Friday, October 30, 2009

Local Musicians Up for Maple Blues Awards

Local performers Jack DeKeyzer, Harrison Kennedy, and Steve Strongman have been nominated for the 13th Annual Maple Blues Awards. The event will take place January 18, 2010 at Koerner Hall, Toronto.

Voting opens Friday, October 30th at noon (DST) and is open to Sunday, December 13th at noon (EDT). Blues fans cast their votes online, at

Congratulations and good luck!

Here are the nominees:

Entertainer Of The Year
Jack DeKeyzer
Little Miss Higgins
Monkey Junk
Shakura S’Aida

Electric Act Of The Year
David Gogo
Garrett Mason
Jack DeKeyzer
Monkey Junk
The Twisters

Acoustic Act Of The Year
Big Dave McLean
Braithwaite & Whiteley
Harrison Kennedy
Harry Manx
Julian Fauth

Male Vocalist Of The Year
Harrison Kennedy
Jim Byrnes
John Mays (Fathead, Maple Blues Revue)
Paul Reddick
Steve Marriner (Monkey Junk)

Female Vocalist Of The Year
Jolene “Little Miss” Higgins
Roxanne Potvin
Shakura S'Aida
Suzie Vinnick
Treasa Levasseur

New Artist/Group Of The Year
Blues Delight
Clio & The Blues Highway
Ross Neilsen
Scott McCord & The Bonafide Truth

BB King International Artist Of The Year
John Mayall
Maria Muldaur
Taj Mahal
Tommy Castro
Watermelon Slim

Recording Of The Year
Twisters: Come Out Swingin' (NorthernBlues)
Harrison Kennedy: One Dog Barkin' (Electro-Fi)
Jeff Healey: Songs From The Road (Stony Plain)
Paul Reddick: SugarBird (NorthernBlues)
Monkey Junk: Tiger In Your Tank (Beefy)

Blues With A Feeling Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Alec Fraser
Chris Whiteley
Danny Brooks
Ellen McIlwaine
Joe Murphy
Ken Whiteley
Michael Fonfara
Paul James
Terry Wilkins
Tom Lavin

Guitarist Of The Year
Garrett Mason
Jack DeKeyzer
Steve Dawson (Jim Byrnes)
Steve Strongman
Tony D (Monkey Junk)

Harmonica Player Of The Year
Carlos Del Junco
David Hoerl (The Twisters)
David Rotundo
Jerome Godboo
Steve Marriner (Monkey Junk)

Piano/Keyboard Player Of The Year
Bill Stevenson (Easley Stevenson Arsenault)
Julian Fauth
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne
Lance Anderson
Michael Fonfara (Downchild, Maple Blues Revue)

Horn Player Of The Year
Al Lerman (Fathead, Maple Blues Revue)
Chris Murphy (Maple Blues Revue)
Chris Whiteley (Maple Blues Revue)
Johnny Ferreira
Pat Carey (Downchild, Maple Blues Revue)

Drummer Of The Year
Al Cross
Bucky Berger (Fathead)
Chris Nordquist
Geoff Arsenault (Easley Stevenson Arsenault)
Tom Bona (Raoul & The Big Time, Maple Blues Revue)

Bassist Of The Year
Alan Duffy (Jack DeKeyzer)
Alec Fraser (Broken Joe, Jeff Healey)
Gary Kendall (Downchild, Maple Blues Revue, Gary Kendall Band)
Keith Picot (The Twisters)
Tom Easley (Easley Stevenson Arsenault)

Songwriter Of The Year
Brandon Isaak (The Twisters)
Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite
Harrison Kennedy
Paul Reddick
Treasa Levasse

Monday, October 26, 2009

Performer of the Week: Rhythm and Bones

For the week of Halloween, we decided to showcase a rock band with a spooky name: Rhythm and Bones.

Their music is anything but scary though. The band's setlist includes hits from Clapton, the Stones, Stevie Ray, Van Morrison and even modern tunes by the Hip, Stone Temple Pilots, and many more. There's something for all tastes: rock, blues, and soul.

Hailing from the Hamilton/Burlington area, the foursome have been gigging for a while now.

Kevin MacLean with Craig and Colin Lapsley - Pheasant Plucker (Oct 25, 2009)

Left to Right: Colin Lapsley, Craig Lapsley, Kevin MacLean

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Friday, October 23, 2009

View Magazine Readers' Choice Awards

Congratulation to all the Gold and Silver winners in the View Magazine Reader's Choice Awards.

Click here for the full list.

Below are the music-related highlights.

