Sunday, March 31, 2024

Trebleclef Training for the Olympics

Paris, France will be hosting the Summer Olympics in July and don't be surprised if you see a familiar, furry face on the podium. Our very own cute mascot, Trebleclef, will be representing Canada this year!

Canadian Olympic ambassador, Lu (who happens to be our blogger) is the man responsible for this rather interesting turn of events.

"I spoke with the Olympic committee a few years ago," he explained, "They were interested in beefing up the popularity of the games and I suggested adding music-related events." With that stroke of genius, a trio of competitions were born: Duelling Banjos, the Accordion Toss and Upright Bass Rowing. 

Duelling Banjos

The Accordion Toss

Upright Bass Rowing

"Treble, being the energetic monkey that he is," Luis added, "Asked if he could take part in all three new sports. After checking the rule book, we saw there was nothing saying that stuffed monkeys can't compete. With that, we started the little guy's training."

Thanks to sponsorship from Luigi's Used Jock Strap Emporium, Treble's team was able to get things rolling. Right away, accordion virtuoso Jordan Abraham was hired to train the mascot in the Accordion Toss. Justine Fischer will handle Upright Bass Rowing and Dan Medakovic will help him with Duelling Banjos.

April Fulcilli, Treble's sports publicist, had this to add: "Considering he doesn't have any muscles or skeletal structure to speak of, we can overcome these obstacles and bring home the gold for Canada!"


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