smokey Sessions Songwriters’ Circle

Fans' Choice Entertainer 

  • Classified
  • David Myles
  • Jason Benoit
  • Kellie Loder
  • Lisa LeBlanc
  • Madison Violet
  • Neon Dreams
  • Rich Aucoin
  • Robert Thomas and the Sessionmen
  • The East Pointers

Fans' Choice Video 

  • Andrew Waite - “Full Time, Tryin' 2 Luv” (Director: Brendan Henry)
  • Braden Lam - “don't let go (Chapter 1 of 2)” (Directors: Tim Mombourquette, Braden Lam)
  • Classified - “Accept It (Retrospected)” (Directors: The Boyd Brothers)
  • Dave Sampson - “All My Friends” (Directors: Ryker Titus, Andy Hines)
  • Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - “Safe to Say” (Directors: Katrine Noël, Kevin McIntyre)
  • Moira & Claire - “Delaney's Dad” (Director: Ray Antonison)
  • Neon Dreams - “ITS ALL GOOD” (Directors: Dan Lewis Cole,Frank Kadillac)
  • Nicole Ariana - “Master of Denial” (Directors: Griffin O'Toole, Brendan Lyle (MooseCanFly))
  • PINEO & LOEB - “Attached 2 U” (Director: Gee Clarke)
  • The East Pointers - “Save Your Lonely” (Director: Lucas Eastmure)

Folk Recording 

  • Dylan Menzie - Modern Classic
  • Fortunate Ones - That Was You and Me WINNER
  • Julie Aubé - Contentement
  • Kristen Martell - Every Season
  • Madison Violet - eleven

Francophone Recording 

  • Caroline Savoie - Bruits blancs
  • Laurie LeBlanc - Long Weekend WINNER
  • Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - Pas l'temps d'niaiser
  • Lisa LeBlanc - Chiac Disco
  • Plywood Joe - Et les mangeux de baloni
  • P'tit Belliveau - Un homme et son piano

Global Recording 

  • Andru Branch & Halfway Tree - Weather the Storm
  • Jah'Mila - Roots Girl WINNER
  • Jing Xia - The Numinous Journey
  • Kubasonics - Kubasongs
  • Vineet Vyas - Satyam

Indigenous Artist 

  • Deantha Edmunds
  • Gearl
  • Jason Benoit
  • Morgan Toney WINNER
  • Silver Wolf Band

Industry Innovator 

  • Cartermusic Presents
  • East Track Mind
  • Eirinn Fraser WINNER
  • Rozalind MacPhail
  • Secret Key Media

Inspirational/Gospel Recording 

  • Dr. Zoo - 20
  • Elijah MacDougall - The Boy Who Would Be
  • Keith Mullins - Vets for Healings Song Camp 1
  • One8tea - Say Amen
  • Yvette Lorraine - Same Story WINNER

Instrumental Recording

  • Atlantic String Machine - A Single Juniper Post
  • Florian Hoefner - Desert Bloom
  • Quilting – Quilting 
  • Sarah Hagen - Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations
  • Shannon Quinn - 20 Summers WINNER

Jazz Recording 

  • Behrooz Mihankhah - Lydium
  • Big Space - In Relation To WINNER
  • Duane Andrews and the Hot Club of Conception Bay - Djangology
  • Florian Hoefner - Desert Bloom
  • JOYFULTALK - Familiar Science
Live Sound Engineer 
  • Evan Cormier
  • John Ellingbo
  • Kyle Gallagher
  • Michelle Lacour
  • Peter Green
  • Steve Everett

Loud Recording

  • Dali Van Gogh - New Blood, Old Wounds WINNER
  • Electric Spoonful - 2 Poor 4 a Two Four
  • Red Usurper - Abandon
  • Swimming - That's OK
  • TRUCE. - Unentitled

Media Person

  • Doug Gallant
  • Greg Smith
  • Heidi-Lyn O’Connor
  • Katie Kelly
  • Richard Lann

Pop Recording 

  • Caroline Savoie - Bruits blancs
  • Lisa LeBlanc - Chiac Disco
  • Maura Whitman - Introspective
  • The East Pointers - House Of Dreams WINNER
  • Yvette Lorraine - Same Story


