Friday, April 29, 2011

New Rita Chiarelli Soundtrack/Live CD: Music From the Big House

Hamilton Blues legend, Rita Chiarelli recently released the soundtrack to her Bruce McDonald-helmed Music From the Big House documentary.

In the film, Rita takes musicians incarcerated in the infamous Angola Maximum Security Prison in Louisiana and preps them to play a concert with her.

The results of that hard work are on display in the soundtrack and it sounds like her efforts were well worth it. Rita and the prisoners play some raw, old fashioned, soulful blues that hit you on an emotional level. You can really feel the blues in these mens' voices during the concert. The gospel numbers are especially emotive. We even get a glimpse of their acapella rehearsing on a few of the tracks.

Also, the CD starts and ends with musical scores by Christopher Gulick.

The disc is available at music stores, Maple Music, and as a download on iTunes.

Links: Rita Chiarelli - More Rita Chiarelli Stories

Below is the trailer for the film.


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