Thursday, July 17, 2014

News Roundup (Johnny Winter, Polaris Short List, Big John and the Night Trippers, Maggie Ciere)

Local Reaction

James Anthony: I was invited into the dressing room by his manager and Johnny sat with me for about 20 mins and chatted. Very friendly guy. I had one of his Firebirds that I bought from a mutual friend and told him - A one pickup tabacco model.  He remembered the guitar and we had a laugh over it.  I'm sorry to have sold it.  He signed a book on blues players for me.  Here is guy that had a lot of problems like bad health from being an Albino, blindness, etc and he turned it all around and became a legend.  Very few could stand on a stage with Hendrix and BB King back then and not look stupid. One of the GREATS!  Cheers!

Joel Johnson: R.I.P Johnny Winter. He was a huge inspiration both guitar (texas blues/slide guitar) and vocal wise (the growl) to me. Cheers to a blues legend.

Tim Gibbons: Thanks Johnny, for the grit, the flash, for everything.

Jon Knight (Soulstack): Rest easy Johnny Winter. Johnny's lightning guitar style and vocal are touchstones for all of us. In 1992 I (Jon) heard him play at Madison Square gardens and all it took was his warm up lick before he ripped into Highway 61 to galvanize my desire to learn slide guitar. Chris had the opportunity while we were on the road last summer to meet the man, after a tip from the hotel staff he woke up at 8 in the morning and casually sat in the foyer with a newspaper and coffee waiting patiently to meet him.

Corey Lueck (Smoke Wagon): Johnny a true honest to god legend. Even though I do not play guitar he has been a huge influence on me. One of the greatest guitarists in the history of music let alone the blues. And the man that brought Muddy Waters back to us! Very lucky to have met him on more then one occasion. Always gracious and always tore it up! A real blues hero! I'm out of here for a shot of whisky and some careful with a fool... Very sad day.

Steve Strongman: I'm so sad to hear the news about Johnny Winter. I had the pleasure of opening for him last March. He sang and played great ~ he's always been a big influence on me for sure. The guitar world has lost another hero.

Links: Johnny Winter, More Johnny Winter Stories, Video above courtesy of Urban Hero Magazine

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