Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hamilton's Justin Sawicki Infuses New Album With Americana, Blues, Folk and Modern Touches

Justin Sawicki has opted for a folkier, bluesier Americana sound on his sophomore self-titled album and the transformation is amazing!  The talented Hamilton singer/songwriter infuses the countrified melodies with a modern, almost alternative aura.

Justin doesn't shy away from either the traditional or the contemporary.  Choosing elements that fit each song  - the selection always works extremely well.  The album runs the emotional gamut as well: good time rhythms share space with heartbreak, melancholia and more.

Joining Justin on this musical excursion is Dan Rodrigues (guitars), Eric Thachuk (bass), Andrew Barbisan (drums, vocals, lap steel), and Erin Aurich (fiddle).  They help flesh out this wonderful sound.

The physical CD should be coming out soon and you can pick it up at his CD Release at the  Artword Artbar in Hamilton on Friday December 11, 2015.  It can also be downloaded now via cdbaby or iTunes.

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