Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Matty Simpson Releases Phenomenal Teaser EP

Hamilton guitar slinger Matty Simpson has released a limited edition, self-titled teaser EP to offer up a taste of his upcoming album. This 5-song recording has all the musical impact of a full-length album.

It kicks off with a trio of hard-drivin' bluesy rock tracks that mean business. Every song is fueled by Matty's phenomenal guitarwork, songwriting and dynamic vocals. The final two tracks feature an exquisite, rootsy, unplugged sound. Matty proves equally adept at the acoustic guitar and harmonica.

He has some world-class musicians by his side on the initial 3 tunes: Justine Fischer (bass) and Matt Burns (drums). The EP is also co-produced by Andrew Aldridge and Jeff Ciraolo.

Please note that the full-length release will feature different musical arrangements than those on this teaser EP.

You can pick up this limited edition CD at any of his amazing live shows or by contacting him through his website.

Video above courtesy of Matt Burns

Video above courtesy of Stellablu477

Video above courtesy of Richard Gale

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