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Throwback Thursday is Back! Leroy Emmanuel (LMT Connection) Edition

From the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame Website

Leroy was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1946 and later moved to Detroit, Michigan where he was raised. He received his first guitar at a very early age and taught himself to play. Leroy began his professional career at the age of 12. At 18 Leroy started his own band called the Fabulous Counts releasing five albums.

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One day while walking down the street carrying his guitar he met Marvin Gaye who asked him if he wanted to jam. After that day they didn't see each other for years. In 1970s after meeting again Emmanuel was invited to record with Gaye in the studio for the "Let's Get It On Deluxe Edition". They stayed friends for many years.

Leroy was later asked to portray his friend in a documentary about the tragic ending of his life making his acting debut.

Links: Marvin Gaye, More Marvin Gaye Stories/CoversVideo above courtesy of popcornflix

Leroy has recorded with Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Funk Brothers, and performed live with Stevie Wonder, Al Green, John Lee Hooker, and Dionne Warwick. Between 1972 and 1982 Emmanuel worked with Hamilton Bohannon the disco king writing songs for his 22 albums. 

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After disco ended Leroy played jazz in Toronto six nights a week. Later he toured for three years in a Vegas type show and then played on a Motown Tribute Show touring for five years all over Ontario, Quebec, and the United States.

Leroy, Mark Rogers (drummer), and John Irvine (bassist) founded the LMT Connection, after twenty years of performing and recording many albums they still tour all over Canada and Europe performing their music to audiences that love their sound.

Links: LMT ConnectionMore LMT Connection StoriesVideo above courtesy of LMT Connection

Emmanuel has resided in Niagara Falls for over thirty years playing all over the region at many clubs. Leroy also teaches and is willing sharing his talents with all.

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