Friday, October 5, 2018

News Roundup (Otis Rush Passes, Ben Kunder, Chelsea Crites, Mount Farewell)

Blues Legend Otis Rush Passes

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I had the privilege of working with Otis Rush for a week at Albert's Hall around 1983. One night pre show time we sat head to head in the dressing room and he wanted me to play this line for the song Two Trains Running. He'd play it, I'd copy it (what to my ear sounded 100% right-or as close as you can get ) and he'd look at me and go , "uh uh" He'd show me again, and I'd play it ..."uh uh" 4 times. "uh, uh" Finally he looked at me disparagingly "Ok let's not play that one." Reminded me of the bit in Chuck Berry's Hail Hail Rock'n Roll where he keeps showing Keith Richards the intro to Carol and insisting he's got it wrong! Ha ha. I still loved Otis!
Another legend gone.Otis’ Cold Day in Hell and Right Place, Wrong Time are two masterpieces that stand up against anything that came out of Chicago. On top of being an exceptional guitarist, it was his singing and overall presentation from the sharp clothes and pompadour that had had the biggest impact on me. He will be missed.
It's Another Sad Day For The World of Music & Black Music Culture. The technique and sound that Otis Rush delivered in his singing, songwriting and guitar style. Not only helped shape what we know today as the definitive Chicago Blues sound, but his incredible gifts helped bridge the societal gaps of acceptance between people around the world. What a Serious Loss to the World of Music & Global Acceptance. Rest Comfortably Otis Rush 
When we were rabid teenagers drinking at the fountain of Chess Records in late '60's Sydney Australia one of the most soulful dudes in the pack was Otis Rush. And now Otis Rush had died. RIP to him. He was a badass and I cannot believe that I actually got the honour of playing with him one time way back when. 


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