Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hamilton Blues Lovers Turns 7 Years Old!

A message from Lou, our blogger:

It was 7 years ago today (November 29) that I created a Kijiji ad announcing to the world that there was a new organization called the Hamilton Blues Lovers.  What started as a small social group evolved into a blog, Twitter feed, Facebook presence, YouTube page, a weekly e-mail newsletter and more.

One of the major highlights of the year was winning a the Hamilton Music Award for best website.  I am truly honoured!  Thank you to all who help support our website.

Another major change this year was the addition of Trebleclef, our cute little monkey mascot. He's been travelling the area meeting amazing musicians and attending spectacular venues!  I hope you've check out his adventures.

I plan to continue covering the wonderful musical scene that we are lucky enough to experience.  Thank you to all the friends I have met in my musical travels.  A special thank you to my beautiful wife Linda for her incredible marketing assistance was well as her love and support.  I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!!

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

GOOD LUCK! Waterloo's Western Swing Authority Nominated for Ameripolitan Music Awards! Vote for Them!

Waterloo's amazing band, The Western Swing Authority have been nominated in two categories (Western Swing Group and Western Swing Female) of the 2016 Ameripolitan Music Awards.  It's great seeing an incredible local band getting some international recognition!

From the awards website: The Ameripolitan Music Awards were created to benefit and acknowledge artists whose work does not readily conform to the tastes of today’s “country” or other music genres and organizations. It also provides fans with a means of finding these artists and their music.
Other Canadians in the running are London's Tara Dunphy for Honky Tonk Female, The Neon Stars from Vancouver (Rockabilly Group), Montreal's Bloodshot Bill (Outlaw Male) and Paul Pigat (Rockabilly Male, Musician), who's originally from Toronto and now lives on the West Coast. Former Canadian Redd Volkaert was nominated for Best Musician as well.

Video above courtesy of Tara Dunphy

Video above courtesy of TheNitroGrettsch

You can even help by voting for them by clicking here!  Voting ends December 26, 2015. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Here's a complete list of nominees

Western Swing Group
Western Swing Male
Honky Tonk Group
Honky Tonk Male
Rockabilly Female
Outlaw Group 
Outlaw Female
Blast from the Past: Members of WSA Win 2016 Canadian Country Music Awards

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

News Roundup (Christine Leakey, Ron Hynes Passes, Ian Reid, Cartoons)




The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

returned to the Black Swan in Burlington to see the James Anthony Band with the legendary Harrison Kennedy.


He also entered a contest from musician/realtor James Ferris of Judy Marsales Real Estate by posting a selfie.  HE WON A $20 COFFEE SHOP GIFT CERTIFICATE!  Click here to see how to enter.

Click here for more photos


On Sunday, our little monkey went to the Brantford Station House Gallery to see Ian Reid do an amazing show.  While there, he also checked out some great art by Heather Verplanke.

Ian Reid sings an ode to John Mann of Spirit of the West @ The Station Coffee House And Gallery #BrantfordOnMusic #BrantOnMusic
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hamilton's Human Orchestra Stretch the Boundaries on New Album

Earlier this year, Hamilton band, The Human Orchestra, released an astonishing self-titled full length album.  This recording is the very essence of alt-folk.  They manage to take the folk format and stretch the boundaries to new, incredible heights.

Unique vocals, artistic instrumentation and a splash of the experimental create something entirely original while still preserving its rootsy soul.  If you're looking for something unpredictable and full of energy - you've come to the right place.

You can order a physical CD at the band's magnificent live shows or download it using their Bandcamp page.

Blast from the Past: Human Orchestra on the Barber Shop Podcast

Links: The  Human OrchestraMore Human Orchestra Stories, Videos above courtesy of the Human OrchestraMore Releases

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Remarkable Live Album Captures Oakville's Mike Branton Band at Their Best!

Guaro De Contrebando captures a stunning night of Blues music by Oakville's Mike Branton Band at their hometown bar, the Moonshine Cafe.  That crowd was treated to a remarkable show and now you can share in the fun!

The power trio of Mike along with Wayne DeAdder (bass), Shawn Abedin (drums) are at their best.  The guys serve up hot, funky, sometimes jazzy versions of Blues classics like Rollin' and Tumblin, Spoonful , Mellow Down Easy, and many more.

