Sunday, March 19, 2023

Spring Begins! Videos by Sarah Harmer, Boxcar Ben, Diana Panton

Links: Sarah HarmerMore Sarah Harmer StoriesVideo above courtesy of Mysticlies

Links: Boxcar BenVideo above courtesy of Boxcar Ben

Links: Links: Diana PantonMore Diana Panton StoriesVideo above courtesy of Diana Panton - Topic

Music Listings March 20-23, 2023

Monday, March 20

7-10pm: Open Mic @ DeBar (Guelph) (Weekly)

7:30pm: Vocal Meditation with Jane Lewis on Zoom (Online) (Weekly) PWYC

8-11pm: Avenue Inn Duo @ Spyce Lounge (Niagara Falls) 

Tuesday, March 21

Before 8:00pm

7:30-10:30pm: Christopher Clause @ Thirsty Cactus (Dundas) (Weekly)

7:30-11:30pm: Open Mic @ Sip Club (Guelph) (Weekly)

7-10pm: Open Mic with Brennagh Burns @ Lukaya Cafe (Hamilton) (Weekly)

After 8:00pm

8-11pm: Brisco's Blues Revue @ Casbah Lounge (Hamilton) PWYC

8-11pm: Open Jam with the Boom Babiez @ Ale House (Hamilton) (Weekly)

8-11:30pm: Open Mic @ Bobby O'Brien's (Guelph) (Weekly)

8pm: Lori Yates on Facebook Live (Online) (Weekly)

9pm: American Ninja @ Spyce Lounge (Niagara Falls) 

10pm-2am: Josh McCabe @ McCabe's (Guelph) (Weekly)

Wednesday, March 22

5:30-7:30pm: Hamilton Music Networking Night @ Mills Hardware (Hamilton) FREE but should reserve

7-10pm: Open Mic @ The Bullring (Guelph) (Weekly)

7-10pm: Open Mic @ DeBar (Guelph) (Weekly)

After 8:00pm

8-12pm: Open Jam with Trevor Cobb @Frankie's (Brantford) (Weekly)

9pm: Alfie Smith @ The Judge (Hamilton) 

9pm-2am: Mike B (Test Icicles) @ Jimmy Jazz (Guelph) (Weekly)

10pm-2am: Open Stage @ NV (Guelph) (Weekly)

Thursday, March 23

#hblgigs #OntMusic #HamOnt #HamOntMusic

5-7:30pm: Ed Pizzo on Piano @ Spirit in Niagara (Niagara-on-the-Lake) (Weekly)

6pm: Paul Mallard @ Slye Fox (Burlington)

6-9pm: Open Mic @ Crystal Chandelier (Crystal Beach) (Weekly)

6-9pm: Lucas Stagg @ Aging Oak (Cambridge) (Weekly)

6:30-9:30pm: Stan Chang  @ Manhattans (Guelph)


7pm: James Sheehan @ Powerhouse (Stoney Creek)

7-10pm: Josh Coulter @ Judge & Jester (Grimsby) (Weekly)

7-9pm: Taylor Laslo @ Doc Magilligan's (Niagara Falls)

7-11pm: The Natrolites @ Spyce Lounge (Niagara Falls) 

7-11pm: Open Mic Night @ Royal City Studios (Guelph) (Weekly)

7-10pm: Felicia McMinn @ The Saloon (Port Rowan)

7-8pm: Marketing Plan Workshop for Musicians (Online) on Zoom FREE but must register

7:30-10:30pm: Mel Monaco @ Irish Harp (Niagara-on-the-Lake) 

After 8:00pm

Saturday, March 18, 2023

March 2023 Episode of 'Sold on Hamilton with Judy Marsales' featuring Don Oakie

The March 2023 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' radio show was broadcast on March 4, 2023 on CHML 900AM in Hamilton). This show features of James Meerveld of Danasy Lanscaping, Hamilton musician Don Oakie and Craig McLean from from Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd

This wonderful program is generally broadcast on the first Saturday on the month between 11am and 12pm. It is hosted by Judy Marsales, owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd (a proud HBL sponsor) and an amazing local music supporter. The program showcases the best and brightest citizens of the Hammer, including many musicians. Judy also discusses the Hamilton housing market.

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories

Links: Don Oakie, Video above courtesy of Don Oakie

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Happy St. Patrick's Day (Steve Sinnicks, Shananigans, Clefs of Moher)

Update of 2014 Post

Links: Steve Sinnicks, More Steve Sinnicks Stories, Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Links: ShananigansMore Shananigans StoriesVideo above courtesy of Shananigans

Links: Clefs of Moher, More Tim Moher Stories, More Overplayers Stories, Video above courtesy of Tim Moher

More St. Patrick's Day Videos 

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Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Throwback Thursday! Copperpenny, Teenage Head CNE Riot, Paul Langille Labatt's Commercial


From the Wikipedia

Copperpenny was a Canadian rock band from Kitchener, Ontario. They were formed in 1965 by Kenny Hollis and Rich Wamil, and were originally known as the Penny Farthings, to reflect the British Invasion. Not long after their formation they adopted Copperpenny as their new moniker, after a B-side by Toronto band The Paupers.

In 1968, the release of "Nice Girl" on Columbia Records garnered the group moderate success. They soon switched to RCA and enjoyed a minor hit with "Stop (Wait A Minute)." However, it was not until after they moved to Sweet Plum Records, a division of London Records, that they enjoyed their first major success.

"You're Still The One" was the band's first mainstream hit and the follow-up, 1973's "Sitting on a Poor Man's Throne," was recorded in Dearborn, Michigan, with Richard Becker.

Copperpenny continued to record as they toured the United States with Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, The Guess Who and Uriah Heep.

1975 saw them sign on with Capitol Records. They made several appearances on television shows such as "Keith Hampshire's Music Machine". Copperpenny even had a short-lived variety show that launched the career of a then unknown magician named Doug Henning.

During this period, they had continued success with the singles "Disco Queen", "Good Time Sally" and "Suspicious Love". They toured Canada in support of the Fuse album opening for the Swedish band Blue Swede. Their touring line-up included Mark Stephen Gendel on guitar, Bill Mair on bass and Jim Minas on Drums.

By the time their final record, Fuse, was released, most of the original members had already left the band. Rich Wamil supported the effort as Rich Wamil & Copperpenny, but the remaining band split up in 1978.

1980 Teenage Head CNE Riots

Paul Langille's Labatt's Blue Commerical

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

More 2023 Juno Winners

Below is the full Juno televised ceremony from March 13, 2023

Links: Juno AwardsMore Juno Stories, Video above courtesy of CBC Music

Here's the complete list of winners from that night:

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

From their website: We have been broadcasting over fifty radio shows weekly playing music by independent artists and have grown into a global community hub. We have been the voice of the artist to tens of thousands of listeners who tune in on a daily/weekly basis, bringing music to them that cannot be found on mainstream platforms.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

2023 Opening Night Juno Winners

The opening night of the 2023 Junos saw two local acts awarded with the coveted statuettes. The rest of the awards will be handed our at a televised ceremony on Monday, March 13 at 8pm on CBC.

Click below to see the Opening Night Ceremony.

Video above courtesy of CBC Music

Below is a complete list of winners. Local acts are bolded.

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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

Ken Wallis is an amazing local music supporter. He has a number of incredible radio shows 

Tuesdays: 4-5pm: Blues Source Canada w Ken Wallis @ INDI 101.5 FM & 5-6pm: Blues Source International w Ken Wallis @ INDI 101.5 FM

Talkin' Blues Podcast

Blues & Roots Radio