Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Club - Jackie Washington: More Than a Blues Singer

This will be the first in an occasional feature where we'll discuss books written by local musicians.


The late Jackie Washington was an amazing storyteller. During his live performances, he often told jokes and interesting stories.

In 1988, Jackie and local author James Strecker decided to put some of those tidbits onto paper and released Talks with Jackie Washington. The book was the result of James' interviews with the legendary bluesman.

The world was treated to more of Jackie's tales when the book was expanded (thanks to more interviews) in 1996 - now with the title More Than a Blues Singer.

The musician's warmth and humour comes across wonderfully in the conversational tone of the book. Interesting stories about his eventful life are mixed in with talk of his long-time musical career. You can hear his unmistakable voice as you read.

Unfortunately, this book is also now out of print but can be found at used book stores. There are copies available at the Hamilton Public Library. They also have a copy of the original, Talks with Jackie Washington, which includes additional photos and a chapter on Jackie's guitar style.

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