This Moonshine Records records release can be purchase at Mike's explosive live shows and at the Moonshine Cafe as well.  It's available as a download through cdbaby too.

Blast from the Past: Mike Plays With Michael Pickett and the Mighty Duck Blues Band

Links: Mike BrantonMore Mike Branton StoriesVideo above courtesy of BluesInBronteMore Releases

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hamilton's Justin Sawicki Infuses New Album With Americana, Blues, Folk and Modern Touches

Justin Sawicki has opted for a folkier, bluesier Americana sound on his sophomore self-titled album and the transformation is amazing!  The talented Hamilton singer/songwriter infuses the countrified melodies with a modern, almost alternative aura.

Justin doesn't shy away from either the traditional or the contemporary.  Choosing elements that fit each song  - the selection always works extremely well.  The album runs the emotional gamut as well: good time rhythms share space with heartbreak, melancholia and more.

Joining Justin on this musical excursion is Dan Rodrigues (guitars), Eric Thachuk (bass), Andrew Barbisan (drums, vocals, lap steel), and Erin Aurich (fiddle).  They help flesh out this wonderful sound.

The physical CD should be coming out soon and you can pick it up at his CD Release at the  Artword Artbar in Hamilton on Friday December 11, 2015.  It can also be downloaded now via cdbaby or iTunes.

Blast from the Past: Justin's Debut CD

Links: Justin SawickiMore Justin Sawicki Stories, Videos above courtesy of Justin SawickiMore Releases

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

News Roundup (Sloppy Jalopy, HIMA Nominees, Marty Allen, Lots of Monkey Business)




Hamilton Independent Media Award Nominees
(music-related ones are below)

Media Outlet

Journalist - Arts and Culture

The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

went to the Collective Arts Brewing open house. The Hamilton company teams up with the artistic community to create wonderful products.


He also checked out Duane Rutter and Andrew Aldridge w Leonard Burns and Dell at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton

Click here for more photos from the event

Duane's videos from the show

Leonard Burns and Dell videos from the Show


Then he attended the wonderful Mike Branton Sunday matinee at Fionn MacCool's Burlington and picked up a copy of Mike's latest amazing CD!


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Links: Marty AllenMore Marty Allen StoriesVideo above courtesy of Matt Groopie

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

St. Catharines Songstress Angela Siracusa Hits a Home Run on New EP!

St. Catharines songstress Angela Siracusa has hit a home run with her newest EP, Be Kind.  It's filled to the brim with excellent, well-made tunes that will beg for repeat listens.

While mostly in the singer/songwriter vein, Angela embellishes the tracks with country, soul, pop, rock and even a little funk for good measure.  Her musical explorations make this recording a wonder to listen to.

Aiding Angela on this marvelous endeavor is Jim Casson (who also prodcues), Steve Goldberger and Gayle Ackroyd.  They definitely add a lot of lair to this already incredible project!

The EP is available as a download off her website (click here to listen too).

Blast from the Past: Angela Siracusa Video and more

Links: Angela SiracusaMore Angela Siracusa StoriesMore Releases

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trebleclef Reminds You to Please Help Local Charities

Santa agrees with Trebleclef: Please help local charities this Christmastime
As the holiday season approaches, there will be many incredible charity events to attend.  Please remember those less fortunate at this time of year.

Trebleclef, our little monkey mascot, has been experiencing a number of such special occasions and he encourages everyone to attend a few as well.  It'll make ya feel good there's some amazing music sometimes.

For example, there was Share the Warmth, a wonderful winter clothing drive that had a number of remarkable local musicians playing at Gallagher's in Hamilton.

All winter clothing went to the Good Shepherd Centre.  Check them out if you'd like to donate or volunteer.

With Greg Brisco and Friend
Hangin' with Tomi Swick
Click here for more photos of the event.

