Thursday, July 30, 2015

News Roundup (Hailee Rose, Barn Katz, David Lum, Rita Chiarelli)

Legendary drumstick maker, Vic Firth passes.
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The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CONGRATS: Joel Johnson and Jane Lewis Win Independent Music Awards!

The judges have spoken in the 14th Independent Music Awards and two local acts have received-much deserved accolades.   Ohsweken Bluesman, Joel Johnson got the Best Blues Album award for Blues Joose, Vol. 2 and Guelph singer/songwriter, Jane Lewis earned the Best Cover Song award for her rendition of the Beatles' Come Together.

Artists from around the world are nominated for these prestigious awards.  It's great to see talented area musicians shine in the international spotlight!

Hopefully, they haven't finished winning either because there's a people's choice portion of the awards.  You can vote for the nominees by clicking here.  Joel is also nominated in the Blues Song category for I'll Be Just Fine. Deadline is September 11, 2015. Good Luck!

Links: Joel JohnsonMore Joel Johnson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Andrea Cassis

Links: Jane LewisMore Jane Lewis StoriesVideo above courtesy of Jane Lewis

Here are a few highlights from the winners list:

  • Blues - Joel JohnsonBlues Joose, Vol. 2
  • Alt. Country - Marta Pacek: Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms

    Video above courtesy of Marta Pacek

  • Americana - The Amigos: Diner In The Sky
  • Bluegrass - The Seldom Scene: Long Time...Seldom Scene
  • Country - Jodee Lewis: Whiskey Halo 
  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter - Dawn Landes: Bluebird
  • Funk/Fusion/Jam - Brownman Electryc Trio: Gravitation: A Study In Freefall
  • Jazz Instrumental  - Simon Phillips: Protocol 2 
  • Jazz With Vocals - The Lost Jazz Ensemble: The Lost American JazzBook

  • Cover Song - Jane Lewis: Come Together
  • Alt. Country - Mayfield: When I Last Saw You
  • Americana - Sleepy Man: Flesh and Bones
  • Bluegrass - The Seldom Scene - Mean Mother Blues
  • Blues - Hamish Anderson: Burn
  • Country - Jodee Lewis: From a Bottle
  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter - Elizabeth and The Catapult: Someday Soon
  • Funk/Fusion/Jam - George and The Good Vibes: Haklaut
  • Jazz Instrumental - Pascal Le Boeuf: What Your Teacher…
  • Jazz With Vocals - KJ Denhert: Beautiful
  • Jazz - Joy and Madness: The EP
  • Roots/Country -  The Show Ponies: Run For Your Life
Click here for the complete winners listing

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

'Oh Surround Me' by Kitchener's Luke Michielsen is Remarkable and Astonishing

Kitchener singer/songwriter Luke Michielsen has a lot to draw listeners in on his new album, Oh Surround Me.  You'll hear some astonishing, first-class, poppy, alt-folk.

With his expressive voice and wonderful musical skills, Luke creates accessible, modern, acoustic folk with an artistic edge.  The remarkable, poetic lyrics also separates it from the pack.

Both the CD or download is available through his Bandcamp page.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen


Some recordings escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

In 2011, Luke released the 5 song EP, Meddle in the Natural Order.  With more of a raw sound (basically voice and guitar), it has more of an organic, sparse sound that works superbly.  It's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen

The 2008 album, Burn to the Ground, finds Luke's voice in fine form with more poppy alt-folk (with a little touch of Americana this time).  You can get this via Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen

Links: Luke MichielsenMore Releases

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hamilton's Amber Edgar Stirs the Senses With "Good Will Rise'

Exquisitely layered and emotive, Good Will Rise, the four song EP from Hamilton singer/songwriter, Amber Edgar, will stir the senses.  Lyrically and musically, the recording's very well-crafted and inspiring.

With an almost cinematic flair, each alt-folk/pop tune paints a mental picture of mourning, loss and redemption.  Though sometimes dark, Amber manages to inject the songs with a bit hope and meaning as well.

Helping along the way are Adam Bentley and Anna Jarvis (formerly of The Rest), Bill Majoros of Foreign Films, Troy DowdingKarijn DeJong, Kori Pop, and Jordon Mitchell.  They make amazing contributions to the stunning density and artistry of the sound.

The EP is available through her Bandcamp page.

