Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Niagara Area Musicians Play on Judy Brown's Amazing New Album

Say It, the fantastic new album from BC's Judy Brown is replete with marvelous songs. This is thanks, in part, to some musical talent from the Niagara region. Gary Kendall (bass, co-producer) and Jim Casson (drums) of the St. Catharines Blues group, the Mighty Duck Blues Band. They were part of the band that made this fabulous recording.

The album is Judy's first after a long hiatus from the music industry. Now she's back with a vengeance and exploring different aspects of the Roots sound. While Blues is the main vibe of choice, she and the group also dip their toes into soul, country, folk, boogie woogie rock and more.

Teddy Leonard (guitar, co-producer) and Michael Fonfara (keys) round out the main band and are joined by guests such as Colin Linden (mandolin) and Jeff Baker (harmonica). Wonderful background vocals are provided by Emily Ekelund, Bessie Wapp, Samantha Martin, Sheri Marshall, and Stacie L Tabb.

You can pick up a copy of her album at her online shop.

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