Monday, April 24, 2023

Hamilton's Georgie Fab Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Hamilton musician/producer Georgie Fab, who was most recently a member of the Rockets. We will post more information on this page as we learn about it. Our condolences to his friends, family and fans.

A word from Lou, our blogger:
I was lucky enough to bump into Georgie quite a few times when going to Rockets shows. In addition to doing an amazing job with the music, he was always friendly and welcoming. I'll miss him.
Social Media Reaction
RIP GEORGIE FAB aka Bobby Johnston
I will always remember you as an uncle, friend and mentor. You were an incredible talent!
I am going to miss you xoxo

Lou Molinario (Music Promoter)

RIP Georgie Fab.

I am just learning that Hamilton Music Producer & Musician, Georgie Fab has passed away.

Wow.. like a hard punch in the gut. 

I worked with Georgie as we brought in Sylvain Sylvain to record a song with the Poisoned Aeros.  Aside from Georgie being a true professional, he was so laid back and fun to be with.  Always hospitable too.  

A memory that comes to mind was when Teenage Head recorded a song for TSN's hockey presentations.  Nothing was a challenge for him.  I sat back and just watched him work his magic.

I will always remember him for having such a big heart.  Couple of years before TAH closed, Georgie told me that he wanted to throw a surprise party for Bill Dillon.  He had this impressive list of players who were going to perform.  The way he orchestrated the planning was just like his work in the studio - professional and effective..... without a glitch.

We had some great chats about The Move/Roy Wood, The Kinks, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Rutles. When we had Neil Innes play at TAH, Georgie was like a kid watching one of his musical heroes.  Same with Carmine Appice's 2 visits at This Ain't Hollywood.

My condolences to his family and close friends. 

Thank you Jack Pedler and Rob Platsko for introducing me to him.

Man.. what a disappointment.. 

Thanks for everything, Georgie!  You're in a class of your own. 

Dave Rave (Teenage Head, Shakers)

Rip Georgie Fab.  We will miss your beautiful spirit.  Your love of music. And your positivity.  It was an honor to know you.   You made the world a better place.

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Video above courtesy of Georgie Fab

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