Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kitchener's Paul MacLeod Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Kitchener singer/songwriter Paul MacLeod. He was an accomplished performer in his own right as well as a member of the Skydiggers and Hibakusha.

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Below are a few social media reactions:

Kent MacMillan:

I used to watch Paul playing his ass off at the Jazz in Guelph on my free nights and then feeling obligated to go home and pick up a guitar. I always felt that if I just practiced just a little bit more, then maybe someday, just someday I could be half as good a singer and guitarist. He constantly inspired me to be a better musician and I remember always being nervous singing and playing around him, because of how much I looked up to him as a musician. I am still inspired to practice every week because of Paul. I can't believe your not out there on a stage tonight brother...RIP my friend.

We've lost a true artist, and I've lost friend that I've had since high school, and one that gave me the mentoring that I needed to begin my journey as a musician. Rest in peace, Paul MacLeod.

Sean Stokholm:

More than a few memories of Paul MacLeod being so damned nice to me. So supportive, and not in the obligatory "nice set!" thing musicians do for each other by rote. He was a deeply caring man.

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  1. Paul was one of the first musicians I ever had the pleasure of learning from over 25 years ago. Watching him play live, I'd study his style and sound then go home and try to replicate it...was even inspired to pick up the mandolin thanks to him. When we finally shared a stage together, I was so excited. He was "that guy" I wanted to be. Two weeks ago he played "Moon River" to close his set at an intimate out-door folk venue we shared. We hugged afterward and discussed how some songs just "speak to you". "That one speaks to me." he said, and I agreed. I'll never hear that song the same again. Peace and prayers to Paul and his family.

  2. Wonderful Man, beautiful player.

  3. I heard for the first time Paul in 2005. Great Musician and composer