Friday, October 23, 2009

New Kim Lister CD: Can You Imagine?

Hamilton singer/songwriter Kim Lister's new CD, Can You Imagine? is filled with catchy songs, incredible vocals, and a lot of variety.

From the country sounds of Be My Baby Tonight, the blues boogie of Trouble, to the tender rhythms of Orphan and Same Old Me, this disc has a lot to offer. Pop, jazz, folk, country, rock and more keep the album fresh and unique.

Kim is backed up by Michael Birthelmer, who plays guitar on most tracka and co-produces the CD. Trickbag's Paul Panchezak (drums) and Michael Hickey (bass) also lend a hand on many tunes. Other guests include Ed Roth (organ), Frank Koren (guitar), Jesse O'Brien (keyboards), Joe Clark (mandolin), Alfie Smith (guitar), and others.

Below are a few videos from Kim's CD release party at This Ain't Hollywood on October 22, 2009. Click here if you can't see them.


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