Friday, April 1, 2011

Local Monkees Tribute CD Fundraiser (First HBL Records Release)

The Hamilton Blues Lovers have decided to get into the music business. Our first release will be Monkeeing Around, a charity CD featuring the songs of the Monkees covered by local, talented musicians.

We caught up with the ever-elusive Hamilton Blues Lovers Inc. CEO, Lou, for an exclusive interview at his mansion.

“Our initial offering had to be special, so I immediately thought of doing a fundraising album,” he explained. “There are many worthy non-profit organizations around but I wanted to do something unique. Then I thought - What better cause than to help our poor politicians? Despite all their money, there's still one thing they can’t seem to afford - A CLUE. Heck, we'd just need to buy one for them and we're all set!”

As a result, Lou founded a new organization: the Democratic Understanding House - dedicated to buying a clue for our politicians. Then, after watching a parliamentary debate on TV, inspiration hit Lou like a flash - “MONKEES!”. He decided the disc would be a tribute to the classic band.

After intense negotiations with the Monkees' management (“The band were holding out for 2 buckets of chicken each,” Lou explained) he got their blessing, and searched for local musicians to help him.

A number of tracks have already been recorded:
The CD will be available exclusively at Eatons, Consumers Distributing, and Luigi's House of Muffins 'N' Haggis.

In related news - After hearing Les Smith's work on the disc, the Monkees have decided to hire him as a replacement for Mike Nesmith, who won’t be part of their upcoming reunion tour. Good Luck Les!

Sample cover artwork provided by April Fulcilli.


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