Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mighty Tribe Kids CD Features Local Talent

Both children and adults alike will find a lot to enjoy on  A Mighty Tribe, a local kids music compilation featuring some incredible songs.  Best of all, proceeds go to help childhood promote literacy.

It features both previous and unreleased material from some of the most talented Hamilton-area performers. It's simple enough for youngsters to enjoy but catchy enough for the grown ups to get into the groove! Even the packaging is fabulous.  Adorned with beautiful Tom Wilson artwork, the CD case is a sight to see.

You can pick this great disc up at Picks N Sticks and Bryan Prince Bookseller or through the Bookbus website.  You'll be glad you did!

Links: Matthew de Zoete, More Matthew de Zoete Stories

Videos above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Here's the complete track listing.

This Old Man - Lee Harvey Osmond w Harlan Pepper
Luca's Song - Michelle Titian w Mary Simon and Andrew Aldridge
Run - The Killin' Time Band w Darren "Mista D" Dumas
June Bug - Peg and Willy
Great LakesHarlan Pepper
Glow Like Gold - Scott Hunter w Brian Siegel
Like I Love It - Mimi Shaw w Dan Medakovic and Jeff Griffiths (co written by Tom Wilson)
Stuff Rocks - Pailface Brad w Ken Corke, Paul Dickenson, Ron Eliott and Jamie and Magnolia Hails
The Shark Song - Dawn and Marra
The Mighty Moon King - Lynne Kittredge-Fox/Brian Siegel
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Raina Krange w Brian Siegel
Wallace is My Duck - Matthew de Zoete and his daughter Margot
Bowser - Bernie Hudecki
Spiders and Snails - Kim Koren w Frank Koren and Mark McIntyre
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenKillin' Time Band/Gordie Tapp (Hee Haw)/Dinner Belles/Gord Lewis (Teenage Head)
The Sloth Goes Slow - Dylan Hudecki (Cowlick) with DVMS's Casa North

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