  • Chris Kirby
  • Classified
  • Clint Curtis
  • Corey LeRue
  • Mark Howard

R&B / Soul Recording

  • Aquakultre - Don’t Trip
  • Boy T - Ride Your Name
  • DEE HERNANDEZ - Remember Those Days
  • JRDN - Red Eye WINNER
  • Nicole Ariana - Crybaby

Rap/Hip-Hop Recording 

  • Albert Dalton - If I Can’t Have It
  • City Natives - The People of the Dawn WINNER
  • Classified - Retrospected
  • Owen O'Sound Lee - 235
  • Reggie Morales - Regicide

Rising Star Recording

  • Daniel James McFadyen - Hot Sun
  • Dylan Menzie - A Piece of Me WINNER
  • Isabella Samson - Love Takes You Home
  • Marian - Astral Plane
  • Moira & Claire - South Shore

Roots/Traditional Recording 

  • Gina Burgess - ISNOW
  • Jing Xia - The Numinous Journey WINNER
  • Kubasonics - Kubasongs
  • Les Fireflies - Day by Day
  • Shane Pendergast - The House Before the Bridge

Solo Recording

  • Adam Baldwin - Concertos & Serenades
  • David Myles - It's Only A Little Loneliness WINNER
  • Jason Benoit - TIME TRAVELLER - SIDE A
  • Lisa LeBlanc - Chiac Disco
  • Owen O'Sound Lee - 235


  • Adam Baldwin - “Lighthouse in Little Lorraine” WINNER
  • Andrew Waite - “Ain't Goin' Out Like That”
  • Braden Lam - “Silence feat. Wolf Castle”
  • Brandon Howard Roy - “Give Me Love”
  • Daniel James McFadyen - “Hot Sun”


  • Andrew Waite
  • Kellie Loder WINNER
  • Madison Violet
  • Quote the Raven
  • The East Pointers

Studio Engineer

  • Scott Ferguson
  • John D. S. Adams
  • Future Dad
  • Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd
  • Chris Iannetti
  • Thomas Stajcer


  • Future Dad
  • Iannetti Recording
  • Lakewind Sound Studios
  • Scott Ferguson
  • Stonehouse Sound


  • Broken Record Bar & Music Room
  • First Light Center For Performance & Creativity
  • The Carleton
  • The Ship Pub
  • Under The Spire Music Festival: Historic St. Mary's

Video Director

  • Cecil Johnson
  • Jamie Miller
  • Jeff Miller
  • Matthew Ingraham

Visual Artist 

  • Alex MacAskill - Midnight Oil Print & Design House
  • Ashley Anne Clark
  • Heidi-Lyn O’Connor
  • Jud Haynes
  • Krista Power

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

CONGRATS! Hamilton's Andre Bisson Wins Blues and Roots International Song Contest Category

Category winners (who were announced on Jan 25) will receive a $250 CAD cash prize

Overall Winner to be announced January 30th 2023 - (Annual Award + $250 CAD Category + $750 CAD Overall = Total Cash Prize $1000)

Below is a list of the jurors' top ten choices + category winners

Click here to see the overall winner.

  1. Andre Bisson (Hamilton) - Down The Line (WINNER!)

    Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson Stories, Video above courtesy of André Bisson - Topic

  2. Vince Vanguard - Let Me Go
  3. Jeff Plankenhorn - Bird On The 9th
  4. Mark LeCornu - Sunflower
  5. Daniel Cook - Lucky
  6. Cormac O Caoimh - When My Kids Grow Too Old To Hold Hands
  7. Kayulta (Solo) - Anither Wey (fae thi steamhaimer)
  8. Sun King Rising - No. 6 Magnolia Avenue
  9. Smiling Jack Smith - New Shoes Blues
  10. SOHM - In The Morning

Duo | Trio | Band

  1. Jeff Plankenhorn (BC)- Trouble Find Me (WINNER!)

    Video above courtesy of Jeff Plankenhorn

  2. Vince Vanguard - Broken Bones
  3. Andres Roots feat Lorete Medne - Solitaire
  4. Robert Hill & SJ - Maybe You Will Someday
  5. Emma Gale - Love Got The Better Of Me
  6. Andre Bisson Band (Hamilton) - The Ballad Of Lucy Stone
  7. Matt Storch & The Miles Between (Goerich) - 18 Wheels
  8. ​Andrew Bate & Chloe Gorman - Flowers On My Grave
  9. Mist and Wing - Country Mile
  10. Pamela Ward & Paul Cherrington - Sail On By

