Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ginger St. James and the Grinders' New CD, Diesel and Peas is Raucous, Saucy and Dynamic!

Binbrook gal, Ginger St. James and her band, the Grinders, have unleashed another amazing CD filled with dynamic, saucy grooves. Diesel and Peas, the lady's latest disc, is brimming with her trademark raucous spirit.

With a country girl soul and a jazz diva's sultry heart, she fuses her influences into an extremely explosive sound. Swing, Blues and lots o' Rockabilly are also on the menu. Her powerful pipes are at home in any genre. 

As for the Grinders, they do an incredible job of keeping the groove and adding much flair to the proceedings.  The band includes guitarist (and producer) Snow–Heel Slim, Greg Brisco on keyboards, Pete Sisk on bass and drummer Andre Tellier.  

Go ahead and pick up your copy at the band's superb shows or download it on iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Shotgun Jilly

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