Friday, November 13, 2015

Sounds of Cambridge, Vol. 1 An Unbelievably Good Introduction to the Local Scene

Our friends over at Cambridge Live Music have released Sounds of Cambridge, Vol. 1, the first in a (hopefully long) series of amazing compilations.  It's a fabulous showcase of the wonderful musical talent in that area.  Spanning a number of genres and boasting a mix of new and old tracks, the CD makes an unbelievably good introduction to the local scene.

From the website: "An independent jury of industry professionals had the unenviable, and daunting task of narrowing the submissions down to the final 19 songs presented here. This CD is not intended to represent a cross section of the Cambridge music scene; but it is a tasty sampler of some of the music that's getting played around town most weekends by these very talented artists."

CDs and downloads are available at the Sounds of Cambridge web store.

Discs can also be picked up at:

Here is a complete track listing with performer credits:

1. Factory City: Mermaid
Guest: Emily Barkley (vocals)

Links: Video above courtesy of Factory City

2. Shae Dupuy: Breakdown
Guests: Chris Byrne (bass), Chad Melchert (drums), Mike Little (keyboard), Russel Broom (electric guitar), Johnny Gasparic (lap steel)

Links: More Shae Dupuy Stories, Video above courtesy of Shae Dupuy

3. Mo' Kauffey: Scramble
Guests: Kent MacMillan (guitars and percussion), Peter Turpin (bass), Ryan McAdam (drums)

4. Dan Walsh: Naked Emperor

5. Gary Cain: Pipes and Spoons

6. Jesse Parent: Let It Go
Guests: Matt McLeod (bass), Chad Davis (drums), Nick Barkley (keyboards)

7. Natalie Martin of Sarcastic Onions: Benji Boy
Guest: Danny Spence of Sarcastic Onions (guitar)

8. Mother West Wind's Animal Friends - Cold Cold Winter

9. Ben Moore: Synchronicity

10. Tanya Marie Harris: Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend
Guests: Andy Hull (drums), Jim Hyatt (bass), Buddy Hyatt (keys), Jeff King (guitar), Joe Spivey (guitar), Kelly Schoenfeld (background vocals)

Links: Video above courtesy of Tanya Marie Harris

11. Robert "Bobby" Cameron: The Light
Guests: Richard MacNeil (cajon), Dan Walsh (multiple instruments)

12. Lucas Stagg Group: Lost and Found
Guest: Tanya Philipovich (harmony vocal)

13. The Initials: I Ain't Waitin'

14. 7T8: Rebirth

15. Broad and Narrow: That Ain't Love

16. The Sarcastic Onions: Bad to the Phone

17. CounterWait: Get Out

18. Terns: No Place for a Heart

19. Danny Spence of Sarcastic Onions: Cretin Girl
Guest Ron Roy of  of Sarcastic Onions (drums)

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