Shari Dunn and Jonny Kerr (and friends) play Lost in the Light (by Bahamas) at Share the Warmth at Gallagher's Shari Dunn, Jonny Kerr, Tomi Swick, Justin Dunlop, Deeps (mostly off camera playing piano)
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Click here if you can't see the video above

The 'Share the Warmth' performers jam to 'The Weight' by the Band! Shari Dunn and Jonny Kerr, Shari Dunn, Jonny Kerr, Mark Crissinger, Shelby Kerr, Tomi Swick, Deeps, Greg Brisco, Justin Dunlop
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Click here if you can't see the video above

Links: Shari and Jonny, Tomi Swick, Mark Crissinger, Deeps, Justin Dunlop, Stumbleweed, Greg Brisco, More Stories/Covers of the Band, Videos above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous


Also, Elyse, the daughter of Hamilton musician Kevin MacLean, had a beautiful, unique  7th birthday celebration at Delta High School.  Instead of receiving gifts, the event was to collect toys for the Y108 Children's Fund.  There were tons of activities, food and even Santa popped by.  Great job Elyse - you should be proud.

Elyse and her proud papa, Kevin Maclean
Click here for more information on the Children's Fund.

Click here for more photos of the event.

Click here for a listing of local charities.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ensemble! on Cable 14 Accepting Entries for TV Show Theme!

Would you like to be a composer of TV theme song? Here is your chance!

The popular Ensemble! TV show is preparing for its 4th season on Cable 14 in Hamilton! They're collecting recordings from musicians with original music to play on the intro and outro of Ensemble! The chosen artist will receive credit and have their entry played on all Season 4 Ensemble! shows.

As an added bonus, we here at the Hamilton Blues Lovers will offer the selected artist some extra promo on our web page.  We'll create a blog post showcasing your videos and place an ad for your shows and/or latest CD on our site for a month!

Please check out the Ensemble! intro graphic video below and submit your music indicating the intro and outro music selected (about 30 seconds each)

Please contact Linda with your entries at by November 27th, 2015

Click here if you can't see the video above.

Click here to see the winner

Links: Ensemble!, More Ensemble Stories

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sounds of Cambridge, Vol. 1 An Unbelievably Good Introduction to the Local Scene

Our friends over at Cambridge Live Music have released Sounds of Cambridge, Vol. 1, the first in a (hopefully long) series of amazing compilations.  It's a fabulous showcase of the wonderful musical talent in that area.  Spanning a number of genres and boasting a mix of new and old tracks, the CD makes an unbelievably good introduction to the local scene.

From the website: "An independent jury of industry professionals had the unenviable, and daunting task of narrowing the submissions down to the final 19 songs presented here. This CD is not intended to represent a cross section of the Cambridge music scene; but it is a tasty sampler of some of the music that's getting played around town most weekends by these very talented artists."

CDs and downloads are available at the Sounds of Cambridge web store.

Discs can also be picked up at:

Here is a complete track listing with performer credits:

1. Factory City: Mermaid
Guest: Emily Barkley (vocals)

Links: Video above courtesy of Factory City

2. Shae Dupuy: Breakdown
Guests: Chris Byrne (bass), Chad Melchert (drums), Mike Little (keyboard), Russel Broom (electric guitar), Johnny Gasparic (lap steel)

Links: More Shae Dupuy Stories, Video above courtesy of Shae Dupuy

3. Mo' Kauffey: Scramble
Guests: Kent MacMillan (guitars and percussion), Peter Turpin (bass), Ryan McAdam (drums)

4. Dan Walsh: Naked Emperor

5. Gary Cain: Pipes and Spoons

6. Jesse Parent: Let It Go
Guests: Matt McLeod (bass), Chad Davis (drums), Nick Barkley (keyboards)

7. Natalie Martin of Sarcastic Onions: Benji Boy
Guest: Danny Spence of Sarcastic Onions (guitar)

8. Mother West Wind's Animal Friends - Cold Cold Winter

9. Ben Moore: Synchronicity

10. Tanya Marie Harris: Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend
Guests: Andy Hull (drums), Jim Hyatt (bass), Buddy Hyatt (keys), Jeff King (guitar), Joe Spivey (guitar), Kelly Schoenfeld (background vocals)

