Sunday, November 8, 2015

Burlington's Jerry Johnson Impresses With 'Listen to That Howlin' Wind'

No one can make a guitar sing like Burlington axe-slinger Jerry Johnson.  His newest CD, Listen to That Howlin' Wind shows him at his best.  Whether it's loud, hard rockin' numbers or slow, elegant tunes, Jerry proves he's a talented, creative pro!

His vocals punctuate songs wonderfully.  There are also quite a few impressive instrumentals that showcase different facets of his skill.  The man can handle, funk, soul and catchy rhythms.

Jerry's backed up by the legendary Steve Negus of Saga on drums and Garvey Crescent on bass.  They add amazing flourishes to these incredible tracks.

If you'd like a copy of this masterful CD, go to one of his incendiary live shows or drop him an email.

Blast from the Past: Jerry's CD - Barber's Chair

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