Monday, March 25, 2024

Incredible Double Shot from Hamilton Bluesman Paul Coombs

Recently, Hamilton veteran Bluesman, Paul Coombs released two wonderful albums: Paul's Blues (solo) and Steeltown Blues (with his band). Each release shows a different side of him and they're both great additions to his fabulous body of work.

Paul's Blues is a ragged, stripped down, raw affair. Throughout the album, Paul's voice boasts the power of a fire-and-brimstone preacher. His sermons are street-level stories and cautionary tales punctuated by incredible guitar work. You can feel the grittiness in every tune.

Guests: Richard Elliott/Mike Travale/Paul Panchezak of Trickbag (drums/percussion), Chantal Marulaz (backing vocals), Bill Good (bass), David Delaunay (keyboards).

Available at his live shows, iTunes and Spotify

Video above courtesy of Release - Topic

Another musical side is apparent on Steeltown Blues from the Paul Coombs Blues Band . While still down-to-earth lyrically, the group creates a full sound packed with energy. They add some flourishes of country, funk, jazz and more. It's working class music to get ya jumpin'.

Main band: Paul Coombs (vocals, guitar), Bill Good (bass), Mike Travale (drums)

Guests: David Delaunay (keyboards), Sugar Brown (harmonica), Billy Daly (saxophone), Joe Clark (fiddle), Donna Panchezak of Trickbag (backing vocals)

Available at the band's live shows, iTunesSpotifyYouTube

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