Video above courtesy of Amber Edgar


Some recordings escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

Amber released the Honey and Sorrow single in 2013.  Both the main song and the "B-Side" Troubles, are infectious numbers featuring her wonderful lyrics.  It's available via Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of HolaHamOnt

Blast from the Past: Amber Performs on Kori Pop EP

Links: Amber Edgar, More Amber Edgar StoriesMore Releases

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

News Roundup (Remembering Bill Kerr, Human Race, Funny Stuff, Courtney Hrach)

Remembering Bill Kerr

Bill Kerr was a huge supporter of the Hamilton Music Scene and was also the income tax man for many local performers.  He was a beloved figure of the area music industry.  Unfortunately, Bill passed away on June 27, 2015.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

Click here for his obituary.

Click here for photos from the concert in his honor on July 22, 2015 featuring Hamilton's biggest music stars.




Funny Stuff

Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip

From the article 'Weirdest Moral Panics Ever' WARNING! MATURE CONTENT!

The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kitchener's Richard Garvey Creates Pleasant, Inviting Album

Where Fools Gather, the latest album from Kitchener's Richard Garvey strikes a pleasant balance between good-time, friendly folk and ethereal, graceful, artistic numbers.  There's definitely something for everyone here.

Always well-written, the recording has an organic, welcoming feel that invites the listener to get lost in the moment.  Whether's it's dancing to the great banjo/mandolin/fiddle playing or hearing Richard's sometimes ghostly vocals spirit you away, every song will affect you.

Richard has a lot of stunning help from his friends.  They include Julia Narveson, Buck Thompson, Dan Henshall, Dave Soehner, Laura Dyck, Rachel Bruch, Eric Johnson-Scherger, Kate Romain, Richard Driedger, Dan Belgue, Josef Bell, and Jess Spencer.  Backing vocals by Celidh Barker, Laura Ashfield, Marina Marina, and Bill Howard.

Physical CD's are available at his wonderful live shows and through his Bandcamp page (you can download it there too).

Video above courtesy of Richard Garvey


Some recordings escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

Richard's 2014 release, Happy Go Lucky (Go F%$k Yourself) is a mostly light hearted EP that'll get your toes  a' tapping.  It's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Richard Garvey

2013's EP, Listen, features Richard with a sparse sound that will enchant you with it's beautiful simplicity. His amazing voice is at its most expressive here.  The recording's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Dave Pike

Links: Richard GarveyMore Releases

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

GOOD LUCK! Local Artists Continue to Earn Nominations for the Canadian Country Music Awards

Once again, quite a number of talented area performers have been nominated for Canadian Country Music Awards.

St. Catharines boy Tim Hicks has been (justifiably) raking in the awards and nomination for a while now and he continues to do so.  Last time, he even won the Rising Star award.  Now, he's up for Male Artist, Album, Interactive Artist plus his album 5:01 is in the running for Album Design and Producer.

Links: Tim HicksMore Tim Hicks StoriesVideo above courtesy of Tim Hicks.

Burlington singer/songwriter, Tebey also has quite a bit of an awards collection himself and he's hoping to expand it.  This year, he's been nominated for Producer of the Year.

Waterloo's Western Swing Authority and their members were nominated in 2014 and they repeat the honour in 2015.  The band will be vying for the Roots Artist category. WSA players Ed (Peewee Charles) Ringwald and Shane Guse are up for a few as well: Ed for Steel Guitar and Shane for both Fiddle and Special Instrument.  Both won last year as well.

Also from Waterloo, Jason Barry, a multiple CCMA winner, has been nominated for Guitar of the Year.

Links: Jamie WarrenVideo above courtesy of Marti Clayton (Jason is on  guitar)

Kitchener session player Scott Galloway has received the nod for Best Keyboards too.

Links: Stacey Kaniuk, Video above courtesy of Stacey Kaniuk (Scott is on piano)

Click here for the results!

Here's a list of some of the nominees:

  • Tim Hicks
  • Dean Brody
  • Dallas Smith
  • Brett Kissel
  • Gord Bamford
  • Tim Hicks5:01
  • High Valley: County Line
  • Dean Brody: Gypsy Road
  • Dallas Smith: Lifted
  • Jess Moskaluke: Light Up The Night
  • Tim Hicks
  • Leah Daniels
  • High Valley
  • Brett Kissel
  • Twin Kennedy
  • Tim Hicks5:01
  • Chad Brownlee: The Fighters 
  • Dean Brody: Gypsy Road
  • MacKenzie Porter
  • The Boom Chucka Boys: Ramble
  • Jeff Coplan (Tim Hicks5:01)
  • Danick Dupelle/ Tebey Ottoh (Tebey: Two)
  • Gord Bamford (The Boom Chucka Boys: Ramble)
  • Jason Blaine/ Deric Ruttan (Jason Blaine: Country Side - Single)
  • Joey Moi (Dallas Smith: Lifted)
  • Shane Guse (Western Swing Authority) (Mandolin)
  • Dave Barber (GB Roots) (Banjo) 
  • Shane Chisholm (Gastank Bass)
  • Robin Pelletier (Gord Bamford) (Mandolin)
  • Tyler Vollrath (Mandolin)
  • Jason Barry
  • Ryan Davidson
  • Matt McKay
  • Mitch Merrett
  • Darren Savard (Derric Ruttan)
  • Scott Galloway
  • Mike Little
  • Bart McKay
  • Carly McKillip
  • Dale Wallace (Emerson Drive)
  • Paul Brandt
  • Dean Brody
  • Gord Bamford
  • Dallas Smith
  • Johnny Reid
  • Jess Moskaluke
  • Terri Clark
  • Mackenzie Porter
  • Kira Isabella
  • Beverley Mahood
  • Autumn Hill
  • Boom Chucka Boys
  • High Valley
  • The Road Hammers
  • Small Town Pistols
  • Brett Kissel: 3-2-1
  • Dean Brody: Another Mans’ Gold
  • Jess Moskaluke: Cheap Wine and Cigarettes
  • Dallas Smith: Wastin’ Gas
  • Gord Bamford: Where a Farm Used to Be
  • Jason Blaine: Country Side
  • Dean Brody; Upside Down
  • Brett Kissel: Tough People Do
  • Gord Bamford: Where A Farm Used To Be
  • MacKenzie Porter: If You Asked Me To
  • Wes Mack: Before You Drive Me Crazy (co-written with Micah Wilshire and  Rick Ferrell)
  • Jason Blaine: Country Side (co-written with Deric Ruttan)
  • Bobby Wills: Never Didn’t Love You (co-written  with Walt Aldridge, Michael Pyle)
  • Dea Brody: Upside Down
  • Gord Bamford: Where A Farm Used To Be (Co-written with Buddy Owens and Phil O’Donnell)
  • Jason Benoit
  • Lindsay Broughton
  • Leah Daniels
  • Lindsay Ell
  • Tristan Horncastle
  • Jordan McIntosh
  • Madeline Merlo
  • Steven Lee Olsen
  • Chris Byrne (Road Hammers)
  • Scott Cooke (Dallas Smith)
  • Lisa Dodd
  • Justin Kudding
  • Travis Switzer
  • Ben Bradley
  • Stephen Broadhurst
  • Corbett Frasz
  • Chad Melchert
  • Ben Shillabeer (The Boom Chucka Boys)

Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

Links: Canadian Country Music AssociationMore CCMA Stories

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Guelph's Jason Raso Shows His Bass Mastery on 'Man of 40 Faces'

Guelph bassist Jason Raso is a man who has beautifully mastered his instrument.  You need to look no further than his latest album, Man of 40 Faces.  This mostly solo, instrumental recording will marvel you with just how much musical texture one bass can handle.

Each song has it's own special mood.  Cinematic, classical, bluesy, jazzy and all stylistic points in between are handled exceptionally well.

Jason is joined on a few tracks by fellow bassist Alain Caron, trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and vibraphonist Francesco Pinetti.  They match his amazing dexterity with their instruments.

So go ahead and pick up a CD though his live shows or his online shop,  It can also be downloaded via that same shop or using iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Jason Raso


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

In 2013, his Jason Raso Quartet released Slingshot, a funky, swinging, good time collection of instrumental wizardry.    Joined by Thomas Hammerton (keys), Adam Bowman (drums) and Brent Rowan (sax), Jason and the gang know how to groove.  It's available as a CD or download at his online shop.  A digital version is available at iTunes as well.

Video above courtesy of Jason Raso

Jason unleashed his album Red Arrow in 2011.  With the help of Tony Monaco (B3 Organ), Richard Underhill of the Shuffle Demons (sax), Ted Warren (drums) and Francesco Pinetti (vibraphone) the bassist created an amazing mix of slinky, smooth, jazzy and bluesy instrumentals.  You can purchase it through his online shop, cdbaby, eMusic, or iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Jason Raso

Links: Jason Raso, More Jason Raso StoriesMore Releases

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

News Roundup (Shakers, Betty Supple, Famous Framus)


Trebleclef  went to the It's Your Festival @ Gage Park in Hamilton 

While there, he met up with Maggie Ciere, musician and owner of, a great place to buy music merch and get anything printed on anything!

Trebleclef also listened to Big Sugar

Our little monkey even got a chance to hang out with his stuffed peeps!


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Links: Famous Framus, More Famous Framus Stories Video above courtesy of Paul Botos

Sunday, July 12, 2015

GOOD LUCK! Derek Miller and Ghost Town Orchestra Honoured with Indigenous Music Award Nominations! VOTE NOW!

Oshweken Bluesman Derek Miller and Brantford hard rockers Ghost Town Orchestra will be up for 2015 Indigenous Music Awards (formerly known as the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards).  Derek is honoured for his show, Guilt Free Zone in the TV program category and GTO (who won for best Rock CD last year) are nominated for Best Duo/Group and Producer/Engineer.

Hopefully they'll be coming home with some hardware on September  13, 2015 In Winnipeg.  You can vote for your favourites by clicking here.  GOOD LUCK GUYS!

Links: Derek MillerMore Derek Miller Stories, Video above courtesy of Eagle Bear

Links: Ghost Town OrchestraMore GTO StoriesVideo above courtesy of Layla Black

Here are a few highlights:

Duo or Group
Television Program/Promotion of Indigenous Music
Folk/Acoustic CD
  • Cary Morin: Tiny Town
  • Chelsey June: Finding Me
  • Jason Burnstick and Nadine L'Hirondelle: Wrapped In Daisies
  • Joseph Strider: Carbon 14
  • Kelly Jackson: Renitions of the Soul
  • Armond Duck Chief
  • Jason Burnstick and Nadine L'Hirondelle
  • Joseph Strider
  • Lightning Cloud
  • Tomson Highway
  • Will Belcourt and the Hollywood Indians
Country CD
  • Armond Duck Chief: The One
  • Bob E. Lee West: The Tree
  • Jody Thomas Gaskin: Born On The Rezz
  • Kimberley Dawn: Til the Cowboys Come Home
  • Thelma Cheechoo: Stay
Click here for the full list

Blast from the Past: Ghost Town Orchestra Win Last Year

Links: The Indigenous Music AwardsMore IMA stories

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Friday, July 10, 2015

News Roundup (Dundas Music Club, Shakers, Ian Andrews, Tiny Bill Cody)


Trebleclef checked out Junkhouse @ The Brantford Canada Day Celebrations


He also went to the Forbes Park Music Festival in Cambridge and met up with Lucas Stagg.

Recently Added

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  • Ron MacDonald (New XStatix)
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Featured Video

Links: Tiny Bill Cody - More Tiny Bill Cody Stories, Video above courtesy of Scotty Bakalar

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kitchener's Jesse Parent Has New Album with an Amazing Lush Soundscape!

About Time, the latest wonderful CD from Kitchener's Jesse Parent has an amazing lush soundscape.   It's filled with Americana music injected with a modern sensibility.  Rollicking and rootsy, the album hits all the right spots.

With a clear, crisp sound, you can appreciate the impressive songcraft that went into the collection.  Musically and lyrically, it's extremely well done.

You can pick up this incredible CD at Jesse's live shows and his online shop or download it via eMusic/iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Jesse Parent


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

2012's This Uncertainty, is more of a harder rockin' recording.  The energy's high on this one and will get your blood pumping.  It can be downloaded through iTunes or ordered using his online shop.

Video above courtesy of Jesse Parent

His self-titled EP (released in 2009) features a folkier sound packed with catchy hooks.  This is also available through  iTunes and his online shop.

Video above courtesy of Jesse Parent

Blast from the Past: Jesse Parent on Ensemble! TV Show

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

GOOD LUCK! Local Artists Nominited in 2015 Now Readers' Choice Awards! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVES!

The voting has started on Toronto Alternative paper Now Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards.  A number of area acts are nominated for a few spots.

Blue Rodeo (a group which includes Hamilton's Colin Cripps on guitar) is up for Best Band.  

Links: Blue RodeoMore Blue Rodeo StoriesVideo above courtesy of Quimiqua

Waterloo's Soulstack is in the running for Best New Act.

Links: SoulStackMore Soulstack StoriesVideo above courtesy of Soulstack

Also, a Best Songwriter nod went to Oakville singer songwriter Patrick Ballantyne.