  1. Izzy Burns (Idaho) - Guessing Game (WINNER!)

    Video above courtesy of Izzy Burns

  2. Mia Kelly - Garden Through The War
  3. Ingrid Gerdes - The Weight Of Blood
  4. Emily Brown - Weren't There
  5. Lucie Tiger - Burn It Down
  6. Ashley Puckett - Tequila
  7. Madison Galloway (Fergus) - The River
  8. Ruth Hazelton - Aphelion
  9. Emma Gale - She'll Never Be Me
  10. Christina Hutt - I Should Have Changed

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Hess Village MusicFest '93, Bush, Bob Bryden

This is part of our new recurring series of 'Throwback Thursday' posts where we celebrate the wonderful past of the local music scene (specifically pre-2000). If you know of any videos, old posters, trivia bites, etc that would be perfect for this, please email us at blueshamilton@gmail.com

Here is the self-titled 1970 album from Canadian band, Bush, featuring Oakville's Prakash John on bass.

Links: More Prakash John Stories, Video above courtesy of KENESOLJASMUSIC

From Wikipedia:

Bush was an early 1970s Canadian rock band. It evolved from the club act Mandala, which had a minor Canadian hit with the song "Love-Itis".

Bush consisted of ex-Mandala bandmates Domenic Troiano (vocals, guitar), Roy Kenner (vocals), Hugh Sullivan (organ), Pentti Glan (drums), and Prakash John (vocals, bass). The group released a single eponymous album in 1970, on the RCA label in Canada and Dunhill in the US, and toured with label mates Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night. Three Dog Night released one of their songs, I Can Hear You Calling as the B-side of their successful single "Joy to the World". The song, co-written by Troiano, Kenner, Glan and Sullivan, also appeared on Three Dog Night's Naturally album. Bush was short-lived as a band, but its jazz-influenced rock influenced many musicians.

Links: Bob BrydenMore Bob Bryden Stories, Video above courtesy of Bob Bryden

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Blues and Roots International Song Contest Finalists (including local artists)

From the website

The International Song Contest this year was judged by an independent panel of 10 jurors who are currently part of the Worldwide Blues & Roots Radio team, they are all active in their music communities in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia, a number of the jurors sit on regional and national award panels in their respective countries. 

​Thank you to everyone who submitted their songs to this years contest, we had a record number of entries from around the world, the quality of entries was extremely high making it a difficult task for our jurors.

Category Winners To Be Announced January 25th 2023 - ($250 CAD Cash Prize )

Overall Winner To Be Announced January 30th 2023 - (Annual Award + $250 CAD Category + $750 CAD Overall = Total Cash Prize $1000)

Listed below are the chosen finalists in each category.

Click here for the category winners. 

Duo | Trio | Band  

  • Andre Bisson (Hamilton) - Down The Line

    Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson Stories, Video above courtesy of André Bisson - Topic

  • Cormac O Caoimh - When My Kids Grow Too Old To Hold Hands
  • Cory M. Coons - Freedom Road
  • Daniel Cook - Lucky
  • Dougal - Beat Up Old Ford
  • Ian David Green - White Sand, Black Star
  • Jason Baker - The Dream Of Peace
  • Joel Brogon - Little Warbler
  • Jeff Plankenhorn - Bird On The 9th
  • Kayulta (Solo) - Anither Wey (fae thi steamhaimer)
  • Kenny MacDonald - Don't You Be A Stranger
  • Keyon Harris - The Devil
  • Mark LeCornu - Sunflower
  • Matt Storch - Wish Upon A Star
  • Oatpod - Sense Of Place
  • Smiling Jack Smith - New Shoes Blues
  • SOHM - In The Morning
  • Sun King Rising - No. 6 Magnolia Avenue
  • Victor Nesrallah - The Train Don't Stop Here No More
  • Vince Vanguard - Let Me Go

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Throwback Thursday: The Oh No's , Daniel Lanois Documentary, Teenage Head

This is part of our new recurring series of 'Throwback Thursday' posts where we celebrate the wonderful past of the local music scene (specifically pre-2000). If you know of any videos, old posters, trivia bites, etc that would be perfect for this, please email us at blueshamilton@gmail.com