Links: Video above courtesy of Tanya Marie Harris

11. Robert "Bobby" Cameron: The Light
Guests: Richard MacNeil (cajon), Dan Walsh (multiple instruments)

12. Lucas Stagg Group: Lost and Found
Guest: Tanya Philipovich (harmony vocal)

13. The Initials: I Ain't Waitin'

14. 7T8: Rebirth

15. Broad and Narrow: That Ain't Love

16. The Sarcastic Onions: Bad to the Phone

17. CounterWait: Get Out

18. Terns: No Place for a Heart

19. Danny Spence of Sarcastic Onions: Cretin Girl
Guest Ron Roy of  of Sarcastic Onions (drums)

Click here for more releases

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

News Roundup (Dougy Flyswatter, Mark Crissinger, John DeMarchi, Frank Koren)

Brevity by Dan Thompson




The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

Trebleclef  had some fun in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Believe me, I'm not that tasty!
Dinosaur Adventure Golf
I gotta lay off  the banana sundaes!
Guinness World Records Museum
I love your movies!
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Click here for more pictures of his trip.


He also went to see The Sil Simone Band with special guest Mark Crissinger at the Black Swam in Burlington

Mark Crissinger
Sil Simone

Mark Crissinger with the Sil Simone Band: I Love Your Soul @ Carrigan Arms #BurlOnMusic
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Click here for more photos from the event

Links: Mark CrissingerMore Mark Crissinger Stories, Video above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CONGRATS! Elora's Kevin Breit Brings Home a Canadian Folk Music Award!

Elora singer/songwriter Kevin Breit took home a Canadian Folk Music Award on November 8, 2015 at a ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta.  He was recognized for his incredible originality by winning in the Pushing the Boundaries category.  CONGRATS!

Links: Kevin BreitMore Kevin Breit StoriesVideo above courtesy of Trask2705

There were two multiple-award winners that night.  Newfoundland's Amelia Curran won for English Songwriter and Contemporary Singer. PEI's Catherine MacLellan took home the top Solo Artist and Contemporary Album prizes

Links: Amelia CurranMore Amelia Curran StoriesVideo above courtesy of Six Shooter Records

Links: Catherine MacLellan, More Catherine Maclellan StoriesVideo above courtesy of Catherine MacLellan

Click here for the CBC story.

Here is the complete list of winners
Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Burlington's Jerry Johnson Impresses With 'Listen to That Howlin' Wind'

No one can make a guitar sing like Burlington axe-slinger Jerry Johnson.  His newest CD, Listen to That Howlin' Wind shows him at his best.  Whether it's loud, hard rockin' numbers or slow, elegant tunes, Jerry proves he's a talented, creative pro!

His vocals punctuate songs wonderfully.  There are also quite a few impressive instrumentals that showcase different facets of his skill.  The man can handle, funk, soul and catchy rhythms.

Jerry's backed up by the legendary Steve Negus of Saga on drums and Garvey Crescent on bass.  They add amazing flourishes to these incredible tracks.

If you'd like a copy of this masterful CD, go to one of his incendiary live shows or drop him an email.

Blast from the Past: Jerry's CD - Barber's Chair

Links: Jerry JohnsonMore Jerry Johnson Stories, More Releases, Video above courtesy of Tambourini

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

News Roundup (Frank Koren, Kauffey Temple, Jack de Keyzer, Spencer MacKenzie)




The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

Trebleclef celebrated Devil's Night with Kauffey Temple and the Bent Bugle Band @ Warmington's in Brantford.

Elvis was in the building!
Harmonica master and vocalist Peter Temple

Mo' Kauffey & Peter Temple w Bent Bugle Band (Stephen Boyd & Tom Wells)
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Links: Kauffey Temple More Mo' Kauffey StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous, Click here to donate to Mo's Fund

Click here for more pictures of the event.


As for Halloween, our little monkey went to Donnelly's in Thorold to check out Jack de Keyzer and Friends with the wonderful Spencer MacKenzie joining for a few tracks.

Left to right Jack de Keyzer, Steve Barnes, Neil Nickafor, Brad Krauss, Bill Holinaty

Jack de Keyzer, Brad Krauss, Neil Nickafor, Steve Barnes & Bill Holinaty perform an amazing instrumental
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Monday, November 2, 2015

Links: Jack de KeyzerMore Jack De Keyzer StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

Spencer Mackenzie blew us away with his incredible vocals and guitar playing

Spencer Mackenzie, Jack de Keyzer, Neil Nickafor, Steve Barnes & Bill Holinaty cover Dylan
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Links: Spencer MacKenzie, More Spencer Mackenzie StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous