Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Wilson Family Forgery CD

The packaging of the new self-titled CD from Hamilton-formed Wilson Family Forgery reflects the music inside: it's something just a little different (The disc comes in a nice-looking, artistic, lyric mini-book).

The music itself is a wonderful, unique blend of indie-rock, gospel, folk, with flashes of funk (Someday, If Hamilton Were a Woman), jazz (Juniper Brine), blues (Sanatorium Road) and country (Emily). Sometimes, these different elements are within in the same song.

Local singer/guitarist Thomas Wilson's poetic lyrics and raw vocals add an otherworldy charm to the recordings. There's also a bit of whimsy in some of the great tunes, especially If Hamilton Were a Woman.

Thomas and his wife violinist/singer Sarah Stewart-Krocker are the core of the band. On the CD, the duo is joined by Peter Stewart–Kroeker (guitar), Miriam Stewart–Kroeker (cello), Archibald (from the Petit Fours) (piano), Andrew Eckart (from the Acoustics) (bass), Adrian Macfarlane (drums) and Randell Neudorf (aka 2x the Mono) (organ, producer)

The Wilson Family Forgery is now based in New Jersey so their visits to Hamilton are rare. You may want to purchase the disc at their web site or download the music on iTunes.

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