Monday, April 11, 2011

New CD by Daniel Lanois' Black Dub

Late last year, recent Juno award winning Hamiltonian, Daniel Lanois, released the debut, self-titled CD of his new band, Black Dub.
This album gives you a surprise at every turn. You'll hear everything from cool funky beats, heavenly soulful vocals (mainly from newcomer Trixie Whitley), jazzy grooves, hip hop elements, and much, much more.

Daniel (who does vocals, keyboards and guitars) and Trixie are joined by Brian Blade (drums) and Daryl Johnson (bass)

This disc is already getting wonderful reviews around the world for its diversity and originality.

The album is available at music stores and iTunes.

Links: Black Dub - More Daniel Lanois Stories

Below are a few live performances of songs from the CD.


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