Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Katie Bulley Debut CD: Sun Wolf


With her first solo CD Sun Wolf, Hamilton's Katie Bulley has embarked on a wonderful musical journey.  The songs are raw, rootsy and real!  Rockabilly, Blues, Folk and more are meshed with Katie's distinctive voice.

Her musical trip included a literal journey as she travelled to the US to explore the crossroads in Mississippi, New Orleans, Memphis and more.  The album was even recorded at legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

Sun Wolf definitely has the spirit of the historic studio within its sound.   This is primordial Blues at its best with a hint of a punk-rock attitude thrown in for good measure.

You can pick up the CD at her live shows, Dr. Disc in Hamilton and Looney Tunes in Burlington (The physical disc comes with a full 12 page booklet of lyrics typed out on a 40's Smith -Corona typewriter!)  It can also be downloaded through eMusic, cdbaby and iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Katie Bulley

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