Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Dave Rave CD: Live With What You Know

Local music legend Dave Rave recently released his latest CD, Live With What You Know. It's a return to form for the ex-member of the Shakers and Teenage Head. After experimenting with jazz/lounge music for a while, he has come back to the catchy pop rock melodies from his earlier career.

There's a definite Beatles influence on a number of tracks, including the album opener, Anne-Marie and The Gardner Knows. Dave also mixes up hard rocking tunes like Rain Song, and All of the Love You Can Handle with slower songs such as Strong and Station Road. Overall, this collection is an amazing mixture of different rockin' pop sensibilities.

Dave brings a couple of his local musical buddies to join him on the disc. Mark Foley, Dave King, Jack Pedler (Teenage Head), and even his former Shakers bandmates Tim Gibbons and Rick Andrew lend their talents to this cool CD.

The disc is available online, at his shows and as an iTunes download.

Below are a few performances from CD release Party at Fenian Films on June 26, 2010. More from this show will be posted soon. Click here if you can't see the videos.

Left to right: Mark Foley, Dave Rave, Jack Pedler, Lauren Agnelli, Michael Hickey (Trickbag), Rick Andrew, Ed Roth.

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