Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New JP Riemens and the Fabulous Barflies CD: No Filter
No Filter is an apt name for the new album from JP Riemens and the Fabulous Barflies.  Recorded live in Barry Mac's living room, the no-nonsense, warm, organic feel is evident from the very first note.

The local singer/songwriter's phenomenal storytelling shines in this immediate state.  The heartbreak, joy, love and sadness in the songs stand out when they are laid bare.

The Fabulous Barflies (Brian Griffith on guitar, Carrie Ashworth on bass, and Danny Lockwood on drums) do a stupendous job of eaving a mix of jazz, blues, county and folk to JP's emotional tales.

This must-have collection is available for download on eMusic and iTunes. Physical copies can be picked up at JP's magnificent live shows.

Check out the video below

Blast From the Past: JP Riemens CD - Dirty Sunset

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