Bill Wood (vocals) / Mark Shannon (bass) / Tom Forsythe (guitar) / Larry Potvin (drums) / Tim Clément (guitar) / Mike Lalonde (drums) / Mychael Danna (keyboards) / Andy Ryan (guitar; replaced Clément)
Burlington, Ontario band Darwin won a high school battle of the bands in 1976 and recorded an independent 7″ single. Following the band’s break-up in 1977, Bill Wood moved to Wolfsville, Nova Scotia to enroll at Acadia University.
A friend sent an early demo of Wood’s last demo to Q107 in Toronto, and the song won. He reunited with the members of Darwin a week later and performed at Q107’s Homegrown showcase gig at The El Mocambo. They changed their name to The Oh No’s and would tour Southern, Ontario.
Clement left to pursue solo work, and was replaced by Andy Ryan on guitar. The band lasted until 1980; Wood and Ryan would go on to form Eye Eye; Clément and Danna would continue to work as a duo on ambient music albums and soundtrack work. As individuals they have both sustained lengthy careers doing soundtrack work; Bill Wood is currently enjoying a solo career with his band Bill Wood & The Woodies; Andy Ryan is a real estate agent; Lalonde died in 2000

Video above courtesy of Tim Clement

Here is a 1993 documentary on Daniel Lanois.

Links: Daniel LanoisMore Daniel Lanois StoriesVideo above courtesy of Art Varkington

Links: Teenage HeadMore Teenage Head StoriesVideo above courtesy of womb13

More Throwback Thursday Posts

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

GOOD LUCK! 2023 Blues Music Award Nominees (including local & Canadian acts)

Below is a complete list of nominees

Click for the winners

* signed to Waterdown's Stony Plain Records

Acoustic Blues Artist

Acoustic Blues Album

Blues Rock Album
Traditional Blues Album
Traditional Blues Female Artist
Traditional Blues Male Artist
Emerging Artist Album


  • The Blues Don’t Lie, Buddy Guy
  • Hard Times, John Primer
  • Done Come Too Far, Shemekia Copland
  • May Be the Last Time, John Németh
  • Leave the Light On, The Love Light Orchestra

  • Anthony Geraci & The Boston Blues All-Stars
  • John Németh and the Blue Dreamers
  • Rick Estrin and the Nightcats
  • Southern Avenue
  • Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Bob Stroger
  • Danielle Nicole
  • Larry Fulcher
  • Michael “Mudcat” Ward
  • Willie J. Campbell
Blues Rock Artist
  • Albert Castiglia
  • Joanne Shaw Taylor
  • Tinsley Ellis
  • Tommy Castro
  • Walter Trout
Contemporary Blues Album
  • Blues Without You, Larry McCray
  • Done Come Too Far, Shemekia Copeland
  • Hard to Kill, Janiva Magness
  • I Ain’t Playin’, Diunna Greenleaf
  • The Blues Don’t Lie, Buddy Guy
Contemporary Blues Female Artist
  • Beth Hart
  • Janiva Magness
  • Ruthie Foster
  • Teresa James
  • Vanessa Collier
Contemporary Blues Male Artist
  • Chris Cain                                                                                                                                  
  • Christone “Kingfish” Ingram
  • Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman)
  • Ronnie Baker Brooks
  • Selwyn Birchwood
  • Chris Layton
  • Cody Dickinson
  • Derrick D’Mar Martin
  • Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith
  • Tony Braunagel


  • Bobby Rush
  • Eric Gales
  • Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman)
  • Sugaray Rayford
  • Tommy Castro

  • Chris Cain
  • Christoffer “Kid” Andersen
  • Joanna Connor
  • Kirk Fletcher
  • Laura Chavez
  • Billy Branch
  • Bob Corritore
  • Dennis Gruenling
  • Jason Ricci
  • John Németh
  • Deanna Bogart
  • Greg Piccolo
  • Jimmy Carpenter
  • Mark Kaz Kazanoff
  • Sax Gordon Beadle
  • “Great Minds Drink Alike” Written by Jeff Schroedl
  • “I Want My Crown” Written by Eric Gales, Joe Bonamassa, & James House
  • “The Blues Don’t Lie” Written by Tom Hambridge
  • “The Last Time” Written by John Németh
  • “Too Far To Be Gone” Written by John Hahn & Will Kimbrough
Soul Blues Album
  • Golden Girl, Trudy Lynn
  • Heartache by the Pound, Kirk Fletcher
  • In Too Deep, Sugaray Rayford
  • Leave the Light On, The Love Light Orchestra
  • Progeny, Kat Riggins
Soul Blues Female Artist
  • Annika Chambers
  • Kat Riggins
  • Thornetta Davis
  • Trudy Lynn
  • Vaneese Thomas
Soul Blues Male Artist
  • Billy Price
  • Curtis Salgado
  • Don Bryant
  • John Németh
  • Johnny Rawls
  • Curtis Salgado
  • Danielle Nicole
  • Diunna Greenleaf
  • John Németh
  • Shemekia Copeland

