Friday, August 14, 2020

Local Artist Gravely James Debuts with Magnificent, Stripped-Down Album

From Steve's Shed is a stunning debut album from Hamilton-born, Port Colbourne raised singer/songwriter Gravely James. This live-off-the-floor recording from Snareguy Records is a magnificent collection of acoustic, folky blues tunes (with a bit of soul).

Emotion courses through every note as the lyrics suck the listener into stories of relationship, insomnia, violence, mythology, and more. It's a wonderful example of raw, stripped down, ragged musical storytelling.

Though mostly a one-main affair, Niagara music vet Steve Goldberger lends a hand with upright bass, spoons and production. He also lent Gravely the titular shed to record in. Also Ji Sharp of Road Waves plays lead guitar on Shoot'Em Down.

The album is available through Bandcamp, Spotify and more.

You can stream the album below.

Blast from the Past: Gravely is a finalist in the TBS Talent Search and other news

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