Friday, August 17, 2018

Aretha Franklin Passes (Local Reaction + Covers)

The world is still reeling from the passing of the legendary Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul on August 16, 2018.

Here is CHCH TV's coverage of her passing ft musicologist Eric Alper

Links: Eric Alper, More Eric Alper StoriesVideo above courtesy of CHCH

Here's another CHCH segment about Aretha, this time with an interview with Hailee Rose

Links: Hailee RoseMore Hailee Rose StoriesVideo above courtesy of CHCH

We asked local singers to comment on her unforgettable career. We may add more as we get them.

Donna Panchezak (Trickbag)
Aretha Franklin was a tremendous inspiration to myself and many aspiring female vocalists. Her ability to immerse herself in a song so that when she sang and performed on piano, the true essence of her soul and humanity emanated was unsurpassed. She was able to connect with her audience on a spiritual level and although her physical presence has been lost her essence lives on forever...God Bless the one and only, "Queen of Soul"!
Cheryl Lescom
She embodies the word soul. No other woman could sing like that. She raised the bar for all vocalists.
Sue Leonard
Right Now I have no words to express what she meant to me .... no words at all ... I keep posting and reposting other peoples comments video clips because I am taken aback by the enormity of her talent and what a Hole there is in the universe ... there will be no one like her ever ... there has never been anyone like her ... she was a musical genius, spirit of God who knew and understood her gift more than anyone in the universe and shared it with us all without judgement .... my heavens ... RIP Aretha Franklin YES Queen OF SOUL
 Here are a few covers from local artists.

Links: Dave RaveMore Dave Rave StoriesHailee RoseMore Hailee Rose StoriesVideo above courtesy of Liszt O'Maniac

Links: TrickbagMore Trickbag StoriesVideo above courtesy of Trickbag Canada

And some videos from the lady herself:

Video above courtesy of Juanjo de Goya

Video above courtesy of Trip Hop Universe

Links: Aretha Franklin, More Aretha Franklin Stories

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