Links: Patrick BallantyneMore Patrick Ballantyne StoriesVideo above courtesy of rdm dm

Please vote for your favourites at this link. Deadline is September 18 and the results will be released on November 5, 2015.


Here is a partial list of nominees

Best Band
  • Blue Rodeo
  • Alvvays
  • Bellwoods
  • Born Ruffians
  • Fucked Up
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra
  • Metz
  • Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar
  • The Do Good Assassins
  • The Sadies
Best New Act
  • SoulStack
  • a l l i e
  • Anamai
  • Bart
  • bizZzarh
  • Gray
  • New Fries
Best Songwriter
  • Patrick Ballantyne
  • Arlene Paculan
  • Doug Paisley
  • Emma-Lee
  • Freeman Dre
  • Hayden
  • Jennifer Castle

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lucas Stagg Group Are All Fired Up on New Impressive Album!

Toronto's Lucas Stagg Group (the main man is from Cambridge though) are all fired up on Off We Go, their most recent album (offed through Busted Flat Records) .   There's a ton of controlled intensity here.  You can definitely feel a bit of a punk vibe on some tunes but it's backed up by melodic, virtuoso playing.

Lucas and the boys (bassist Danny Alac and drummer Cleave Anderson - formerly of Blue Rodeo) bring their impressive talents to quite a mix of music.  Along with the raw rockers, the group offer folky tracks, a touch of country, some jazzy spots, a little bit o' blues and much more.

You can pick the CD up at any of their electric live shows.  It can also be ordered via the Busted Flat online shop or downloaded through iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Lucas Stagg


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

2013's Thanks to You (released under the name Lucas Stagg Band) has a bit more of a poppy feel but it's still packed with infectious rockers, rootsy tunes and more.

This is also available through Busted Flat and iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Lucas Stagg

Blast from the Past: Lucas Stagg CD - Good Things

Links: Lucas StaggMore Lucas Stagg StoriesMore Releases

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

GOOD LUCK! Five Hamilton Acts on Polaris Prize Long List

The 2015 Polaris Music Prize Long List was unveiled recently and five Hamilton acts are up for the prestigious award.  Folk rockers Lee Harvey Osmond and Whitehorse along with rockers the Arkells and B.A. Johnston plus electronic act Caribou will be representing the Hammer!

Links: Lee Harvey OsmondMore Lee Harvey Osmond StoriesVideo above courtesy of Lee Harvey Osmond

Links: B.A. JohnstonVideo above courtesy of Dougjnesbitt

The Short List will be announced July 16, 2015 and the winner will be revealed in September.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Click here to see who got into the Short List.

Here is the complete list
  • Lee Harvey Osmond: Beautiful Scars
  • Whitehorse: Leave No Bridge Unburned
  • Arkells: High Noon
  • B.A. Johnston: Shit Sucks
  • Caribou: Our Love
  • Absolutely Frees: Absolutely Frees
  • The Acorn: Vieux Loup
  • Lydia Ainsworth: Right From Real
  • Alvvays: Alvvays
  • Rich Aucoin: Ephemeral
  • BADBADNOTGOOD with Ghostface Killah:  Sour Soul
  • Bahamas: Bahamas is Afie
  • The Barr Brothers: Sleeping Operator
  • BRAIDS: Deep In The Iris
  • Steph Cameron: Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady
  • Jazz Cartier:  Marauding in Paradise
  • Jennifer Castle: Pink City
  • Cold Specks: Neuroplasticity
  • Louis-Jean Cormier: Les grandes artères
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie: Power in the Blood
  • Death From Above 1979: The Physical World
  • Drake:  If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
  • Frazey Ford: Indian Ocean
  • Tobias Jesso Jr.: Goon
  • Pierre Kwenders: Le dernier empereur bantou
  • Jean Leloup:  À Paradis City
  • METZ: II
  • Milk and Bone: Little Mourning
  • Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966–1985
  • The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
  • Joel Plaskett and The Park Avenue Sobriety Test: Joel Plaskett and The Park Avenue Sobriety Test
  • Elizabeth Shepherd: Signal
  • Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld: Never were the way she was
  • Tre Mission: Stigmata
  • Viet Cong: Viet Cong
  • Patrick Watson: Love Songs For Robots
  • The Weather Station: Loyalty
  • White Lung: Deep Fantasy
  • Young Guv: Ripe 4 Luv
Blast from the Past: Last Year's Long List

Links: Polaris Music Prize, More Polaris Prize Stories

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