Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Danielle Beaudin Debut CD: Wait For Your Love

Wait for Your Love is the first CD from local singer/singer songwriter Danielle Beaudin.  If this debut disc is any indication, we should expect a lot of great things from this talented lady.

Boasting  a few high energy tunes (Sun Will Shine, Everything and Nothing), great bluesy numbers (Take a Little More) and beautiful softer moments (Don't Walk Away, Little Bird), the disc is an incredible, multi-faceted musical ride.

Danielle's voice handles it all with style and the instrumentation is amazing.  She's joined here by members of Freedom Train (Carl Jennings even co-wrote the songs and produced the CD), Tim Allard, and Aaron Goldstein (Lee Harvey Osmond, Huron).

The CD is available at her wonderful live shows and as a download through her website.

Videos below courtesy of Danielle's YouTube Page

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