Monday, March 12, 2012

New Kathleen Edwards CD: Voyageur

Local singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards's latest CD, Voyageur (out on Maple Music), is getting a lot of attention. With appearances on Letterman and rave reviews across the world, she is definitely being noticed.

Her latest offering is certainly worth all the acclaim.  Kathleen has expanded her roots rock sound to include a more produced, modern sound.  The album showcases the singer's vocals as part of a lush, beautiful soundscape. Though alternating between soft, melodic,and poppy textures - the work never overpowers the main focal point: her magnificent voice.

Highlights include the quiet Going to Hell, the jazzy tones of For the Record, and the wonderful single, Change the Sheets.

The album is available through Maple Music and as a download from iTunes or eMusic.

Below are a few songs from Voyageur, courtesy of CBC Radio 3

Blast from the Past: Kathleen at 2009 Junos

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