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Throwback Thursday: King Biscuit Boy, Nine Big Dogs, Songwriters' Circle

This is our first in a recurring series of 'Throwback Thursday' posts where we celebrate the wonderful past of the local music scene (specifically pre-2000). If you know of any videos, old posters, trivia bites, etc that would be perfect for this, please email us at blueshamilton@gmail.com

Links: King Biscuit BoyMore KBB StoriesVideo above courtesy of Lori Newcomb

Links: Nine Big DogsVideo above courtesy of Yrret Noskcaj

Former member Mike Daley had this to say on social media:

Baytides Cafe on King St. at Victoria was a coffeehouse with nightly performances by the likes of Edgar Breau, Russ Brice, Ken Brown, myself and Alex Bako. Ken, a talented guitarist/flautist, put together a project with Alex around '89 called the Bogus around Alex's funny and sardonic songs. Alex, who was also an actor, knew bassist Tim Hopkins from the Toy Town Troupers, who brought in Greg Allworth, a drummer that he knew from the York music programme. 

The band was renamed Nine Big Dogs and they entered a battle of the bands at Mohawk College. They won, and the prize was a recording session leading to a demo tape. That demo tape was heard by Jim Skarratt, who decided that he wanted to add Nine Big Dogs to his roster, which would eventually include Guitar Mikey, the Phantoms and electric violinist Mark Wood

Ken quit the band at that point and I, a 21-year-old jazz student at Mohawk, was asked to join on electric guitar. We signed recording, publishing and management contracts with Spy, a classic conflict of interest. Our album was recorded and mixed in Fort Erie at River Audio with Ed Stone over a couple of weekends. It came out in 1991, distributed by A&M, on CD and cassette. 

"Dougie's Lament" was picked up by Don Berns at CFNY and given regular rotation for a time, which helped us to get bookings at the Horseshoe, Lee's Palace, a couple of months of Mondays at Ultrasound, the Rivoli and many more. 

Spy took us out to Halifax in a tour bus where we showcased at the COCA conference for university and college bookers, where we met (and were blown off the stage by) an unsigned band doing a similar act named the Barenaked Ladies

Dissatisfaction was growing as very little money was coming in for these strenuous efforts, and in '92 Tim Hopkins quit the group to be replaced by a young bassist named Mike Arsenault. A highlight with Mike was a live recording for CFNY at the Ultrasound complete with recording truck. Finally Alex quit the band and the whole thing was over. For me in retrospect it was a valuable lesson in the risks and rewards of the music business and a lot of fun while it lasted.

Featuring: Cindy Dell (Host), Lee Anne Wesseling, John Loucks, Duane Rutter, Stephen Hogg, Sue Sweetman, JP Riemens, Terry Sumsion, Kris St. Louis, James Anthony, Judi Rideout, and more.

Video above courtesy of Cindy Dell

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Jazz at the Gasworks Presents the Carn Davidson 9 in Hamilton

Hamilton Music Collective's 'Jazz at the Gasworks' series always features some of the best Jazz music around.

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Monday, January 9, 2023

January 2023 Episode of 'Sold on Hamilton with Judy Marsales'

The first 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' radio show of 2023 was broadcast on January 7, 2023 on CHML 900AM in Hamilton.

This wonderful program is generally broadcast on the first Saturday on the month between 11am and 12pm. It is hosted by Judy Marsales, owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd (a proud HBL sponsor) and an amazing local music supporter. The program showcases the best and brightest citizens of the Hammer, including many musicians. Judy also discusses the Hamilton housing market.

This episode's Guest included Chris Apro (Evolve Electric), Nadine Favics – (Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre), Sean Dawson – Sales Representative, Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories

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