Saturday, October 12, 2013

View Magazine Reader's Choice Award Winners 2013

Readers of Hamilton's View Magazine have had their say!  The mag's Reader's Choice Awards for 2013 have been unveiled.

All the votes are tallied and the Hammer has chosen their local favourites: From the best music, to the best place to break up (Gore Park, by the way) to the finest shops in the land.

Musically, the big winners are rock group Monster Truck with 3 wins and This Ain't Hollywood with 4 (co-owner Lou Molinaro landed an additional two)

You can click here for the full list

Below are all the music-related categories.

Congrats to everybody!

Local Female Artist

Links: Terra Lightfoot, More Terra Lightfoot Stories, Video courtesy of Mel Olds

Local Male Artist

Links: Steve Strongman, More Steve Strongman stories, Video courtesy of M2B67

Local Band
Local Cover Band
Local Band Most Likely to Make it Big
  • Gold: Monster Truck
Local Band Name
Local Album Artwork
  • Gold: Blind Mule EP
  • Silver: Jonny Debt: Prince of The Golden Horseshoe
Open Jam
  • Gold: Carrigan Arms
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
Open Stage
  • Gold: The Baltimore House  
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
Local Festival
  • Gold: Festival Of Friends
  • Silver: Super Crawl
  • It’s Your Festival
Local Radio Station
  • Gold: Y108
  • Silver: Funny 820
  • CFMU
Local Radio Personality
  • Gold: Ric Taylor (CFMU)
  • Silver: Lou Molinaro (CFMU)
Local Show Promoter
  • Gold: Lou Molinaro
  • Silver: Ken Inouye
Local Independent Record Label
  • Gold: Sonic Unyon
  • Silver: Hidden Pony Records
Coolest Instrument to Play
  • Gold: Guitar
  • Silver: Drums
Local Recording Studio
  • Gold: Grant Avenue Studio
  • Silver: Catherine North Studios
  • Jukasa Studios
Local Rehersal Space
  • Gold: Rock Parlour
  • Silver: The Jam Zone
  • SoundCheck
  • Gold: The Casbah Lounge
  • Silver: The Baltimore
Live Venue
  • Gold: Stonewalls
  • Silver: This Ain’t Hollywood
  • The Casbah
Country Bar
  • Gold: Dirty Dog Saloon
  • Silver: Galley Pump
Jazz & Blues Venue
  • Gold: The Masque
  • Silver: Cat ‘N’ Fiddle
  • Gold: Slainte
  • Silver: Rebel’s Rock
  • Snooty Fox
  • Gold: Gallagher’s
  • Silver: Sarcoa
  • Lazy Flamingo
  • Gold: This Ain’t Hollywood
  • Silver: Prince Edward Tavern
  • Galley Pump
Musical Instrument Store
  • Gold: Long & McQuade
  • Silver: Mountain Music
  • Musical Equipment Sales
Store to Buy New Music
  • Gold: HMV
  • Silver: Cheapies
  • Dr. Disc
Store to Buy Old Music
  • Gold: Cheapies
  • Silver: Dr. Disc
  • Where Heads Meet
Blast from the Past: The 2012 Winners

Links: View MagazineMore from the View's Readers' Poll

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