Gold / Silver

Dean Lickyer / Lee Harvey Osmond

Female Artist
Ginger St James / Lori Yates

Male Artist
Tom Wilson / Tomi Swick

Recording Producer
Bob Doidge (Grant Ave) / Glenn Marshall (Vibewrangler)

Cover Band
Practically Hip / Freedom Train

Band Name
Rackula / Lee Harvey Osmond

Misc. Gold Winners:

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New Kim Lister CD: Can You Imagine?

Hamilton singer/songwriter Kim Lister's new CD, Can You Imagine? is filled with catchy songs, incredible vocals, and a lot of variety.

From the country sounds of Be My Baby Tonight, the blues boogie of Trouble, to the tender rhythms of Orphan and Same Old Me, this disc has a lot to offer. Pop, jazz, folk, country, rock and more keep the album fresh and unique.

Kim is backed up by Michael Birthelmer, who plays guitar on most tracka and co-produces the CD. Trickbag's Paul Panchezak (drums) and Michael Hickey (bass) also lend a hand on many tunes. Other guests include Ed Roth (organ), Frank Koren (guitar), Jesse O'Brien (keyboards), Joe Clark (mandolin), Alfie Smith (guitar), and others.

Below are a few videos from Kim's CD release party at This Ain't Hollywood on October 22, 2009. Click here if you can't see them.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Performer of the Week: Yitka Karlik

Born in the Czech Republic, Yitka Karlik has been playing in groups since the age of 16 and joined a professional band in Prague at 18. She immigrated to Canada in 1991.

Later, her adopted country got a taste of Yitka's musical talents. Her CD, Contradiction was nominated for a 2007 Hamilton Music Award (Folk/Traditional).

Yitka's enchanting work contains both modern folk/pop sensibilities and an old-world style sound. Her accent also adds to the exotic flavour.

You'll be able to hear her unique talents soon as she'll be visiting the Pearl Company on Nov. 13, 2009. Her CD is available at Dr. Disc, Cheapies, Crash Landing, Looney Tunes, and can be purchased online on CDBaby

Links: MySpace, YouTube

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Tiny Bill Cody and the Liquormen CD

Tiny Bill Cody is the wonderful musical alter-ego of writer and artist, Tor Lukasik-Foss. On his newest CD, he's aided and abetted by the Liquormen. Together, the band created a very unique album.

The songs on this disc are as alternative as you can get and still be in the roots music realm.

A cabaret/lounge sound permeates a few of the tunes (but always with with an experimental twist). You can find a little of everything here: rocking out, jazz, folk, pop, yodeling (yes - YODELING!) and more.

Lyricswise, Tiny Bill Cody shows a very sharp sense of humour and great songwriting ability.

If you want something different than the usual fare, pick up this CD from any of the band's shows or check out the web site.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Performer of the Week: Eddie's Club Blues

You'll never experience anything quite like Eddie's Club Blues. This two man band featuring musical vet, Ron Copple (guitar/vocals) and Ian Linton (Bass/Vocals) meld everything from dance beats, jazz sounds and funky stuff into classic blues standards.

The raw vocals hark back to old delta blues players but with a modern twist similar to what RL Burnside tried in the latter part of his career.

You can check them out yourself on Saturday, October 17 at the Winking Judge.

Steve Strongman - Slainte (October 11, 2009)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Harrison Kennedy CD: One Dog Barking

Recently, Hamilton Blues legend, Harrison Kennedy released his wonderful new CD, One Dog Barking.

While Kennedy continues the incredible country blues sound of his previous disc, High Country Blues, this current collection has more of an R&B sound to it. Great tunes like Leading Lady, Cry for Mother Africa, and What About Forgiving showcase his amazingly soulful voice.

Currently, you can purchase the CD at Picks N Sticks and Harrison's shows. Downloads are available at iTunes and e-music. Online retailers may offer it after Nov. 17, 2009

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Performer of the Week: Rocket '88

Burlington/Oakville group Rocket 88 play blues based rock classics from the Stones, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray, Clapton, ZZ Top and more. They can also kick out tunes from AC/DC, the Beatles, CCR, Steppenwolf and more.

Every member has over two decades of rockin' under their belt and the experience shows.

Click here to listen to their version Gimmie Some Lovin' - Click here for Joe Cocker's The Letter.

All samples courtesy of their site.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sue Sweetman and JP Riemens - Artword Artbar (Oct 2, 2009)

Sue Sweetman and JP Riemens were sometimes backed up by Joe Clark (mandolin/guitar/vocals) and Rocky Hill (bass)

Tripleplay Debut at the Casbah

On Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009, the blues band Tripleplay were introduced to the masses as they unleashed their good rockin' blues.

Tripleplay features Paul Lawrence on guitar and vocals (Big Trouble Band, Roughcut, Southbound), Bill Good on bass (Big Trouble Band, Silver Crickets) and Paul's daughter Megan on drums.

Check out their videos below. Click here if you can't see them.

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