Saturday, August 6, 2022

30 Years Ago Today: Our Blogger, Lou Publishes Just For Fun #1

A word from Lou, our blogger:

I know this is supposed to be a music blog but I'd like to celebrate the anniversary of a fun, important time my life.

30 years ago today (August 7, 1992) I published the first issue of Just for Fun.

After graduating from Sheridan College in Print Journalism, I realized that becoming a reporter was not in the cards for me. I did, however, develop a love for computerized graphic design. 

I had an idea. At the time, there were lots of free magazines about music, sports, local news and more. Why wasn't there anything for kids? I came up with, Just for Fun, a free children's magazine.

I had quite a bit of help:

  • I hired my fellow graduate, Joe Morgante to handle the all-important ad sales and much more. He even managed to get McDonald's on board for the first issue (quite the feat!)
  • Hamilton cartoonist (also a Sheridan grad) Greg Hyland did an incredible job on the artwork. 
  • My cousin Sofia (7 at the time) was the first cover model - I wanted the covers to be of kids and their pets.
  • Family friend, Kathy Lang supplied art for the Kid's Page, where children could submit art, writing and more.
Unfortunately, after the second issue (I will post that one up soon), I started losing too much money and had to stop publishing. I now look on this experience with fondness - it was great to run my own business for a while. It also helped cement my love of computers, which evolved into my current career.

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