Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Waterloo's Elliott and the Audio Kings Pack Their Debut With Pulse-Racing Boogie!

Mike Elliott of Daddy Long Legs is back and fronting his amazing, brand new group, Elliott and the Audio Kings.  Their self titled debut album (released through Busted Flat Records) sees this Waterloo  band exploring all kinds of roots sounds with the amps turned way up.

There's enough boogie packed in here for three albums.  It'll get your pulse racing and your body shakin'.  This is a recording to put on and just let yourself go!

So if you need a boost of energy, pick up the CD at their explosive live shows.  It can also be picked up at the Busted Flat online shop or via Bandcamp.

Stream the album below

Links: Elliott and the Audio Kings, Video above courtesy of Elliott and the Audio Kings

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